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Meeting Sheryl Crow & Buying Her Jeans

Just before the entire world was sent to their rooms, my parents and I saw Sheryl Crow. Before COVID-19 got out of hand, Nashville was hit with a devastating tornado early in March. Originally, Sheryl Crow was selling her clothes from closets, performances, and red carpets to donate to help south Nashville teens but after the tornado, a portion of the proceeds was going to relief for that.

So, on March 7th, my parents and I drove up to 12th South (which is one of my favorite parts of Nashville). Before heading into the pop-up shop she had, she was going to perform a short acoustic set. Let me tell you, I’ve read a lot about this woman and the history she’s made as a woman in music, but she blew me away even further in person. Of course, she sang her biggest hits and it was incredible.

But there was something about A Change Would Do You Good, Hard To Make A Stand, The First Cut Is The Deepest, and If It Makes You Happy were pure magic live. She is truly the embodiment of a powerful woman in music. The fact that I was able to see an actual rock legend live is insane. Absolutely incredible and I can go on about it forever. But I won’t because no one would read that.

And then we met her…

After the set was over, my parents and I got into the line to get into the shop. Aside from the toddler standing in front of me, I was probably the youngest person in the line at that time. What I wasn’t really expecting to happen that day was meeting her. I’m already a naturally quiet and nervous person as it is and I’ve never met a celebrity a day in my life. So, meeting one of the biggest names in the music industry left me a little starstruck. And by a little, I mean a lot.

Before meeting her though, my mom and I walked around the shop just admiring the performance pieces and everyday streetwear. There were so many beautiful pieces from her shows and red carpets, but things I most certainly couldn’t afford and only admire. But I mean that was still pretty awesome. I ended up purchasing a pair of her jeans for $40. Personally, I still can’t fathom that I have a pair of jeans that Sheryl Crow wore that are from Italy that I only bought for $40 hanging in my closet right now. It’s insane.

But once a super nice lady checked me out, we met Sheryl who was just casually sitting right there. I was shocked that no one was freaking out more about an iconic rock star just hanging out among everyone. She was the sweetest and nicest person ever. My embarrassing self didn’t say much but “hi” and smiled. Would I have love to discuss music with her and the amazing things she’s done? Absolutely. But I didn’t because that’s just who I am as a person. Thanks, anxiety. But I did get a picture with her so that was pretty neat!

“Styling” Sheryl Crow Jeans

Not to be all Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants on everyone but I would be lying if I said when I tried these on when I got home that I didn’t have that feeling. Are they low-rise? Yes. Am I trying to hop on that low-rise trend that’s trying to come back? No. But am I willing to wear low-rise because they actually fit and a celebrity wore them? Absolutely. 

For anyone that was around back in 2017 here, this did start out as a “fashion” and beauty blog which is absolutely hysterical to me now. I don’t know anything about beauty or “fashion”, I know what I like and what works for me so I share that. So here’s how I chose to “style” the Sheryl Crow jeans. I would link everything but to tell you the truth everything that I’m wearing is 2+ years old. But I will link similar pieces below!

Disclaimer: All of these photos were taken with social distancing in mind. No one was around me and this was only at my apartment complex!

Cardigan | Top | Jeans | Shoes | Sunglasses

This is basically the only fun and noteworthy thing that I’ve been able to do so far in 2020. As much as quarantine and social distancing can suck, it’s better to be safe at home. It’s better to save lives than save the economy. And as the country starts to open back up in the next few weeks, I urge you to stay safe. Follow what the scientists and the WHO is saying as opposed to the president. I don’t get that political on my blog, but I make my opinions clear. Stay safe, stay home, wash your hands, and do not inject disinfectants into your body.

On another note, were you able to do any pre-quarantine that was fun? I want to hear about it!

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