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My College Graduation | Class of 2019

I graduated from college over six months ago on December 14, 2019. Since that day, I moved from Illinois to Tennessee and obviously, a global pandemic took over all of our lives. And so here we are, life is super weird. For the longest time, I didn’t want to post this because I didn’t want to be insensitive to the class of 2020 who had the opportunity to walk at graduation taken away from them. So I’d like to disclaim that I hope I’m not upsetting anyone by posting this and in no way am I trying to “brag” or “rub it anyone’s faces” that I was fortunate enough to graduate when I did. I also just want to get this out of my drafts already.

When I was in college, like everyone else, I complained endlessly about being stressed out about balancing going to class, homework, studying, working, and other personal life things. I couldn’t wait to get out of college. But looking back now, I miss sitting in the library or the school’s coffee shop working on my favorite classes. I miss walking around my small campus during the fall with all the trees changing colors. And I miss taking notes and learning from some really cool and kind professors. But on the flip side, I don’t miss parking several blocks out because parking was always terrible, being stressed, group projects, and some awful professors. So, yes I miss that chapter of my life but then again I’ll probably miss this chapter of my life one day (that might be pushing it though but the sentiment is there, right?).

Courses I Took

I earned my degree in Bachelor of Arts, Cum Laude in Communication, and a minor in creative writing. So, it’s now the most expensive piece of paper I own sitting in a drawer. My time in college was 3.5 years and within that time I completed 32 courses. As expected, there were classes I hated, loved, and felt rather neutral on. For the sake of keeping this post (mostly) positive, I’ll just bold the ones that I absolutely loved:

  • Being Human-Ethics &Morality
  • Brit Lit: Romantics-Modernists
  • Comm Project Management
  • Creative Writing
  • Critical Analysis of Film & Television
  • Digital Layout & Design
  • Digital Media and Society
  • General Psychology
  • Grammar
  • Graphic Design and Typography
  • History of Rock & Roll
  • Human Biology
  • Human Relations & Interactions
  • Intermediate Fiction Writing
  • Intro Research Writing
  • Intro to Intl Relations
  • Introduction to Digital Media
  • Intro to Academic Writing
  • Introduction to Society
  • Media Criticism
  • Media Project Management
  • Multicult Young Adult Literature
  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Persuasion
  • Pilates I
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Professional Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Stylistics
  • World History II (Since 1500)
  • Writing for Communications

Achievements I’m Most Proud Of

During the spring of 2018, I was required to take a Comm Project Management class for my senior capstone. The goal of the class was for us to work individually on a project from planning to execution to presenting. My project was a blog titled “Unfiltered Living: Raw Beauty & Self-Love”. I posted 10 blog posts on there talking openly and honestly about my struggles with anxiety, insecurities, and ways I cope and fill myself with care.

Essentially, it wasn’t much different from what I do here and on my socials. So I had a firm grasp on what I was doing if I do say so myself. My professors were fantastic and incredibly supportive throughout the whole semester. They both had me in previous classes so they knew my personality beforehand – which was extremely helpful when it came to them helping me mentally gear up for the presentation. I literally could go on for a while about how kind they were to me, but I won’t. You’re welcome.

Then the hard part came…

For the presentation of our projects, our entire class was set up on tables with tri-fold poster boards like a middle school science fair. We had to discuss our projects and answer questions to anyone that was interested. I was dreading this throughout the entire semester. It’s not my thing to speak publicly and never will be (yes, I was a com major who hated speaking – we exist and we just want to write, okay?). And I was on my own. Unfortunately (then), people who made promises to be there just couldn’t be. But now, I’m glad they couldn’t come honestly.

Looking back, that was my proudest moment because I was literally terrified and had several things go wrong throughout the day (left my glasses at home, shoes that made my ankles bleed and I still have the scars to show for it…) and I killed it. I mean, I didn’t think I killed it at that moment but reflecting on it I did and I definitely grew from that moment – but I still hate speaking publicly.

That following week, my professors presented me with the “Best Writing Capstone” award for the blog posts that I wrote on the last day of our class. It may have been a small win but it was a huge win for me internally. I opened my heart up through writing to my professors and classmates who quite frankly didn’t know anything about me and then got a glimpse into the deeper part of my heart. And I did it on my own. Without the help of a professor or the presence of someone who I thought I needed. Just me. And that’s pretty cool.

Best Memories

Since the beginning of my freshman year of college, I worked at our on-campus museum. Now I’m not saying that working was my favorite part of college because that would be a lie. But the (most) of the people I got to work with were incredible. We had Christmas parties, a wedding shower, and even meetings that made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. We vented, cried, laughed, and sometimes got way off task. They are some of the greatest people I know and hopefully will always have in my life.

I know most people would say that living in the dorms, partying, going to sporting events, and making so many new friends and the adventures they went on would be their best memories. And honestly, if I had done college the “right” way, I probably would have said those things, too. But I did college differently, I guess you could say. I still lived at home and commuted 15 minutes to school, I went to about maybe four parties the entire 3.5 years I was there and being the socially anxious butterfly I was I didn’t make a ton of friends. But I am so very grateful for the ones that I did. Those friends got me through college and the hardest semester of my life whether they know that or not.

College Graduation Photos

AU College Graduation 12/14/19
That’s an “I’m tired please hire me now” smile

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19
A LOT of time was spent in this very building

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19
Where I worked during my undergrad!
AU College Graduation 12/14/19
Yes, I hated high school. But yes I took some college graduation photos here too for nostalgia reasons

AU College Graduation 12/14/19

AU College Graduation 12/14/19
I walked right past my grandma and parents so you know my mom took a super zoomed in picture of me. What a mom move.
AU College Graduation 12/14/19
All the important people showed up for me🤍 (my poor dad wasn’t ready for this picture and blinked in the other…tragic)
My incredible parents🤍
Incredibly thankful and blessed that my grandma was able to see me graduate – the first grandchild to finish college🤘🏻🤍
Also very thankful and grateful my other grandma was able to come. First grandchild to graduate college on both sides of the family🤘🏻🤍
Graduating college is cool because you get a cake.
But look how cute it was!

So, now what…?

Yeah, I ask myself that same question every day when I wake up. I’m figuring out what post-grad life looks for me and what my next “move” is. Is it hard to get your foot in the door in the industry you really want to be in? Absolutely. Will it be worth it? I don’t know but I sure hope so.

Post-grad life is hard, especially during such unprecedented times. So if you’re in the same boat as me and your life feels weird and uncertain, take a deep breath. We’re all learning how to navigate this together. It’ll all be alright, friends. Just don’t forget to wear your mask and social distance yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to update your LinkedIn.

That being said, do not forget that Black Lives STILL Matter and check out my quick links for ways to help.

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