The Bachelorette Week 6 Recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 6

The Bachelorette Week 6 Recap

The Bachelorette Week 6
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Not me waiting until a few hours before a new episode airs to release last week’s The Bachelorette Week 6 recap. Well, consider this a refresher before tonight. You’re welcome. I don’t know if it’s me, or this year, or this season but the episodes still feel weird. However, this one did start to feel more “normal”. Part of why I think I’m starting to lose interest, or more so feel bored, is because of COVID they can’t go anywhere. So it’s all La Quinta all the time with mediocre sports-like dates. But that’s just me and my disinterest in sports in general. I digress though, let’s just get into the recap, shall we?

Group Date #1: The Grown-Ass Man Challenge

ABC/Craig Sjodin

If this challenge did anything at all, it showed that none of these men are really “grown-ass men”. And by none of these men are adults, I mean Chasen, Ed, and Bennett only. This group date included: Montel, Ivan, Demar, Ben, Chasen, Ed, Joe, and Bennett. Not only was this date irritating because they kept calling themselves “grown-ass men” every two seconds but also because Ashley I. and Jared were the hosts of the date. One would be crowned the winner as a “grown-ass man” and the loser would be crowned “man-child”. 

The challenges consisted of doing math and spelling limousine (for some reason), a weird bungee cord human tug of war (again, for what?), and bringing the Disney Princess Tayshia, herself, breakfast in bed. Harvard Bennett failed miserably at math but also math is hard, but Bennett is still annoying. Inability to do math has nothing to do with him being annoying though. I’m not really sure what any of that besides bringing your significant other breakfast in bed has to do with being a “grown-ass man” but the bar is set so low for men anyway so whatever. And then he sits out on the tug-of-war game, but honestly nails the breakfast in bed portion

For the other men, the breakfast in bed portion made them seem more irritating. Ed made Tayshia get out of bed to sit on his back and do push-ups with her on him. Why though? Chasen sure had a problem with Bennett being in a robe but had no problem with taking his shirt off and declaring himself as the “main course”. Sir, please put your shirt back on and be quiet. Bennett opted for a robe and came with pastries and coffee, bougie but that’s also Bennett.

Ed is declared the man-child and has to carry around a baby doll for some reason. Bennett has somehow been crowned the “grown-ass man” which is baffling when Joe and Demar are RIGHT THERE. But then I remember Ashley and Jared are in charge for this date and it all makes sense. The other men, specifically Chasen, get mad at Bennett for kissing Tayshia when he wins…but doesn’t that normally happen when someone on a group date wins? Then Chasen says it’s classless for Bennett to be in a robe which is a weird thing to say considering he’s not wearing a shirt himself, but whatever.

The evening portion of the date…

Later that evening, Bennett is still wearing his robe and tries to steal Tayshia right as she sits down. She tells him to wait because she wants to say hi to everyone first. And then Chasen grabs her as soon as she’s done. This isn’t surprising but still makes me like Chasen even less and I don’t even like Bennett that much either. When Chasen gets his time with Tayshia he tells her that his sister having a baby made him want to find love and have that, too, and that he’s never been in love. Now, I don’t remember how old Chasen is but it’s always a minor red flag to me, personally, if a man in his mid to late twenties has never been in love and gives off major frat bro vibes: AKA Chasen.

Ed is also in the background of this episode trying to be the center of the drama when in reality he’s just annoying. Like are we sure he was here before this episode or…? At some point, Ivan is with Tayshia blindfolding her and feeding her strawberries. Sensual or strange? I guess that’s up to each person. But then he gives her a kiss with the blindfold on and that just is meh.

Meanwhile, back with all the men, Bennett thinks it’s a good idea to tell Chasen he and Ed don’t like him. Chasen calls one of them, “chicken legs” because that’s what “grown-ass men” say. At least Ed covers the baby doll’s ears during the argument. Of course, then Ed goes to tattle on Chasen to Tayshia. Not ever a smart move, Ed. Tayshia goes to Chasen with the vague accusations but Chasen is certain he’s here for the right reasons. Sure, Chasen.

More yelling between Ed and Chasen and something about a “shhhmedium shirt” happens. Until Ed sees Tayshia and it to look like nothing is happening. Kinda like when a teacher walks back into the room when her second graders were being rowdy.

Group Date Rose: Ivan

Cocktail Party

The Bachelorette Week 6
ABC/Craig Sjodin

The beef between Bennett and Ed vs. Chasen is still going. Everyone gets very mad at Chasen’s “new” word of calling Clare and Tayshia a smokeshow. The men seem very offended by this for some reason. Like it’s not a big deal as long as Chasen sees Tayshia more than someone to have sex with. That’s yet to be determined. I’ve just never seen so many men get mad over the word smokeshow. It was all very interesting. 

Some men weren’t horrible though. Like Joe, they had a tasty-looking noodle dish. Spencer brought them popsicles. Demar reads her a poem. Bennett gives her a “European vacation” with a cardboard Effiel Tower. Then comes Ed to tattle on Chasen for being mean. So then Tayshia has to go talk to Chasen again and says that she finds his reported behavior concerning. Chasen apologizes to Ed. Uh, then Zac tells her that he realized in the last few days that he does in fact want to be a father and husband. Yay for the bare minimum, guys!

Rose Ceremony

Who Left: Jay, Montel, and Peter

Group Date #2: Oily Wrestling

The Bachelorette Week 6
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Oh boy, another sports date where the toxic masculinity shines. This date consists of Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, Ben, Ed, and Chasen. The date also has WWE hall-of-fame-er Amy Dumas and UFC fighter Tatiana Suarez – we love badass women. They start by warming up their trash-talking skills. It’s all mostly in good fun but then Chasen says something to someone about them “not waking up tomorrow” which big yikes sir (but also some of you that read this blog are used to hurling such unhinged comments😉). 

Then everyone starts their fighting matches but not before Tayshia paints them with a paintbrush and olive oil. Just thinking about that sensation makes my skin crawl, no thank you. But in all honesty, precious Joe shouldn’t be on this date. We need to protect him. Jordan gets a nasty mat burn. Ben cuts his foot. And Ed is smart to figure out they’ll make him fight Chasen, so he makes an excuse to get out of it. I don’t blame him though.

This leaves Chasen without anyone to fight. Chris Harrison turns to the live audience (aka the rest of the guys not on the date). Noah and his mustache waste no time jumping that fence (yikes) to fight Chasen for Tayshia’s heart. Chasen wins, shocker. But Tayshia invites Noah to join the date.

The evening portion of the date…

Tayshia does us all a favor this night. She diplomatically suggests Noah shave off the mustache that doesn’t look good on him whatsoever. There are some men out there that can pull off mustaches without a beard to accompany it but Noah is not that man. So Noah gets rid of the mustache and looks far less creepy. 

As Noah goest to shave the stache, Tayshia kisses Brendan and Spencer and chats with Ed, Chasen, and Jordan. Then in comes Noah to have Tayshia shave off the mustache herself. They then regroup with the rest of the men. Ben tries to steal Tayshia before she gives out the rose, but Tayshia isn’t having it. She tells him, “Ben, the night’s over. I’m kind of disappointed you didn’t come find me earlier, to be honest” and then my soul left my body. She did that and I’m not mad about it.

Group Date Rose: Noah

The Bachelorette Week 6 Conclusion

The episode ends with all the men really mad at Noah for crashing the date. But in reality, they should be mad at Ed if they’re going to be mad at anyone. The only reason Noah joined the date is that Ed didn’t want to fight Chasen. But that’s too logical for these men. So the episode next week (tonight lol) is probably going to start with the men really mad at Noah. 

Who is really the villain this season? Everyone but Joe, Demar, and Ivan? Sheesh, pick a villain, ABC! Here’s a sneak peek into tonight’s episode.

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