The Bachelor Week 6
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 6

The Bachelor Week 6

The Bachelor Week 6
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Listen I don’t have any internet right now and I watched this past week’s episode on a tiny iPhone screen. And for what? Another tearful episode that really didn’t prove anything else, but that Peter is a clown this season. Is this recap late? Yes. Are all my recaps subpar and late recently? Yes. But look at the content I’m working with here. And how are we already with the top four? This season feels like it’s very rushed. I haven’t really felt like I’ve gotten to know the women or Peter any further. Anyway, let’s get into The Bachelor recap week six.

I’ve listened to 7+ hours of Nick Viall’s Bachelor recaps on the Viall Files and that’s been the highlight of my week. Word on the street is that this season hasn’t been spoiled and no one can predict how it ends. Which is wild to me because he can either end up engaged to one of these women, not engaged to any of these women but dating them (like Colton and Cassie), didn’t pick anyone, that producer conspiracy theory becomes true, he dumps one of the women for Hannah Brown, or he ends up ditching all the women for Hannah. If it’s not one of those options, then what the heck is it?

Also, nice try producers trying to make Kelley to villain when she was actually the hero of the season.

Everything that happened in Bachelor Nation this past week

  • Chris and Krystal have separated. Did they just get married? Yes. Am I surprised? No. Does Krystal deserve so much better than someone who refers to themselves as “the goose”? Hell yes.
  • Dean maybe proposed to Caelynn apparently?
  • Victoria Fuller apologized for her Marlon campaign she posed for that alluded to the White Lives Matter racist campaign. Do I believe her? Nope. Especially not after the preview of her hometowns. Hometowns or homewrecker?

I’ve come onto this show fully knowing that you’re known for having sex in a windmill, but I will be mad if you sleep with anyone else

The women and Peter have made their way to Lima, Peru. Natasha is rightfully mad about not having a one-on-one with Peter yet. And so, the date card comes, and Madison gets the date. Madison shares that she has a lot on her heart that she needs to share with Peter. It’s also the week where Peter’s bandages have come off his scar and he feels the need to tell each of his dates and they all freak out about it. It’s riveting content.

Peter and Madison have a fishing-style kinda date. But that was about it for their day portion of the date. During the evening portion, she decides now to tell him that she is really religious. She tells him now? When she should have told him at the very beginning, but whatever. Madison says that she wants her future husband to be the leader of the family and all of this other stuff that is important to her. Honestly, Peter’s face did fall when she talked about this. He carefully chose his words and then twisted it into him telling her that he was falling in love with her. She didn’t reciprocate the words but still seemed happy, nonetheless.

After this conversation, I don’t see them ending up together because I don’t think Peter is on the same path religiously as Madison. Basically, it sounded like he was telling her what she wanted to hear just so she doesn’t leave him. Religion is a tough thing but, in a relationship, when it’s important to one person and not the other, it can make things very difficult.

Rose: Yes

You don’t have to go home but yeah go home

Natasha finally gets the one-on-one that she deserves. But poor Natasha. Going into this date already felt different because you knew what was coming. It was clear that Natasha was having a great time, but Peter’s energy felt off. Their date was just walking around the city.

Natasha shares with Peter that she hasn’t brought anyone that she has dated home to meet her family in a while. She warns him that her brothers will grill him with some tough questions. Peter seems very nervous about having to be in that circumstance.

During the evening portion of the date…

A great way to start out any romantic date is to ask your partner if they see anything special between the two of you. Big yikes hang on tight because the break-up storm is rolling through. Being the reasonable person that Natasha is, she basically says that they have been on one date but if things line up for them then yes. Such a normal response that will ultimately end her time here on the show.

Peter is uninterested in her now because of the reasonable response and her lack of tears for him. He says that they have more of a friendship together than any romantic feelings. He sends her home and tells her that she will find someone someday. Here’s a tip fellas, saying that during a breakup isn’t helpful and will make us want to throat punch you.

Rose: No

Who would have thought the woman that cried over champagne is the apparent front-runner

Kelsey is the third and last one-on-one of the night. For their date, Peter and Kelsey take a ride on some ATVs up a mountainside. Kelsey is nervous about this because she’s never driven an ATV before, and Peter is all giddy to show her how to ride one. The man loves himself a damsel in distress.

When they get up the mountainside, they romantically lie on the grass together talking about life. Kelsey shares that she wants to have kids one day and only work a couple of days a week so she can spend time with them. She also talks about her wanting to pursue her passion…which is? Then she shares in an ITM, that she’s worried she won’t be able to offer Peter everything he wants…which is?

During the evening portion of the date…

As we remember from a previous Kelsey date, her parent’s divorce seemed like it traumatically affected her, and I don’t blame her one bit for that. So, on this date, she opens up more about her family to Peter. She wanted to preface her hometown date with Peter (bold of her to assume she was going to make it that far) and she didn’t really want him to question where her dad was or wonder why no one would be talking about her dad.

From Kelsey’s story, it seems like her father is rather shady. She’s tried to mend the relationship with him before and she had to stop it due to red flags. But then recently she met up with him again and she doesn’t want her mother to know about it.

In an ITM, Peter says that their relationship is unique and that Kelsey has a strength and grace about her that isn’t as common in today’s world. Honestly, I’m a big Kelsey guy. She’s a little out there but aren’t we all.

Rose: Yes

One’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a company

The three-on-one date of the night was with Hannah Ann, Victoria F., and Kelley. We finally get to see more of Kelley’s personality during this part of the episode because quite frankly this woman is just over this whole thing at this point. And who can blame her? Kelley is one of the “older” women in the house meaning that she is 28 and she’s hanging out day in and day out with a bunch of 23-25-years old. That cry a lot.

None of these women look like they want to be on this date. And none of them really talk to Peter about anything of substance. There is so much crying from the get-go. Victoria F. in her ITM says that she is annoying to be around and at least she is self-aware of that. Because she is. Really annoying. Why is she even still here? Oh, yeah because Peter likes the thrill of chasing an emotionally unavailable woman.

When Peter pulls Hannah Ann to talk first, Kelley lays down on the couch and says that she is going to take a nap if anyone needs her. Corrinne walked so Kelley could run. Victoria leaves Kelley alone and walks off crying. Why? Who knows. Hannah Ann gives Peter a written list of reasons as to why she is falling in love with him. The reasons are rather mediocre. Or I just don’t like Hannah Ann. Both are a possibility.

You’re too normal for this…

It’s Kelley’s turn with Peter and it basically has the same tone as Natasha’s date. Kelley is reasonable when almost laughing and being like pick me these women are losers. And I mean, she’s not wrong – she is the logical choice here. Kelley says that in their relationship they have a lot of fun together. Boy does Peter seem to hate the word “fun” with “relationship” because he gets a bit defensive. He asks her if that’s all their relationship is to her. She says no but you can have a serious relationship that’s fun and not filled with drama. Peter’s mind is blown.

Then when it’s Victoria’s turn to talk to Peter, she gaslights the hell out of him. She tells him that every time she talks to him that he’s in a mood. More like she’s always in a mood and right to start a fight with him about nothing every two seconds. Literally, how is this relationship even still progressing? I see nothing between them. They look miserable every time they are with each other. And she is pushing him away. Girl just wants to go home now because she made it far enough for that Instagram clout.

Now it’s time to give out the roses. Peter picks up one rose and takes Victoria to the car. It looks like she’s going home Hannah Ann and Kelley think they have it in the bag now. But no. Peter walks her all the way to the car, gives her a speech, it looks like she’s going home, and she knows it and BAM Peter gives her the rose and sends her on her merry way.

Peter comes back to Hannah Ann and Kelley and now they know it’s either one of them going home. Kelley looks calm, cool, and collected because how can he not pick a normal and emotionally mature woman? Hannah Ann looks visibly nervous. But yet again, Peter lets us down. He gives Hannah Ann the rose and walks Kelley out. When he walks Kelley out, Hannah Ann starts crying. Does she know she only has to cry when Peter is around?

Kelley probably got sent home for being too normal and not crying for him like he desperately needs to see from these women to know they are serious about him. Even in her car interview, she didn’t cry and didn’t even seem that mad about it. She did thank him for not coming home and meeting her family though. We respect and stan Kelley only in this house.

Roses: Victoria and Hannah Ann

Who Left this episode: Natasha and Hannah Ann

Going to hometowns: Kelsey, Hannah Ann, Victoria, and Madison

The Bachelor Week 6 Conclusion

My analysis of Peter here is that he is still in love with Hannah Brown. Or he is so messed up from that heartbreak that he now has a knight in shining armor complex. He wants to save the damsel in distress. We all like feeling validated, however, it feels like Peter thrives on that. Peter also loves tears. If a woman thinks that she might go home all she has to do is cry in front of him and it might very well get her a rose.

Again, I found this episode to be boring. However, I do already have a lot to say about just the previews for next week. The way Victoria says, “eXcUsE yOu WhAt?” at Peter when he tries to have a normal conversation with her is wild. Hopefully, he sends her home then because he shouldn’t have to tolerate being spoken to like that. No one should. It’s incredibly disrespectful and rude. Now my hot take on Madison which may be controversial but surely not a double-standard.

On Hannah Brown’s season, we all collectively wanted to fight Luke for shaming Hannah for having sex because it didn’t line up with HIS religious beliefs. He wanted to control her with his beliefs rather than hers. Gross and wrong. Now it appears that Madison is saving herself for marriage. There is nothing wrong with that and if that’s what you believe in then it’s fine. However, you cannot dictate what other people do if it doesn’t line up with your values. It’s toxic and wrong.

In the preview, it seems like she says that she doesn’t want Peter sleeping with anyone else. I get it; however, she knows what show she is on and knows very well Peter is known for having sex with Hannah Brown in a dang windmill for four rounds. Peter has also shared that physical touch and intimacy is important to him in a relationship. All I’m saying is that I accept no double standards here or sex-shaming. Next week could be the end of the road for Madison. Here’s a sneak peek into next week’s show.

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