The Bachelor Week 9 Recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 9 + WTA + The Bachelorette Announcement

The Bachelor Week 9

The Bachelor Week 9
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

There’s a lot to discuss from this rose ceremony, Women Tell All, the Bachelorette announcement, and everything else that happened this week in Bachelor Nation. The show was interrupted here in Nashville due to the live coverage of a tornado. Which several hours later turned very scary very fast and devastated so many people in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Middle Tennessee needs all the help and support they can get right now and here are ways to help even if you don’t live here.  All I missed was a lot of yelling, Victoria F. not getting put on blast enough, Ashley I. for some reason, and Rachel Lindsay handling an uncomfortable yet important conversation. Let’s get into The Bachelor week 9 recap.

But wait here’s everything that happened in Bachelor Nation since last Monday…

The Rose Ceremony

Just before the women tell all begins, Chris Harrison insists we see this rose ceremony footage because it just cannot wait until next week. I assure you, it could have. In Victoria’s ITM, she says that she’s in love with Peter and his pure love. Hannah Ann tells Chris that her love of Peter strengthens her every day. The ceremony starts with Hannah Ann and Victoria waiting together for Madison. They seem to have been standing there for a while without her and start questioning where she’s at. Peter looks in distress as he speaks to Chris Harrison over his concerns about Madison showing up or not. Chris is basically the shrugging emoji when Peter talks to him.

Finally, Madison arrives – making a statement in a beautiful red dress while the other two wear white. Hannah Ann receives the first rose and Madison, hesitantly, accepts the second. This leaves Victoria finally leaving. It’s all very exciting. However, when Madison says she’ll accept the rose, Peter really asks her if she’s sure – to which she says yes again. They hug for a hot minute and you can hear their actual heartbeats with those mics.

Peter walks Victoria out trying to talk to her, but we all know how that goes when they try to ~communicate~. But this is the calmest that she’s been all season and doesn’t seem all that bothered. In her ITM in the car, she says that “it is what it is”. And that’s that finally with her. However, riddle me this. If Madison is/was so set on her beliefs, why show up at the rose ceremony AND accept the rose? Why not just take yourself out of the competition like others have done in the past?

Who Left: Victoria F(inally)

The Women Tell All

The Bachelor Week 9
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Can it really be called the “women tell all” if nothing of substance was talked about and everyone was just screaming at each other to the point where you couldn’t even hear what was being said? I guess so because that’s exactly what this was. However, 17 of the 30 women were only brought back. Of course, Hannah Ann and Madison couldn’t be there, but important contestants like Kelley and Natasha were not there. Kelley flew all the way there and just blatantly wasn’t invited back for the Tell All. Why? Most likely because she doesn’t take the BS of the producers and this group of women. As for Natasha, why she wasn’t there isn’t known. But here is who showed up: Katrina, Maurissa, Alexa, Kylie, Sarah, Kiarra, Deandra, Savannah, Alayah, Tammy, Shiann, Lexi, Sydney, Victoria P., Mykenna, Kelsey, and Victoria F.

For a split second, Chris Harrison brings up Madison’s decision for the other women to discuss. I felt weird about that because while yes we all have an opinion on what Madison said/did, she isn’t even there and it’s just opening up a conversation for the women to be nasty – just like the entire season. Lexi (who?) it was unfair for Madison to say what she said to Peter before Fantasy Suite week. Then Sydney chimes in saying Madison was being true to herself and she respects that. And that’s exactly how split everyone is on this issue when in the end they just don’t belong together. Neither is right or wrong. Moving on…

Let’s All Yell at Alayah

The Tell-All begins with “addressing” the drama around Alayah. Alayah came back onto the show that one episode after being sent home and being allowed to go on the Internet. She then comes back and basically starts gossiping about what she has read on the internet about things that no one in the house was aware of yet.

More name-calling is had when people call Alayah “fake” and treating this show as a competition like her pageants…but I mean it basically is a competition but go off whatever your name is. She’s called calculated and then Sydney says that she prides herself on knowing BS when she feels/sees it and that’s Alayah. I don’t like literally any of the women involved in this conversation especially with night-ones giving their opinions…when they weren’t even there for the drama when it went down. Basically, that’s like all of us showing up to the Tell-All to give our two cents but I digress. Finally, after everyone is screaming so much to the point where you can’t pick out whose saying what to who and why, Chris Harrison tells everyone to relax and takes us to a sweet, sweet commercial break.

The Champagne Pop Heard Around the World

Kelsey admits to overreacting to that whole champagne-gate debacle. We stan Kelsey, okay. She says that she was not justified in her reactions but was justified in her emotions. And she’s right. All emotions are valid, but not every reaction to those emotions are valid. While this moment was lovely, Chris brings Tammy into the equation. Tammy still stands by her accusations of Kelsey being a pill-popping alcoholic. I will never get on board with everyone ganging up against Tammy in the house or on this episode, BUT you cannot call people alcoholics because they drink when they are upset occasionally especially in an environment like this one. Kelsey had and still has every right to be upset with Tammy over this because that does affect Kelsey’s reputations. Those are not light accusations.

Jumping ship to Mykenna and Tammy

We quickly leave Kelsey vs. Tammy behind when Mykenna vs. Tammy is brought up. Kiarra, the one who came in night one in a suitcase, said, “I thought Mykenna was annoying because she was so emotional and crying all the time…I’m a nanny, I know childish behavior, and that’s exactly how she was acting”. Listen, being sensitive may annoy people. That’s fine. Not everyone is going to like you.

To be fair, pretty much all the women in that house this season exhibited childish behavior at some point. But say it with me, friends: stop making people feel bad for being emotional and expressing it. Sure, sometimes it can be expressed differently, but if you get told enough to stop being emotional – even if that’s just who you are – it takes a toll on you and messes you up, just saying. No one is right or wrong here, honestly. They just don’t get along as people and aren’t meant to like each other – which is fine and normal.

Mykenna gives another one of her speeches. Tammy was a little rude when she asked her how long she rehearsed this. Both Mykenna and Tammy just needed to stop because nothing was being solved here and tensions were only building higher. Well, things only escalated from there when Tammy said every time the cameras were around Mykenna would spread her legs and then demonstrated for us? Mykenna only got more upset and screamed, “how DARE you!”. This just needed to end.

Hot Seat #1: Kelsey

The Bachelor Week 9
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Kelsey was the first one to join Chris Harrison in the hot seat. They begin by talking about her relationship with Peter. Kelsey is clearly still emotional about it especially when Chris calls her out for having tears in her eyes watching back the good times with Peter (relatable). She talks about how she is grateful for her time with Peter and that she learned a lot from him about what she wants and doesn’t want in a relationship. Then for some reason, we have to watch Ashley I. come back onto our screens and give Kelsey and a huge bottle of champagne. In her speech to Kelsey, she was super passive-aggressive about Tammy and Tammy looked angry. I don’t blame Tammy here because this was stupid of Ashley I. to do/say and the only reason she was doing this was probably to stay relevant at this point.

Hot Seat #2: Victoria F.

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

This was a waste of time. This whole thing because nothing was really examined and talked about. Chris asked Victoria if she has broken up any marriages like Peter’s ex-girlfriend – and the entire Internet – has accused her of. With her crocodile tears and all, she states that she has not broken up any marriages. The lie detector test has determined that’s a lie. She does tell Chris that she is frustrated she couldn’t see how much Peter did care for her on the show. All Victoria really gives us is saying that she can’t go back in time but if she could she would have let Peter love her sooner and that she could have handled the whole season better.

Peter Takes the Hot Seat

ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Just before Peter comes out to join the women, we have to watch Peter, Chris, and Peter’s parents crash viewing parties. And then a really uncomfortable moment with Peter’s parents alone in the car that no one wanted to see or care about.

Peter joins the women and Savannah comes in hot for someone I don’t really remember much of at all. She asks him if he regrets sending any of them home since most of the women created drama. While he was trying to figure out who Savannah was exactly, he just tells them that he was following his heart. As for Kelsey and Victoria F., they just thank him for accepting them for craziness and emotions. Then Mykenna asks why he made her go through that thing with Tammy and then just send her home not long after. A fair question. Peter basically said he didn’t know who he was when sending home that night, and if he knew he was sending Mykenna home he wouldn’t have done that to her.

Victoria F. comes up to the hot seat with Peter and essentially apologizes for being an awful human…because like he didn’t deserve that…most of the time. Again, time was wasted with this because nothing of substance was talked about. Much like this entire season.

Rachel Lindsay’s Important Conversation

The Bachelor Week 9
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Just before the show ends, former Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay is seated with Chris Harrison to talk about the online harassment that needs to be stopped. She reads several uncomfortable messages that contestants have received. Rachel explains that it’s uncomfortable for her to read these aloud and that this is uncomfortable to watch, but imagine how uncomfortable it is to receive messages like these – and even worse – every single day, week, and month. If you don’t watch anything from this Tell-All, just watch this clip, please.

It’s one thing to watch the show and laugh at the antics, it’s another thing to message someone to kill themselves, be racist, and just other awful things that no human being should ever say to another human being. It’s time to do better – online and in the real world. Just be kinder, it’s not that hard.

Season 16 The Bachelorette: Clare Crawley

ABC/Paul Hebert

Listen, we are here for Clare being the Bachelorette. No one wanted someone from Peter’s season. It would have been another trainwreck of a season if we would have had Hannah Ann, Madison, or literally any of those women. Clare is a 38-year-old hairdresser from Sacramento, CA. She made her first appearance on Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor and was the runner-up from that season. She has two appearances on Bachelor in Paradise where she received nasty comments from Ashley I. because Clare was interested in Jared. Personally, she should not take any interviews at all with Ashley I. or even Ben Higgins, or literally anyone from BIP who was catty towards her. Clare also isn’t as irrelevant as most people are making it seem as she was just on Bachelor Winter Games back in 2018.

Clare has bad bitch energy, knows what she wants, and will not put up with any of the men’s BS. And that’s exactly why we are here for it. She isn’t as random as a pick either because they did this with Arie and Nick Viall when past season contestants weren’t a great option. Clare is older, more mature, and a little out there.

Allow me to remind you of Clare throughout her time in Bachelor Nation:

I honestly didn’t think I’d feel this strongly about having Clare as the Bachelorette but here we are. The producers make questionable choices with their picks for The Bachelor, however, they usually seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to choosing their Bachelorettes. There hasn’t been one Bachelorette I didn’t like and wouldn’t fiercely defend. So bring on Clare as our season 16 Bachelorette. It’s going to be interesting and hopefully a lot more fun.

The Bachelor Week 9 Conclusion

Correct me if I’m wrong, but next Monday and Tuesday is the season finale. Will he chose Hannah Ann or Madison? Perhaps run back to Hannah Brown? Or maybe he will choose himself. Who know! Peter said he doesn’t even know the ending of his own season – which is wild. After that, it’s off-season to prep for the Bachelorette and Listen To Your Heart premieres (aka Jed’s own season without Jed).

It’s still blowing my mind that no one knows how this season ends. How is that even possible? My friend, Mary, sent me this theory of how this season ends, and honestly, I might buy it…with a bit of skepticism. Either way this Tell-All accomplished absolutely nothing, not much self-awareness, and little to no growth in any of these women.

Here’s a sneak peek into next week’s finale and this season’s bloopers.

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