The Bachelor Week 2
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 2

The Bachelor Week 2

The Bachelor Week 2
ABC/Eric McCandless

Last week, the premiere of this season of The Bachelor was left on the cliffhanger of what Hannah Brown and Peter are going to do about their unresolved feelings for each other. Clearly, we know that Hannah does not come on the show because she goes on to win Dancing with the Stars and Peter obviously films the remainder of his season. But what happens between then and now is anyone’s game. In fact, Ashley Iaconetti has quite the plausible theory on how this season could end. And honestly, I’m here for it. So, let’s get into the Bachelor week 2…

This episode was quite the snoozefest without Hannah Brown. There was a lot of crying over champagne and not nearly enough drinking champagne. The women need to show their personality other than choosing petty arguments with each other. Honestly, having any of these women as the next Bachelorette is hard to envision. Either let Hannah and Peter date or give Hannah Brown to us for Bachelorette round two.

But wait here’s everything that happened in Bachelor Nation since last Monday…

  • Madison has her own fan account for herself…?
  • Nothing new, but 40-year-old Facebook mom’s being mean about Hannah Brown in comments is so gross and I am not here for it.
  • Apparently there’s going to be a singing spin-off of The Bachelor called Listen to Your Heart...if you’re really quiet, you can hear Jed weeping over a missed opportunity to bring out his guitar on TV.
  • Hannah Ann starred in Chris Lane’s I Don’t Know About You music video.
  • Jake Owen wrote a diss track about Hannah Brown live on Twitter.
  • In addition to Victoria F. being a racist, she’s also a bully which is awful but not surprising and even more drama.

Now, where did we leave off…

The Bachelor Week 2

The first 20 minutes of the episode was filled with incredibly intimate moments of Peter rubbing Hannah’s back while she cried. He said he The Bachelor Week 2can’t help feeling what he feels and that he just does. Then he tells her that, “you said no to me I never said no to you”. I felt that. In Hannah’s ITM, she says she let go of someone who didn’t hurt her heart and doesn’t know what to do.

Cue the other women starting to wonder where he’s been at this whole time and hoping he’s not off with Hannah.

Then cutting back to the Webers – sorry, I mean Hannah and Peter – he tells her that he wants someone who wants him as bad as he wants them. Peter tells Hannah he’s afraid she’s just questioning her what if’s. Still crying Hannah hugs but not just a regular hug, no. She gets into his lap while he’s rubbing her back. Then there’s lots of intimate staring and he says he can’t do this. Even though they looked about two seconds away from making up and making out. But Hannah seems to understand, and she says this wasn’t supposed to happen this way. They do one more long hug then he says he has to get back to the women. The goodbye seemed very heart wrenching for both and I felt for both parties. But in his ITM, Peter said that he’s confused and did want to kiss her.

No date here, keep ‘er movin’

After saying goodbye to Hannah, he comes back to the ladies and apologizes. But he does end up canceling the rest of the group date. Which means we are spared from having to hear weird sex stories. Honestly, the women should be relieved but they’re mad.  Personally, I don’t like these ladies. None of them have yet to really stick out to me and I usually have a solid favorite by now.

Although the day date portion is canceled, they still have their cocktail party with plenty of time to talk to Peter. Natasha isn’t here for any BS which will inevitably work against her considering that’s what this entire show is. But she tells Peter that she doesn’t like that every time they see him, they also see Hannah. To be fair, they’ve seen him like twice at this point. Peter tells Natasha that Hannah is in his past and that he likes how direct she is.

I don’t think Natasha and some of these women have experienced what it’s like to feel love so deeply and give love so deep to someone before. Because that shits hard. And when you break-up, even harder. Otherwise, I feel like they would understand why Peter was so shaken up by his feelings with Hannah. Deeply rooted love is powerful and can mess with your head if you’re not careful.

Peter then talks with Sydney which is probably the most intellectual conversation of the night. She tells him about growing up half-white, half-African American/Dominican in Birmingham, Alabama.

Then it’s Mykenna’a turn with Peter. She says that she really opened up to him and showed him who she was. But when in fact, all they did was make out and make out some more. Wasn’t he just crying over Hannah Brown two hours ago?

Group Date Rose: Sydney

Cocktail Party & Champagne Gate

The cork pop that was heard around the nation last night was the beginning of champagne gate. Kelsey, our professional clothier who is The Bachelor Week 2beautiful, brought a special bottle of champagne allllll the way from Des Moines, Iowa. She had it all set up just ready for her and Peter to pop that sucker open and probably make out. But when Kelsey comes back Mykenna steals Peter away to talk. Kelsey feels nothing but sabotaged. How could Mykenna do something so malicious to her? She KNEW the champagne was ready and it was her time. Kelsey wastes more time yelling at Mykenna, chugging wine, and fixing her makeup. Certainly, this night couldn’t get any worse…right?

Well then along Hannah Ann came strolling by with Peter and spots the champagne. Out pops the cork for Hannah Ann and out pops a vein in Kelsey’s forehead. Someone just stole HER Des Moines, Iowa champagne. And Kelsey was not going to go quietly. She screams and runs off crying. Honestly, same. Hannah Ann defends herself saying she did not know that this Super Special Des Moines, Iowa Champagne was Kelsey’s. But no one believes anyone.

Peter runs after Kelsey to comfort her. Only to find another champagne bottle that was apparently intended for Hannah Ann. Anyway, Peter pops that one open and Kelsey drinks straight from the bottle because she’s, “not always a classy bitch”. But that backfires on her and she has a face full of champagne. Kelsey is “over it”.

But it doesn’t end there, folks. After Kelsey and Peter’s moment is over and before the rose ceremony, she finds Hannah Ann. Kelsey is still accusing her of knowing exactly what she was doing and wants Hannah Ann to respect her more. Then Kelsey calls her a “fake bitch”.

Rose Ceremony

In true Bachelor fashion, Hannah Ann and Kelsey are forced to stand next to each other in the rose ceremony and neither one of them goes home. Could there be a two-on-one in their future in a desert? Probably.

Who Left: Lauren, Courtney, and Payton

It all REVOLVES around modeling…and tears

The Bachelor Week 2
ABC/Eric McCandless

The group date included: Alexa, Mykenna, Natasha, Deandra, Lexi, Victoria F., Kelsey, and Hannah Ann

What better way to show your personality and who you really are like modeling clothes down a runaway? Spoiler alert: it’s not. The Bachelor and Instagram are fully merging together now and Revolve is recruiting their next crop of influencers right in front of our eyes. During this date, the women are to put together outfits and model it in front of Peter, Original Queer Eye star Carson Kressley, supermodel Janice Dickinson, and Revolve’s chief brand officer Raissa Gerona, and an entire crowd. Whoever wins, gets like 40 shopping bags full of Revolve clothes. Sign me up for this date. Shopping cute clothes and little interaction with your date? Perfect.

Everyone is absolutely thrilled over this date and they’re running around picking out pieces. Natasha even says that “This is like Pretty Woman, but not the bad parts”. Everyone that is except for Victoria F. She is not confident and freaking out for no reason. In her ITM, she says all these things like everyone else are cut out for this but her, she can’t show her personality (probably because it’s racist…) and just crying and crying and crying.

And this is why we needed Hannah Brown back…

She pulls herself together, and little Ms-I’m-too-insecure-for-this comes out in a lace bodysuit, struts down that runway, and makes out with The Bachelor Week 2Peter…on the runway…in front of everyone. Insecure, what? Then Hannah Ann comes out in a wedding dress. Are we shocked? Not in the slightest.

Victoria F. and Hannah Ann end up going head-to-head as the finalists. They have to walk the runway wearing the same dress. Hannah Ann ends up winning the competition. And Victoria F. freaks out and cries and cries backstage. She says things like she can’t do this, and Hannah Ann can have Peter. She sobs saying that she is never good enough. Did she not realize she was signing up for a show to literally compete with other women for one man’s hand in marriage? Because I’m confused as to what’s happening here. You don’t see anyone else crying that they lost, I’m just saying. Hannah Ann takes all the Revolve shopping bags which she probably doesn’t need since it looks like she may already be working with them. But whatever.

It all Revolve(s) around me…

Did you think the champagne gate was over? Well, it’s not. Hannah Ann and Kelsey are heading in for round two. Hannah Ann decides that she felt bullied by Kelsey. And writing as someone who has been bullied, name-calling once is mean and hurtful but that ain’t bullying. Hannah Ann runs to Peter and tells him, “she told me to f**k off. She said I was a bitch, that I was a princess…my spirit was crushed, and I felt bullied.”. We don’t know and Peter doesn’t know if all of this was actually said. But as a gentleman, Peter goes to resolve it with Kelsey and comforts Hannah Ann.

Peter tells Kelsey everything Hannah Ann told him. Kelsey is shocked and says that they mutually don’t like each other, but that she’s hurt that the word “bullying” has been brought in. She even tells him that Hannah Ann turns it “on” for him and acts differently in the house. Inevitably, Peter can’t tell who is lying to him and doesn’t know who to believe.

Group Date Rose: Victoria F.

The Bachelor Week 2 Conclusion

I’ll admit, Victoria F. is getting a really good edit. The producers are really out here doing the most to make us feel sad for her. And yet, it just won’t work. It’s time to send her packing with her racist and bland personality. Here’s to hoping next week’s episode is better than this weeks’ episode. Because it was tough to get through. Hannah was the only convincing relationship on the show thus far and now it’s dull, let’s be real.

Here’s a sneak peek into next week’s episode. Thank GOD Demi Burnett is coming to save this season and get these women acting right. Also, ready to laugh at all the women that fangirl over Demi as if they weren’t just talking down on her best friend, Hannah Brown.

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