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Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Finale


Bachelor in Paradise Finale
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Bachelor in Paradise Finale

The Bachelor in Paradise Finale was three hours long so if you didn’t watch but want to know what happens, I got you. Just like I have you for every week since Becca’s season. It was full of breakups, romance, wholesome love, and breakdowns. There were also babies, alums, and, of course, the inevitable drama that follows with After the Final Rose. The Bachelor was also announced at the end of the night as if we all don’t know at this point (spoiler alert: it’s not Mike…) So for the final recap of the season, let’s get into it.

Overnight Dates

The Bachelor in Paradise Finale episode begins with the overnight dates.

Katie & Chris

They begin their fantasy suite by Katie saying to Chris she doesn’t have any clarity where Chris was at. He tells her that the problem they had in the previous episode put things into perspective for him. Chris says that he wouldn’t be sitting here if he wasn’t falling in love with her and he won’t falter. In her ITM, Katie says the feeling she was looking for, she finally felt it and she’s happy.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

Hannah & Dylan

Dylan tells Hannah he is insanely in love with her and sees life with her outside of Paradise. Hannah said she’s protecting herself from being so close to an engagement before. Dylan says he can’t to do everything with her forever, that he loves her so much, and is so happy. Honestly, no man on this beach compares to Dylan. He isn’t afraid of his feelings or to show them and he has been all about Hannah since day one with unshakable faith. Get you a man like that. Dylan literally makes Hannah seem like the only woman on Earth and lets her know that. We love emotionally available and vulnerable men.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

Kristian & Demi

Kristian tells Demi that she is happy that she came down to the beach. Demi feels like she is now undeniably herself. They say they love each other. Kristian says that Demi changed her perspective on a life partner and that she changed her life. They can’t see their lives without each other. A pure and wholesome love.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

Nicole & Clay

No after all the cute and wholesome scenes of love we are forced to sit through Nicole and Clay and their trainwreck of a relationship. I honestly liked both of them at the beginning of this season, but after Angela came down, I couldn’t stand either of them and I’m so over it. Clay says that no matter what happens he’ll always remember this. She tells him that he has changed her life…in a month. He says that he is starting to fall in love with Nicole but he has reservations and that it wouldn’t be fair to Nicole if he didn’t tell her. Clay says he isn’t ready for an engagement or moving in together. And I don’t blame him. It’s been a month and their relationship is funky and he is emotionally unavailable.

He says he needs to take this night to think about everything. She gets up to tell him to leave because he wants space but then he says he wants to talk but leaves. In her ITM, she says why did he lead her on to believe they had a fairytale relationship and that it’s the most beautiful relationship she has ever been in. She goes outside to watch the fireworks alone as a montage of all the couples gearing up for a good night rolls.

Fantasy Suite: Declined

Proposal Day

It’s proposal day – even though the couples have pretty much only known each other a month but I still am a sucker for proposals and love so – yay!

Nicole & Clay – watch it here

Bachelor in Paradise Finale
ABC/John Fleenor

To be quite honest, Nicole is a clown for walking down that beach thinking that after the night they had that he was going to propose. Especially when he said he wasn’t going to. She starts with a speech on how much she loves him and their relationship and it breaks my heart even though I don’t like her. She was trying to save this relationship but no amount of words and beautiful memories was going to stop that train and it sucks.

Nicole then asks for him to answer yes or no if he loves her or not – yikes. He says he isn’t there yet but he is starting to fall in love with her and that he wants to be with her and leave together. Nicole says that she deserves love as deep as the ocean which is true but also dramatic. She leaves him. Literally walks away with a dramatic speech, and then stumbles a little. He wanted to still be a couple because it’s literally only been a month but she clearly only wanted a ring. So. They broke up.

Engaged: No | Together: No

Katie & Chris

Bachelor in Paradise Finale
ABC/John Fleenor

In his ITM, he says all these wonderful things about Katie and that he loves her. He greets her by saying hello beautiful and Tyler C. is nodding in approval somewhere. Katie starts the speech by saying that she knows by saying she wants to be with him. And finally, FINALLY, Chris expresses all of his love and feelings for Katie and I died. So many tears and goosebumps. I love them together so much. She is so sweet and beautiful and Chris is a smoke show. They are a smoke show of a couple. He says that he wants to make this moment the best one of their life. Her reaction to him proposing is so pure and wholesome.

Engaged: Yes

Hannah & Dylan – watch it here

Bachelor in Paradise Finale
ABC/John Fleenor

In his ITM, he has no doubt in his mind that Hannah is his person and that he has loved her since the first week. He can’t imagine not leaving here without Hannah. In her ITM, Hannah says that he is the love of her life and that she didn’t know this love existed until she met Dylan. She trusts Dylan with all of her heart but she is scared of heartbreak.

Hannah tells Dylan he looks handsome and he tells her she looks beautiful and begins his speech saying that he has been all-in on her and never fought so hard for something he wanted so badly and that he won’t ever give up on her. He says he can never love anyone as much as he loves her. This was just all so pure and wholesome and made me cry again because love is so powerful, magical, and beautiful.

She says that when her last relationship crumbled, it crumbled a part of her and she is scared about being broken again. But she does love him and wants to start their life together. Her reaction was precious when he got down on one knee and she is so speechless that he tells her she has to answer. Of course, she says yes.

Engaged: Yes

Kristian & Demi – watch it here

Bachelor in Paradise Finale
ABC/John Fleenor

As if my heart couldn’t overflow more with this wholesome content, it overflows some more with Demi and Kristian. In Demi’s ITM, she says that she wants Kristian to be part of her life forever but she doesn’t know if she’ll be enough for Kristian and didn’t know she can be loved by someone like her. She’s scared of disappointing Kristian. In Kristian’s ITM, she’s worried about the person she wants to commit to not being on the same page as her.

Kristian starts the speech by saying that when they had their first kiss it was like the whole world stopped and she never felt that way before and that she gives Demi her whole heart and will protect her now and forever. Demi says that she never knew someone can be that patient and that she came to Paradise to find herself – and Kristian. Demi gets down on one knee and Kristian says yes and meets her down on her knee as well. It’s just so pure and wholesome and yes, I’m crying again.

Engaged: Yes

All the couples cheer for Demi and Kristian and meet them down on the beach. They all hug and there’s just so much love and they do one last cheers. Chris Harrison flips the beach sign to close. And just like that, season six of Bachelor in Paradise is over. But the Bachelor in Paradise Finale isn’t over yet.

Bachelor in Paradise Finale
ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor in Paradise Finale: After the Final Rose

This episode has far too much love and will now be oversaturated with drama that no one asked for. Are all of the couples still happy and engaged? Or are some having trouble in Paradise? Some Bachelor in Paradise alumni drop by and there is even a gender reveal and babies running around. So, your Bachelor in Paradise Finale isn’t quite over yet. In fact, there are still two more hours of it. Yikes.

JPJ vs Derek…again

More nonsense. Derek says JPJ should apologize to Chris and Krystal and he says, “I think what happened was unfortunate”. Honestly, let’s all use that line when we don’t want to apologize. Jordan sticks his hand in here saying that Derek doesn’t need to answer if he slept with people that slid into his DMs. So clearly, Jordan has hooked up with everyone in his DMs. I’m still JPJ. I still cannot stand Derek.

Jordan vs Christian…again

Somehow they let Christian back into this show. Why? We don’t know. But he and Jordan hash it out some more for no reason. Christian is clearly compensating for something one can only assume is v e r y small. I felt bad for Jordan getting kicked off just for Clay and Nicole to end like they did UNTIL Jordan came for Mike for no reason. Demi is the voice of reason when she tells them to be civilized because it’s a TV show. This was messy and not needed. Honestly, just trying to stay relevant. I mean what’s a Bachelor in Paradise Finale without everyone attacking each other for screen time?

Hannah vs. Tayshia

Backing it up to one of the first episode’s of this season when Tayshia confronted Hannah about Blake. Blake flew to Alabama to talk to Hannah before the show. Hannah didn’t tell Tayshia that before she went on a date with Blake and felt like that Hannah was keeping that a secret. Personally, I don’t think Hannah had to share that. Blake chose Tayshia for the date. Caelynn and Kirstina chose to share the details of their relationship with Blake. Hannah chose not to and I don’t think she had to nor was she keeping it a secret.

Then Sydney piped in saying no one flies to Alabama to just talk, implying that she and Blake hooked up. Which I thought that was very rude of her. Just because someone wants to get to know you better and explore things and goes that extra mile to see you, doesn’t mean it results in a hookup. That comment just got me fired up for Hannah. Also, poor Dylan having to sit there and listen to this whole thing again. Then Jordan spoke up. I no longer enjoy Jordan because he is the type of person to insert himself into a conversation he was clearly not a part of. Either way, I love Hannah and I love Tayshia.

Hot Seat: Blake

Do you think Stagecoach sponsored Blake, Caelynn, and Kirstina this season? But do you think Stagecoach can sponsor me? Anyway, Blake is the first one to be in the hot seat and it gets very overwhelming very fast. He said he didn’t want to come down to the beach to talk about other people’s private sex lives or like he was walking around with notches in his belt. Blake said he went to Alabama for Hannah to get to know him because he knew this would all come out once they got to the beach.

Then Jordan, again, speaks out where not needed. Honestly, I can’t choose Blake’s side nor can I choose Caelynn’s side. They both did things wrong. But this is also being carried on for far too long. It happened. That sucks, but most of the people involved in this are now in happy relationships and it’s time to move past this.

It’s a lot…

Caelynn says that she knows Blake isn’t a bad guy. Jordan talks, again. Someone, please escort him out – he has too much to say with too little substance. Then Blake and Caelynn discuss the texts that Blake posted of their private text messages. Blake said that if he just said that she came on to him no one would believe him.

Then she claimed that Blake sex-shamed her by airing those text messages. I don’t agree with airing the text messages, but I don’t think he sex-shamed her. At all and I would be the first to call out that BS. Everyone just tells him to apologize to her and Blake doesn’t. I don’t know, this is messy and they’re both wrong. But I felt kinda bad for Blake in this moment. Dean comforts Caelynn. Kirstina comforts Blake. That was the only wholesome part out of this whole thing. What’s a Bachelor in Paradise Finale without someone getting just destroyed in the hot seat?

Hot Seat: TayPJ – watch it here

Tayshia is called to the hot seat to talk about what happened with JPJ. When she left, all she could think about JPJ and that she would onlywant to talk about him. She says that she made a mistake in telling him goodbye and that she talked to her mom and that she wanted to go after him. Tayshia flew out to Maryland, after telling the producers, to get JPJ back because she’s a bold girl. JPJ takes her back. Then he comes to join her in the hot seat. They are the freaking cutest – and most strange – couple. She is absolutely beaming and glowing and I’m so happy for them. JPJ gets down on one knee and recites poetry when everyone thought he was going to propose.

Hot Seat: Katie and Chris

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Katie is the person I have related to the most on any of these shows. Chris Harrison asks how she is when she comes out alone – and not wearing her ring. She keeps saying things in the past tense and saying that communication and things have been hard but she still loves him. Katie says that she is exhausted but says that they are still engaged. She says that she puts in so much every day and that her tank empties and when she’s not getting it filled she breaks down but loves him so much. That hit far too close to home. She said she feels like she’s always complaining but she just wants the bare minimum and that she just wants him to want it to be better.

A love worth having is a love worth fighting for

They bring Chris out to talk everything out. He comes out smiling, they kiss, he holds her hand, and I honestly think he thinks everything is okay. He says that it’s rocky and not easy but if it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for. Chris doesn’t know what it means that Katie took her ring off. He says that it’s usually her supporting him and that they are two different speeds and he didn’t expect all of this.

She says that she tries to make him feel so special and loved and that she doesn’t feel like she gets that back. This was a lot to watch and take in. It hit too close to home and I want Katie to be loved in the way she deserves. You can love someone so much and want it to work out with every fiber of your being and you’re willing to fight for it so hard, but if you’re the only one fighting at some point you need to stop

because it’s only hurting you. They kiss. She puts the ring back on. They say they have things to work. So, they’re okay? I don’t know because then this happened.

Hot Seat: Hannah and Dylan

Bachelor in Paradise Finale

They’re still together! Dylan says he’s crazy about her. He knew that after his first conversation with her, she was the only one he wanted. When it came to the Blake thing, he said his fight or flight kicked in and something in Hannah sparked something. He said the easy choice would have been to walk away but you have to fight for some things. Hannah says he’s her person and said that she has never felt this love for anyone else. An update is Hannah is moving to California to be closer to Dylan.

Hot Seat: Demi and Kristian – watch it here

ABC/John Fleenor

They’re still together! They walk out to the stage together and literally get a standing ovation. We love that. Demi moved to LA to be closer to Kristian. When asked why Demi decided to come to Paradise because she was made for Paradise. And honestly, she’s right. Demi made this season. Kristian said when Demi left that’s when she knew how strong her feelings for Demi were. She said she would do anything for Demi. Demi said they receive so much positivity and the hate they get is drowned out by the love.

Chris asks Kristian what she loves about Demi which leads into Kristian proposing to Demi. It was so freaking beautiful and their love story is the one that we deserved from this franchise. Who cares about rules? Who cares about anything that people have been complaining about. At the end of the day, it’s a TV show. A TV show that needs more diversity and that’s what we got. I really died when Kristian says that she loves when Demi wakes up in the middle of the night and says that she loves her and goes back to sleep. Ultimate love goals, am I right? Of course, Demi says yes to the proposal. Again, what’s a Bachelor in Paradise Finale without an AFR proposal?

The New Bachelor – watch it here

ABC/John Fleenor

And the new Bachelor is…Peter Weber. Not surprised but I really wanted Mike. We all wanted Mike. Demi Lovato and he better fall in love now. I’m not mad at Peter being The Bachelor because we all know I’m going to watch it anyways. I think he’s a good guy and deserves to find his forever love. I am disappointed in the producers and casting. Peter is nothing we haven’t seen before for the last 23 seasons. Yes, he’s kind and handsome. But we need diversity. We need a black lead, an Asian lead, any lead that isn’t white. It’s time for diversity. This show is very white-washed. The only non-white lead we have had is Rachel Lindsay. That’s it. And that’s a huge problem. Do better, ABC.

I wish Peter good luck. Recaps will back in January when the show starts back up. Congratulations to Demi and Kristina, Chris and Katie, and Hannah and Dylan! Bachelor in Paradise Finale and season six have now come to a conclusion.

Don’t forget to watch Dancing with the Stars on Mondays to support our queen Hannah B. She absolutely killed it on Monday night’s episode and you can watch it here.

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What are your thoughts from this season? And what do you think of Peter being the Bachelor and not Mike?

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6

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