Three Year Blogging Anniversary
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Three Year Blogging Anniversary

It’s my three year blogging anniversary! Three years ago, I brought a long time vision to life. I published my site and my first post was about self-love on August 20, 2017. It wasn’t great and I’ll be the first to admit that. But nothing you do the first time is rarely ever your best work. Two years ago, I celebrated my one year blogging anniversary, and again, I don’t think that post was all that great either. And one year ago, I did not celebrate my two year anniversary and forgot all about it because well life sucked at that time.

Yet all of those posts are the stepping stones that brought me to my three year anniversary today. Even when I almost quit…a handful of times. Around September 2018 was the first time I almost threw in the towel. Then again in October 2019. And again just back in May of this year.

The reasons I wanted to quit aren’t what some may think. Yes, it can be frustrating when I feel like I’m stuck where I’m at and not growing as much or as quickly as I think I’m supposed to be. Of course, the creative ruts are lousy to be in too. But those weren’t the reasons I wanted to quit. I haven’t kept it a secret here that I struggle with anxiety. In fact, I used to talk about it really often. During those periods of time that I wanted to quit, it was because of anxiety and that honestly, I was just struggling with life in general. I thought that maybe if I quit my “micro” platform that maybe my anxiety would lessen.

Three Year Blogging Anniversary

But I could never commit to actually deleting or just stopping altogether – I just have too much to say sometimes. And sometimes I don’t which is why in the last year, posts were sporadic, all over, or just not at all for months at a time. It also wasn’t a secret that in the last year I went through a bad breakup. So I really was just trying to stay afloat and post more “meaningful” or posts I felt passionate about.

If you’ve been around since the beginning, I think it’s safe to say I don’t really post the same content that I started with. When I started, I thought I had to fit neatly into a niche. So I could say that “I’m an XYZ blogger”. As time went on, I found that so limiting and hard for me to talk about things I really love and am passionate about. I used to post a lot about makeup and typical blogger posts, and not that there’s anything wrong with that I’ve just found that’s not me.

Now I’ve become comfortable with not knowing “what kind” of blogger I am. I’m simply just Kellie and here you’re going to get whiplash from the things I post. You’re going to find Bachelor recaps, music I absolutely love, random updates about my life, and sometimes I still do post makeup, clothes, or products that I love. And I freaking love that for me. It’s easier for me to write lengthier posts now (sometimes too lengthy, I know I’m sorry). I’m also just prouder of what I put out.

I guess that’s just growing up though and my content growing up along with me. I was 19 going on 20 when I first started and now I’m 22 going on 23. One would hope that I wouldn’t be posting the same things I was just a few years ago.

Three Year Blogging Anniversary
Three Year Blogging Anniversary

But Have You Learned Anything About Blogging…?

Honestly, not really. I don’t know what I’m doing. Have I somehow managed to earn a little bit of money here and there from this bad boy? Yeah, I have. Is it sustainable to live off of? Heck to the no it’s not. Do I know how to earn a sustainable wage from doing this? Nope, not a clue – I’m just doing my thing and if offers come along that I like, I take them. If I don’t like them, I don’t take them. Simple!

I think what it comes down to is I learned what I want to do. Throughout all of this, I learned what type of blogging I want to do. I used to look to others to see what they were doing and try to be like them. That wasn’t me and I hated it. I hated it because by doing that I was never satisfied with what I put out because it just wasn’t quite what I envisioned in my head.

So, I guess this is a long-winded way to say the cliche – be yourself. Do what you want to do. Write about what you want to write about. Who cares if no one reads it or if 300 people read it. If you like it and you had fun writing it, that’s really all that matters. And screw all those people that are mean to you about your blog – or whatever you like to do – they’re jealous that they don’t have half the courage you do to put a little piece of your heart out for others to see.

And they hate it, even more, when others like what you do. People are weird and if you can, get rid of those types of people and block them. They’re gross.

A bunch of sets of threes of things I love

Three is the number of years I’ve been blogging. Three is the number of hate messages I’ve received. And three is the number of ways I take my pictures (my mom, self-timer, and friends that begrudgingly agree to do it). I’ve heard good things come in threes, so maybe now 2020 will get better – we can only hope, right?

Top 3 Favorite Posts I’ve Published

  1. The House That Built Me | Leaving My Childhood Home
  2. Meanwhile Back at Grandma’s | Summer Rewind
  3. Inside the Mind of a Frustrated Quiet Person

Three Posts About Taylor Swift

  1. Folklore Review
  2. Lover Review
  3. reputation Tour Experience

Top 3 Favorite Bachelorettes

  1. Kaitlyn Bristowe
  2. Rachel Lindsay
  3. Ali Feditowsky

Three Favorite Bachelors

  1. Nick Viall
  2. Sean Lowe
  3. (this is incredibly difficult after those two) Jason Mesnick?

Top 3 Favorite Artists that aren’t Taylor Swift

  1. Kelsea Ballerini
  2. Maren Morris
  3. Carly Pearce

Three Favorite TV Shows

  1. Friends
  2. Sex and the City
  3. The Bold Type

Top 3 Favorite Movies

  1. 13 Going on 30
  2. A Cinderella Story (with Hilary Duff)
  3. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Three Random Things I Love

  1. Flowers
  2. Wine
  3. Vinyl records and a cup of coffee in the morning

Top 3 Favorite Things About Nature

  1. Fall
  2. Sunsets
  3. Trees

Three Random Facts About Me

  1. I’m a libra
  2. My enneagram number is 6
  3. I’m an INFJ

So, Thank YOU…

Thank you for following me. For reading what I have to say even if I go on forever. Thank you for every kind comment left on here or any of my social media or that you’ve ever said to me. If you’ve ever shared a post, thank you. Heck thank you for even hate reading my blog and sending it to your friends to make fun of me – it got me more page views. Just thank you for taking even 30 seconds to care what I have to say on whatever it is. I appreciate you and your support doesn’t go unnoticed.

Here’s to another 365 days of a chaotic jumble of posts!

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