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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 7

The Bachelor Week 7

In the words of Jason Tartick, I’m just not buying this season. I’m literally not rooting for anyone at this point which is rare for me because I usually love a handful of the women and root really hard for them. However, for an unscripted show, this season feels very scripted and very fake. Is this due to the women? Peter’s decisions? The producers? All three of these factors? Who knows but sitting down to watch and recap this season is feeling like a chore. Yet here my clown-self is. So, let’s get into the Bachelor week 7 recap.

If you were ever wondering if you’re being manipulated emotionally and mentally, well just watch Victoria F.’s hometown date back and you’ll get a crystal clear example on that. Listen, I really don’t like saying I hate anyone – especially other women – but I hate Victoria F. I’m not that big of a Hannah Ann or Madison fan. I did like Kelsey but it seems everyone I end up actually liking this season, they get sent home.

It also appears that Hannah Brown is not in the running to be the next Bachelorette again because of her Dancing with the Stars tour dates. As well as it seems that Kelley was not invited back for filming the Women Tell All which is pure trash because she was one of the most normal and realistic people from this season and probably had some tea to spill.

Hometown Date: Hannah Ann in Knoxville, TN

Peter makes his way to ole Knoxville, Tennessee to meet Hannah Ann’s family. But before he meets the parents, Hannah Ann needs to make him a manly man. So, they go ax throwing. Because that makes you a man apparently? He isn’t very good at this but he does eventually make a bullseye. And they hug WITH Hannah Ann holding an ax behind Peter’s back. Too much chaotic energy there.

In the spirit of Hannah Ann’s list of things that she loves Peter, Peter made one for her. We learned that she names every single dress she wears (what?) and that he loves when she does that run, kola bear hug thing that every single one of them does. Oh, and he did not dot his “I”‘s with hearts like she did.

Let’s meet the family…

We meet Hannah Ann’s dad (Rick) and mom (Jennifer), sister (Haley), and brother (Wade). Rick is not buying this mess and doesn’t hide his dislike towards Peter. He basically wants Peter to say he’s going to pick Hannah Ann right then and there. But when Peter is obviously apprehensive about confirming picking Hannah Ann but tells ole Rick that he loves her – Rick is not pleased and tells Peter not to tell Hannah Ann that.

Jennifer shares that Rick is guarded and will not give his daughter away to just anyone. But I mean Hannah Ann is her own person and her father does not own her and is not his property “to give away” so whatever. I get the sentiment and the tradition of it all but it’s outdated and we have to move past that.

When Hannah Ann talks to her sister and tells her about the list Peter gave to her earlier, her sister freaks out and says that if a man gives you 20 reasons why he loves you that that’s it. Me, who wrote out 70 reasons why I loved my ex, does not agree with Haley’s sentiment there.

Later that night, Peter goes against Rick’s wishes and tells Hannah Ann that he is falling in love with her. Both are happy. I am not buying that either of them are in love. It’s just not in their eyes, smiles, or voices. But what do I know?

Hometown Date: Kelsey in Des Moines, IA

Kelsey and Peter’s date before meeting her family involved wine and squishing grapes to make said wine. However, those grapes did not look like wine grapes and rather like the Bachelor interns ran to Trader Joes and bought all the grapes in the produce section. I felt disgusted that the camera person got a shot of both of their bare feet squishing the grapes. You also know damn well they didn’t wash their feet before partaking in this endeavor. Disgusting.

While sipping on some wine, Kelsey tells Peter that she is falling in love with him. Which means good things for Kelsey awaits her at the end of this episode, right? I mean how could it not…?

Let’s meet the family…

At Kelsey’s home, we meet her mother (Beth), step-father, (Mike), and her two sisters (Kayla and Kalason). Also, you’re telling me that Kelsey’s family isn’t the cast of The Perfect Man? Sounds fake to me but okay. At dinner, Peter learns that he’s about to eat Crab Rangoon and honestly. that’s the most Peter has been excited about something all season. It was nice to remember the excited Peter we fell in love with on Hannah’s season because lately, I’m forgetting why we liked him so much then. Probably because he actually had/has insane chemistry with Hannah Brown and doesn’t with literally any of these women.

Her mother is protective of her daughter warning Peter that she loves like no other and he better not break his heart. Peter agrees (to ALL the families he meets that he won’t break their daughter’s heart but that’s impossible but go off Pete). Beth also shares that she hasn’t seen Kelsey this all in on someone before. Which is just further proof that this will only end well for Kelsey, right?

Before Peter leaves Kelsey’s, he tells her that his heart is definitely falling for her.

Hometown Date: Madison in Auburn, AL

Madison and Peter start their hometown date at Auburn University where Madison went to school. She teaches him a cheer which I find weird because she’s out of college now why are we still acting like we are? But whatever. They play some basketball and get a video from Charles Barkley and Madison informs Peter who it is when he pops up on the screen. Peter isn’t good at basketball at all but who really cares? However the only thing I found entertaining on this date was when he’s holding her and she’s straddling him in the air when he’s about to shoot a basket and she yells, “score Peter score” as the designated virgin of the show. The irony was not lost on me.

Let’s go meet the family…

We meet Madison’s father (Chad – of course, his name would be Chad but he also looks like a 12-year-old so there’s that), her mother (Tonya), and her sisters (Mallory and Mary Michael). To start off their dinner, they do something called “the special plate” where they go around saying something nice about the one who has the special plate that night. My anxiety hates this.

Tonya and Madison go have their chat saying that Madison seems happy and he seems nice. Mom’s not buying it. She asks her daughter if she has told Peter that she’s saving herself for marriage. Boy, don’t you just love talking about your sexual choices with your mother. Big yikes. And no, she hasn’t told him yet.

Meanwhile, Peter is talking chatting with the elf-on-the-shelf, sorry, I mean Chad. Chad doesn’t like to hear that four-windmill-rounds is falling for his daughter. He doesn’t think it’s genuine and wants Peter to prove it. What does he want him to do? Propose to Madison right then and there? Basically Peter is like look I can’t answer that right now, I’m sorry. Respect.

Now it’s Chad’s turn to talk to Madison to remind her to stay PURE. Because when she was born he laid his hands over her and prayed for her future husband. Listen, there’s a lot of messed up things to me here. I respect religion. I was raised Catholic but I don’t agree with most of the religion and rules but if that’s what others believe, fine. However, you make those choices for yourself and yourself only. Not anyone else. Don’t force your beliefs on others or tell them what they can and cannot do with their own life choices because it doesn’t line up with what you believe. That’s wrong.

But Madison’s father seems oddly obsessed with his daughter’s virginity and making sure that she stays pure until marriage. That creeps me out because that’s her FATHER. Also, him praying for her future husband when she was born sounds sweet but why was he thinking that then? And what if she didn’t turn out to be straight? It’s odd to me.

In an ITM, Madison says that she had a reality check from her hometown date and wanted to tell Peter that she’s in love with him tonight but now has to find out if their spirits and souls are compatible. Yet in Peter’s ITM, he thinks Madison is on the same page as him.

Hometown Date: Victoria F. in Virginia Beach, VA

Buckle up, folks because this was a mess and awfully frustrating to watch. In an ITM, before their day portion of the date begins, Victoria says that she hopes today will be smooth sailing. It won’t be! Their date includes walking around the boardwalk and taking old-timey photos. And Victoria sharing that she really does see it with Peter. Things I’m really not buying: THAT. Has anyone seen the way she looks at him vs how he looks at her? She looks like she hates her life while he’s adoring her. Poor Pete.

They finish their date with another country concert with Hunter Hayes. No, she did not date this one…that we know of. However, Hunter Hayes sings his popular song “I Want Crazy”…from SEVEN years ago. That man definitely has new material that are bops but the producers work hard to make sure he sang that song on this specific date. We love to see it. After the concert, where they just had so much fun, Peter and Victoria are still dancing and singing to this song – ala Peter’s vocals. When he sings the lines, “I don’t want easy, I want crazy,” she deadass says, “you sure?”. Well, call Peter a matador because this man loves red flags.

As they say their goodbyes and go their separate ways, someone comes up to Peter to warn him about Victoria. The women turns out to be an old ex of his and was Victoria’s friend once upon a time. She tells Peter that she has ruined relationships and he deserves to be on a date with someone better. Tea. Just kidding, we knew this already but finally, Peter is getting clued in on this. Peter is confused and sad.

Let’s go meet the family…but not really

Peter rolls up to Victoria’s house and wants to talk to her before they go inside and meet her family. He tells her what he was told. Victoria enters defense mode real quick but yet doesn’t’ deny the accusations. She ends up turning this all around on him and making it his fault somehow. Just watch it here because it’s insane.

They makeup, I guess. But Peter decides not to meet her family and leaves. Her family comes outside to comfort her. That’s about it there. But she does swing by his hotel room the next day after having an entire night to figure out her next manipulation move. She’s all whiny and says that she feels like she doesn’t want him to love her. True. She also says that she’s trying really hard and has never tried this hard before. Yikes. I’d hate to see what her not trying looks like.

Rose Ceremony

The Bachelor Week 7 Recap

The rose ceremony takes place in an airplane hanger, just in case you forgot that Peter’s a pilot. All the women appear confident – except Victoria which is understandable. But she wouldn’t even look at Peter when he was talking. We love acting like children.

Who Left: Kelsey

He tells Kelsey that when she told him that she loved him, he just wasn’t there. And so she’s gone now and we have to suffer through another week with the monster that is Victoria. The producers left us on a cliffhanger, Madison grabs Peter to talk to him and tell him she’s saving her self for marriage…as they’re going into Fantasy Suite week.

The Bachelor Week 7 Conclusion

After Madison tells Peter her “bombshell” news, what will happen? Who knows. Let’s just hope this is all done in a respectful manner. Hopefully, Victoria goes home next week finally, but I’m not feeling too good about that possibility. Let’s also hope that no women from this season are chosen as the next Bachelorette. Please.

Who are you hoping to see at the next Bachelorette? I would love to see Tayshia in the position of the lead.

Here’s a sneak peek into next week’s show.

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