The Bachelor Week 4
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 4

The Bachelor Week 4

The Bachelor Week 4
ABC/Jason A LaVeris

We are four episodes into this season and it’s all drama. All. Of. It. There has been hardly any romance, promising relationships, or an overall favorite. It seems that each woman could have a hidden agenda and if you think they’re good something comes out about them. Not to mention contestants like Kelley, Madison, Deandra, and Natasha hardly get any air times because they’re far too normal for this show. But I digress. Let’s get into the Bachelor Week 4 recap.

The episode begins with Chris Harrison informing the women that they’re making biscuits and telling them that their journey around the world begins in Cleveland, Ohio. Crickets were heard. No one even tried to fake their excitement. But once they get there the women feed the lines of Cleveland being a hidden treasure and that Midwest people are so nice (I might be biased, but this is true).

Lonely if you are, if you are, if you are…

The first one-on-one of the night is with Victoria F. As it’s been clear in my recaps, I don’t like her but I was excited about the ex-boyfriend The Bachelor Week 4drama. I love Chase Rice, and even though I haven’t been a fan of this season’s drama I was ready for this because it seemed interesting.

On her way to the date, Victoria says that she’s afraid of falling. She thinks falling out of a plane, what she doesn’t know is she’ll be falling into her ex-boyfriend. When arriving at the date with Peter, he’s the only one standing there next to a tiny plane. In the car, she’s freaking out about skydiving…but that literally cannot happen if Peter is piloting the plane. But whatever. He flies them to the Cedar Point amusement park and they ride the terrifying slingshot ride.

Afterward, they share a couple of beers and talk about how Victoria wants four kids and Peter wants two or four kids. He says he wants four kids because if there were only three kids, one would have to sit by themselves on rides. I found that endearing. Then he leads her outside to tell her he has one more surprise for her. They start walking up to a country concert, and Victoria starts to get antsy. The concert is none other than Chase Rice. Peter is out here having the time of his life singing along and dancing. She looks nervous but sings along, too.

When the concert is over, Peter has a weird meet and greet with Chase but Victoria stays back. Chase and Peter exchange numbers and he asks Peter how far into the show they are. Meanwhile, Victoria is freaking out. She shares that Chase didn’t want her to go on the show. She also said he was singing to her that whole time. Sounds like some real feelings were there for it just being one night…if you ask me. Then she has a weird conversation with Chase that he handles like a champ. She tells him she has to tell Peter and he tells her to do what’s best for her. And that was that.

During the evening portion of the date…

In an ITM, Peter says that he loves how he and Victoria are progressing and that maybe Chase Rice could sing at their wedding. Big awkward yikes. Victoria was freaking out about telling Peter but I wasn’t understanding the big deal. We all have exes. Hers just happens to be a famous country singer…that she danced to and made out with in front of him with her new boyfriend. But even so, she was being overly dramatic to me about this whole thing.

Victoria blurts out to him that Chase is her ex after saying that they just had a nice date earlier. Peter seems weirdly shocked. She gets up from the table crying. Peter follows after her to console her. Victoria tells him she’s scared of driving him away with her honesty. He says he “respects the hell out of her” for telling him that Chase is her ex. They kiss and end the night dancing outside to a cello guy who isn’t playing a Chase Rice song. In another ITM, Peter says he’s feeling good about Victoria.

Rose: Yes

Bachelor Bowl Monday

The Bachelor Week 4
ABC/Jason A LaVeris

This date included: Victoria P., Kierra, Kelley, Deandra, Madison, Lexi, Shiann, Tammy, Sydney, Hannah Ann, Savannah, and Mykenna.

Madison grabbed the date card and it read, “let’s tackle love together”. The women arrived at a football stadium and the date was lead by two former NFL pros, Josh Cribbs and Hanford Dixon. Before the big Bachelor Bowl, they ran football drills. Mykenna was having trouble because she isn’t athletic at all. Victoria P. took herself out of the games to cheer on the sidelines with Peter because her back was hurting. I have no choice but to respect her for that. Because honestly, I am both Mykenna and Victoria P. on this date.

The game was the Eliminators (pink team) vs. the Killer Bees (yellow team). I don’t like watching football. Honestly, I don’t really care for any sports but of course, this game pulled me in. Shiann was out there killing it. She was getting touchdown after touchdown. However, the game ended in a tie. The Killer Bees seemed really happy about it while the Eliminators didn’t seem as happy. I get it because they wanted to have more one-on-one time with Peter since there are 13 women on the date but that’s how the game is. But I am surprised that there wasn’t a tiebreaker.

During the evening portion of the date…

Victoria P., who cheered on the sidelines with Peter, was the first one to grab him that night. Shiann seemed angry and so did the rest of them. However, that’s the name of the game. It’s hard to side with them being mad at her for being quicker than them to ask to talk to him. There isn’t room for apprehension here.

When Victoria P. and Peter start talking she tells him that when they were cheering on the women from the sidelines together she couldn’t help but imagine them cheering on their kids from the sidelines one day. She says that regardless of what happens, he’s going to be the best dad. In Peter’s ITM, he says he sees a future with Victoria P.

Shiann is the next one to talk to Peter, but it doesn’t last long when Alayha makes her grand entrance into the group date after being eliminated last week. Everyone is shocked and Peter is stunned it seems. She asks if she can talk to him for a second so that means Shiann didn’t get much time with him. Honestly, no one really did again on this date.

Alayha tells Peter she wanted to set the record straight before going home (however, we later find out she already has been home and made her way back). I still think she seems fake just because of her disposition and smiling weirdly at times that just doesn’t seem appropriate. Peter tells her that it was a difficult choice for him to send her home. Now Alayha and Victoria P. are telling very contradicting stories. Alayha says they are good friends from the pageant world and they even went to Vegas together. Compared to last week when Victoria P. said she hardly knew Alayha and they’ve spent a total of three hours together.

Obviously confused, Peter goes to find Victoria P. to talk. He finds her crying. She says that they did go to Vegas together but it was a short trip and very distant from each other. Peter is mad that Victoria didn’t tell him about the Vegas trip last week. Victoria P. keeps saying this is “her truth”. But that’s a bit of a red flag because her truth and what the truth may actually be could be different. Either way, I still like Victoria P. more.

They all sit down to talk. It doesn’t really go anywhere. Then it’s back to just Peter and Alayha. He asks her to come back to the show. She The Bachelor Week 4says yes as long as everyone can move past the drama (as if, does she know what show she is on?). They walk back hand in hand to the rest of the women on the date. Horribly, ole pilot Pete gives Alayha the group date rose. No one is happy. I mean Natasha literally gets up and leaves. And I can’t blame her. It seemed rude of him to do that. In Tammy’s ITM, she says she’s disappointed in him. Peter’s about the get his neck rung at the next cocktail party.

Group Date Rose: Alayah

After the rose is given, Alayah asks Hannah Ann and Mykenna to catch her up on everything that happened in the house since she left. Mykenna tells her that Victoria F. had the one-on-one last night. Alayha says that she knows and that Chase Rice, her ex-boyfriend was on that date. She even knows that Kelsey has the next one-on-one before Hannah Ann and Mykenna tell her. The two women seemed shocked about the Chase Rice news. Alayha innocently says, “oh, y’all don’t know that? The internet knows everything”. And with that, the drama centering Alayha is back on.

This date was not sponsored by champagne

Kelsey is the last one-on-one of the night. When they first see each other, Peter tells her that Alayha came back last night and she’s back on The Bachelor Week 4the show. Kelsey handles it really well and says that if she ends up with him she doesn’t want him to have any “what if” thoughts and if he feels the need to explore that relationship more with Alayha then that’s what he needs to do. As much as I don’t want Alayha back on the show, how Kelsey handled it was incredibly gracious and I loved that.

There date is cute and it involves eating street pierogi, polka dancing, walking around the city, and “stumbling” into a soapbox race.

During the evening portion of the date…

They have their dinner date on a beautiful boat overlooking the city skyline. This was actually a really sweet date where we got to see their relationship develop and no drama at all. And I mean Peter in that black turtle neck though.

Kelsey opens up about her parents getting divorced when she was in seventh grade and she was the one to find out first. She came home from basketball practice to find a note from her father and his wedding ring sitting on the table. She didn’t see her father for 12 years because he moved to Mexico and started a new life and family. Peter got emotional and says that he has so much respect for single mothers because he says that his grandmother and mother immigrated from Cuba and they had to endure hard times. It was a very vulnerable conversation.

Rose: Yes

Back at the house, Alayha is being talked about. Everyone is upset that she came back and the drama is centering on her again. However, Victoria F. seems to be the most upset about this because Alayha is telling everyone about her and Chase Rice. Victoria F. confronts her and tells her to stop gossiping and Alayha plays innocent saying she didn’t know no one knew. Victoria F., with red wine in hand, says that no one has their phone here so how did Alayha expect people to know that. She calls Alayha fake and manipulative and that she is going to have choice words to say about her to Peter. Honestly, Alayha doesn’t seem bothered by this.

Cocktail Party

The Bachelor Week 4

The cocktail party starts with Natasha and Deandra having words with Peter in front of everyone. Deandra says, “I’m sorry Peter, but I’ve never felt so under-recognized by somebody. And for us… who busted our ass out there on the football field and literally have the physical bruises to show, and then for you to come to the cocktail party and ignore us, half of us, who didn’t get time, and then walk in hand-in-hand with Alayah, it was like the biggest slap in the face. Like, I couldn’t even look at you.”

Then Natasha chimes in saying, “For you to give it to her of all people, it really, really, really hurt”. Peter is frustrated and apologizing. In an ITM, he is scared that they’re all going to leave him. He and Victoria P. go to talk. She is very upset. Everything is messy. And we’re hit with a to be continued.

The Bachelor Week 4 Conclusion

Again, this week had a lot of drama. Not a whole lot of love. Do Alayah and Victoria P. actually know each other? I don’t know. Did Peter make another mistake bringing Alayah back AND giving her the group date rose? Yes. But next week we have five hours of drama to endure next week. We have three hours on Monday and two hours on Wednesday. So buckle up, y’all.

What do you think of this season so far?

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