The Bachelor Week 8
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 8

The Bachelor Week 8


Ah, yes Fantasy Suite week. The week where the entire world argues and has an opinion on anyone and everyone’s sex life. And I also have an opinion – a really strong one, but we’ll get to that later. However, I’d like to say that I respect Madison’s decisions, but maybe she just isn’t meant for Peter or this show. And that’s okay, but some other things aren’t as okay. Let’s get into the Bachelor week 8 recap.

Everyone thinks this show is so romantic and normal when the Bachelor/Bachelorette is kissing all the contestants back to back and in front of each other. However, the moment sex is brought into the equation suddenly it’s disgusting. Pick a dang side. Intimacy is a really important factor in a relationship for some people. And to others not so much. No, Peter isn’t Sean Lowe or Colton Underwood. Sean knew it was Catherine. Colton knew it was Cassie. Peter doesn’t know it’s Madison. That man has been lost all season. And no, Madison isn’t Luke P. either. They’re all very different people with different values. Not really that comparable if you ask me. But again, we’ll get into this a bit later.

But wait here’s everything that happened in Bachelor Nation since last Monday…

Where did we leave off?

Last week we left off with Madison taking Peter aside minutes after giving her a rose. While Victoria F. is the queen of emotional manipulation this season, I think this was a bit manipulative of Madison as well. She pulled Peter aside to talk, but couldn’t spit out what she wanted to say. Madison wanted to tell Peter that she was saving herself for marriage. Is that what she told him? Nope, instead, she tells him that if he wants to continue their relationship together then he can’t sleep with the other two women this week.

I understand where Madison is coming from. Those are the choices that she made for herself. Those are not the choices she is to make for Peter. As Peter said, Madison isn’t the only person he’s dating right now. Personally, I think that she should have told Peter this much sooner. Like on their first one-on-one date, their second one-on-one date, her hometown date, during a cocktail party…I mean there wasn’t a shortage of time to tell him this information that’s so important to her. Madison is allowed to save herself for marriage without asking Peter to save himself. She tells him that she doesn’t want to give him an ultimatum buttttt if he did sleep with Victoria and/or Hannah Ann she would leave.

To me, that sounds like an ultimatum…

If you would like to debate me on that, here’s the definition of an ultimatum: a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations.

Madison is asking him not to sleep with the other two women but without telling him why – hoping that he will get the hint. He’s a man. He will not catch the hint which will lead to a lot of frustration in their relationship with her expecting things of him without telling him why. Basically, ole Pete isn’t really having what Madison is asking of him. I mean he didn’t keep Victoria’s crazy-ass here this long to not sleep with her. This is the beginning of Peter and Madison seeing that they aren’t compatible with each other. And that’s okay. Peter’s love language is obviously physical touch and he has mentioned before that intimacy is huge for him. What’s important to him is okay. What’s important to Madison is okay. Those things that are important to both of them don’t align, maybe they shouldn’t get engaged.

Fantasy Suite Jack and Rose Style

The Bachelor Week 8

Once we finally leave the airplane hanger in LA, the women and Peter fly on over to Australia. The first to arrive in the room is Madison, then Hannah Ann, and finally Victoria. For the first time ever, all the women in the final three must spend their time in one hotel together. Is this on purpose by the producers to make sure Madison knows Hannah Ann and Victoria get laid? Absolutely. Is it wrong? Absolutely. As much as I don’t enjoy Madison at this point, it’s wrong to torture her like this and make her feel so much anxiety – especially since she is the last date of the night.

Hannah Ann, however, is the first date of the night. During their date, they jet ski and makeout. Who would have thought that at this point, I like her and am rooting for her? For how much I didn’t like her at the start, I’m shocked by how much I liked her after this episode. Is it be default because of the other two? Probably. Honestly, Hannah Ann and Peter probably have the strongest relationship.

They’ve had decent conversations and reassurance in their time together. She does play the ‘cool girl’ card when she encourages Peter to sleep with the other two women to figure things out. It was a nice gesture and he did appreciate it. But you know she isn’t really okay with it because who would be. But she aware of the game she’s playing so good for her. And it probably gave her a one-up from Madison.

Peter reassures her that he’s falling in love with her. She opens the date card. They get their Jack and Rose moment with the hand on the window. And the rest is up to the imagination, folks.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

Fantasy Suite is the only reason I kept you this long

The Bachelor Week 8

Victoria F. is the next Fantasy Suite date of the night. Before their date begins, Peter wants to reassure Victoria that he trusts her. Why? God only knows. Their date includes a helicopter ride looking at the beautiful scenery of Australia. When the helicopter lands, they sit in a field to discuss, or not discuss since it is Victoria after all.

Here’s an actual quote from Peter about his relationship with Victoria, “The passion is 100 percent there…There’s obviously that fire. Some people might think there’s too much of it, but for me, I’m actually attracted to that. It’s never going to be a boring relationship.” A relationship that’s full of fighting isn’t passion. It’s toxic and unhealthy. Peter says that his and Victoria’s relationship is perfect. Except for one tiny detail…communicating with her about literally anything. Yikes.

Well, when it’s time for dinner, Victoria wants Peter to spell it out for her as to what he wants from her. So he spells it out for her. She still doesn’t get it, starts to get upset, and vaguely blames a past ex. Has it occurred to anyone that we know absolutely nothing about her as a person outside of the drama and scandals? I can’t give you one fact about this woman. Anyway, Peter tells her that he wants to know he can rely on her and then asks how her ex made her feel. Shocker, she doesn’t reply and only cries.

He comforts her, she reads the date card, and then they (most likely) bang. In her ITM, she claims that she loves Peter so much. The next morning, in her ITM, she says that he’s her person and she’s so hopeful. Meanwhile, in Peter’s ITM, he says he’s torn three ways and doesn’t know what to do.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

Fantasy Suite isn’t so sweet

The Bachelor Week 8

Madison is the last date of the evening, and for their date, they have to climb Australia’s tallest building. Apparently this building has an elevator that only goes so high and then you have to scale the rest of the way up. Insanity and a hard pass for me. They make their way up the building with lots of metaphors about how love is worth the risk and uphill battle. We’ve seen Madison be unsure all week, but once they make it to the top – she’s in love with Peter. They also make out on the stairs and it gave me so much anxiety. Please, go make out safely inside where you won’t possibly plummet to your death.

Now, let’s get into the dinner portion with Madison. Madison explains that “The day that I say ‘I do’ to the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with is the day that he’s getting all of me — body, soul, and spirit…I wouldn’t be able to say yes to an engagement… if you have slept with the other women.” It’s very reasonable for her to not want to get engaged to someone who slept with someone else a few days prior. That’s not the problem. Her faith and choices for herself are not the problems.

Here’s the problem: her delivery of this, the timing, and she signed up for this. The timing feels manipulative – not her choices – the timing. As I’ve mentioned before, she had plenty of time prior to this week to tell him about the most important thing in her life – her faith and her choices. But she didn’t. Until now. Why? She either wants to secure that ring right now or she wants an easy exit. I don’t doubt that her faith is important to her and real.

What’s happening…

Another problem here is that she signed up for the show. Maybe she didn’t think she’d make it this far but she always has the choice to leave. Madison doesn’t have to sleep with him but knew that sex is built into the show and that he has those options. She tells him that she has compromised a lot for him like him dating other women and kissing them. Does she know she didn’t have to do that? She didn’t have to come on the show but now it almost makes it feel like she’s trying to make him feel bad for what she has compromised for him. He didn’t ask her to do that. Madison willingly applied for the show, went through the rigorous application and casting, and then signed her name on a dotted line for this. She knew what she was getting into.

Madison goes on to say that she doesn’t want to feel bad for the standards she has. And she shouldn’t. No one is making her feel bad. But equating high standards to abstinence feels like sex-shaming to me. It’s basically saying that Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Peter don’t have standards because they have/had sex. Now that might not have been Madison’s intent when she said that but that’s what it came across to me as.

Either way, Madison walks away from the table leaving Peter sitting there. They’re both in distress after he tells her he’s been intimate with the other two. The nosey kangaroos watch. Madison says that she’s very hurt and disappointed. Peter comes out to comfort her. He tells her he can’t lose her. Lots of crying and forehead kisses. Madison walks away again. It’s unclear if she is just leaving tonight or taking herself completely out of the show.

The Bachelor Week 8 Conclusion

I have a lot of opinions here but first of all, this show is ridiculous to begin with. People meet and after two months maybe get engaged after spending maybe 36 hours in total together. That’s insane. So, why now is it only insane to people when sex is thrown into the mix? Because people love to shame for having sex and make others feel dirty for their own personal choices. In case no one told you, having sex doesn’t make you dirty or damaged goods. Have sex. Don’t have sex. Leave people alone for the choices they make for their bodies.

And for everyone coming at Hannah Ann and Victoria for wearing cross necklaces and still having sex with Peter saying that it’s ironic. It’s not. In the words of Hannah Brown, you can have sex and Jesus still loves you. I mean didn’t Jesus hang out with prostitutes after all? Some of y’all need to chill out. It’s not that deep. And if you aren’t a fan of it all, maybe change the channel if sex offends you. Because that’s literally built into the show.

I’m fired up about all of this. Neither Madison or Peter is wrong or right. This just isn’t for Madison. Peter and she are different and just wouldn’t work and that’s okay.

Here’s a sneak peek into next week’s show.

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