Budget Friendly Outfits: Early Autumn Edition

Top: Forever 21 || Leggings: Charlotte Russe || Booties: Forever 21 Being in college means I don’t have the money to be throwing around on expensive and in-season outfits year after year. But being in college also doesn’t mean I can’t at least be savvy in my shopping to have the cute and trendy outfits …

Worth-the-Splurge: Top 5 Cruelty-Free Products

In the past few years, my love for all things makeup and beauty related has really taken off. I know that, unfortunately, a lot of makeup companies test their products on animals. So, I looked through my more high-end collection, did my research to find out what companies do not use animal testing, and came up with this list of products that live up to their hype AND are cruelty-free with the bonus that some of these companies are either all vegan or some of their products are vegan.