Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 Recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 6

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recap
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Bachelor in Paradise Week 6, Pt. 1

This week’s Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recap is late but what else is new. There was a rollercoaster of emotions in this week’s episodes so much that I forgot Blake and Dean were still here this week. And somehow, even though I swore Dean off after his first time on BIP, I fell in love with him again after this episode. In conclusion, I’m a clown, and let’s get into this recap.

Should I stay or should I go? – watch it here

We are still wondering if Caelynn will leave with Dean or stay on the beach with Connor. Connor is telling everyone he doesn’t want to lose Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recapwhat he has with Caelynn. Dean is wanting her to leave with him. Tayshia says that love is a crazy thing and she’s not wrong. Dean is telling her that it won’t be easy and they have things to work on but he wants to try it with her.

She asks to talk to Connor and he looks upset. The hopeless romantic in me wants Caelynn to go with Dean. The rational part of me wants her to stay with Connor because you don’t need someone in your life that would hurt you. You want someone that would never even think about hurting you. But then again, what Dean and Caelynn had was so special and undeniable. I feel so conflicted for Caelynn so I can’t even imagine how Caelynn felt at that moment.

She talks to Connor and he tells her that he doesn’t want what they have to be over. He says that yes Dean coming back is a grand gesture but what happens when they go back home and things get tough. Will he comfort her or leave her as he did before. He tells her that him leaving before shows the kind of person that he is. Connor is really doing the most for her and he’s being rational. The smart choice is to stay with Connor. The wild card choice is to leave with Dean. My brain would tell me to choose Connor but I know I would choose Dean. Even if that meant living in a van. Well, maybe not.

So wrong but so right…

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recapKirstina goes to talk to Dean. Why? I don’t know. But Kirstina calls him out and says that he runs away when things get hard and that he’s crazy. Despite her issues with Caelynn, it is sweet that she said if things go wrong for Caelynn to call her. We love to see women finally supporting women this season.

Caelynn said that she knows the decision she wants to make but she’s scared and scared of getting hurt again. Dean said he’s scared of the same thing but they just have to promise each other not to hurt each other. She decides to leave with Dean. And I’m in love with it. I love love so much. Even when it’s hard – I still love it. However, I do still feel horrible for Connor especially when he says that one moment everything is right in the world and the next it’s not. But also have you seen Connor? He’ll be okay sooner rather than later.

Thoughts about the episode that don’t fit into a category

  • Can we talk about how Demi looks incredible in that blue swimsuit?
  • I love Katie so much and if Chris hurts her I will riot.
  • Blake is out here comforting his bros again which we love. Connor is really hurt by what Caelynn did and saying that it hurts more as time goes by and I’m just 🙁
  • Chase makes a weird pineapple for Matt to kiss and it gets weird.
  • Kirstina says she doesn’t trust Chase and Angela’s relationship and same. Only because of Chase though. I do not like that man.
  • Blake and Kirstina are rather odd to watch together. I don’t trust him with her because he hurt her and she doesn’t really seem that interested at all by her body language. I loved Blake on Becca’s season but honestly, he creeps me out now.
  • Katie talks to Demi and Kristin and it just seems weird that Kristin keeps subtly throwing Demi under the bus. Katie asks if they want to get engaged and Demi said to stop because it was making her uncomfortable. Demi says in her ITM, that she doesn’t like Kristin being touchy-feely with the other women and flirting with them and I don’t blame Demi. I hate that, too.
  • Nicole and Clay can just breathe and I roll my eyes. I’m so over them.
  • Demi’s mind was visibly blown when she found out what old Matt Donald does for a living.
  • Bachelor in Paradise Week 6, part 1 was a lot and nothing at all, honestly.

Chris and Katie’s Date

JPJ comes in with a date card for Chris and obviously, he asks Katie. In her ITM, Katie said she feels like she’s anticipating the end and we all felt that. Katie is having her doubts because Chris isn’t really being all in for her and it shows. Imagine not showing off Katie if you’re dating her. She is an incredible woman and really beautiful.

Their date consists of dinner and serious talking. Katie is all in and ready for marriage but Chris has walls up. Chris says that he has never said I love you to someone and that’s honestly concerning for a man in his thirties. He tells her that he’s here for and committed to her and seeing where it goes. Chris tells her that he wouldn’t be sitting here if he didn’t see it with Katie and that he wants to fight for what he thinks the amazing thing they have. I hear his words and believe them but there’s something in his eyes that I also am skeptical of.

And then a wedding (?) comes by and they dance with their wedding parade. They just join and kiss in the middle of someone else’s wedding. Wild.

New Arrival: Revian Chang

I swear to you, I have never seen this woman in my whole life. Typically, I remember most contestants even if they went home night one, but Revian? I don’t know her but she is from season 23 of The Bachelor with Colton Underwood and went home night one. She comes down with a date card and pulls Matt first but he says no. Then she pulls JPJ and he says no. And then Chase and he says no. Finally, she pulls Connor and he says yes. Even after he tells her, he is very sad. But also Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 seems a little pointless to be sending more contestants in.

Revian and Connor’s Date

Their date is riding around on scooter things, eating food, getting balloons. Then she says that it’s nice he doesn’t know how handsome he is, like come on, girl, he totally knows how good looking he is. They have some champagne and kiss and he thanks him for helping him feel better. Basically, she was a rebound and she doesn’t’ know.

Demi and Kristin’s Date

Nicole comes in with a date card for Demi. Demi is less than thrilled because she isn’t in the mood for it but takes Kristian anyway. When Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recapDemi said, “I hate that my brain works like that” in her ITM and I felt that. Demi is having a lot of insecurities, and I feel awful for her and Kristin doesn’t really seem to be doing much to comfort her fears.

They do a relationship cleanse to bond them together – Demi doesn’t look into it but Kristian is until she notices Demi’s eyes and that something is wrong – and then they go to dinner and talk. Demi shares that PDA is hard for her and it seems like Kristian kind of gaslights her about it? I don’t know, I personally didn’t love how Kristian reacted to what Demi had to say and her fears. Relationships are about compromise and it didn’t seem like Kristian wasn’t willing to minimize actions that made Demi uncomfortable. I still love them together but I didn’t like how this date went. I’m still rooting for them to be together and I love that we were actually shown a real conversation with vulnerability. But by the end of the conversation, Kristian made sure Demi knew they were okay, she is loved, that Demi is her priority.

The Paradise Prom

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recapJPJ says in his ITM, that Tayshia is his dream girl and he has something special for her. He remembered that she told him that she never went to her high school prom so he asks her to the Paradise Prom. And I died. I had a horrible prom experience and I would love this so much.

Tayshia looks absolutely gorgeous and JPJ even brings her a corsage. This was the sweetest thing to happen on this show in so long. JPJ did this himself. He listened to her and made something special for her because he cares. It’s literally everything and I’m embarrassed to say that I teared up during this scene. JPJ crowns her Paradise Queen and says that she literally looks like a princess. Then a saxophonist comes out and they dance, the rest of the couples join them, Sydney tries to get Matt to dance with her and it just didn’t happen, and even Wells was dancing all by himself. In his ITM, JPJ feels he has found something that he thinks can last a long time. Their love is just so beautiful in the goofiest of ways.

The final fall of Blake – watch it here

Blake goes to Kristina and kisses her and her body language again just doesn’t look into it. But in his ITM, he says he can see her being his wife and the mother of his children and they need to stop denying their connection. He makes up his own date card to give to her. They have a date in the treehouse and she could not look less into it if she tried. Meanwhile, Blake is saying he nailed it. Yikes. Wells asks the people sitting at the bar if they can be engaged at the end of this. They all say they will be and Nicole opens her mouth and says that Kirstina loves him. Has she not been noticing how aloof Kristina is around him?

Blake did make a cute setup for their date and says that he is so happy now and feels like everything in the last year has brought him to this moment. Kristina says she feels guilty because this is so sweet and then she hits him with the “I don’t think I’ll be able to get where I need to get to, I can’t get there if I’m being real”.

Part of me feels bad for Blake but then I’m so for Kirstina taking this time in Paradise to play him like he played so many women since Becca’s season ended. I feel conflicted but does that surprise anyone? I do get annoyed with Blake saying she blindsided him because he hurt her before and he couldn’t have expected her to just jump right back into where they left off. However, I don’t like seeing breakups so this still made me sad to watch nonetheless.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6: To Be Continued…

Once again, tomorrow night Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 will continue but all you have to do is scroll down. Will Katie and Chris stay together or will he break her heart? Is Tayshia as all-in on JPJ as he is on her? How many more breakups can I handle watching? The answer is none.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recap
ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6, Pt. 2

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6, part two is here and I am in tears. There were far too many breakups to watch and not enough romance to balance it out. I thought there would be engagements on this episode but spoiler alert there aren’t. Just a lot of tears. There are also a lot of emotionally unavailable men on this beach and that is concerning. Honestly, Dylan seems to be the only man on this beach that has ever been okay with showing all of his emotions unapologetically and we love that. Good for Dylan. Now, let’s jump back into the Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recaps.

Thoughts about the episode that don’t fit into a category

  • Hannah and Dylan never knowing what’s going on because they’re too busy doing other things is everything.
  • Chris Harrison basically gathers everyone around to tell them to get engaged or leave.
  • All the women on this beach are so hot and the men are mediocre at best.
  • Watching Demi and Kristian struggle makes me upset because I love them so much. And when Demi said, “I’m not your past relationships” we all felt that.
  • Tayshia and JPJ build a sandcastle during sunset and he says that he did want to watch the sunset with her. He says in his ITM, that she is his dream woman and that he is falling in love with her.
  • Tayshia brings JPJ up to the treehouse and tells him to change into a speedo. They recreate the drawing scene from Titanic but instead, she is drawing him. Their laughter is contagious and I just love how much fun they have together. She asks him if he thinks that their story is a beautiful one and he says yes. My heart. And just the way he looks at her is so endearing.
  • Chris starts to worry Katie and it makes me so mad. She tells him he’s handsome and he tells her to stop. He says in his ITM, he is second-guessing this amazing. He just needs to get out of his head and not push away the good things that come his way. They walk to the bed and he says they should get some rest and figure it out tomorrow. It was too close to home and it sounds like a death sentence. Then they show Katie crying alone in her room which we all felt but they could have just not shown that.
  • Matt says he is torn between Brie being a supermodel and having great conversations with Sydney is a big yikes and sounds like an exact quote from Dean’s love triangle with Kirstina and Danielle Lombard a couple of seasons ago.Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recap
  • Dylan and Hannah make me want to cry with how in love they are and how sweet they are to each other.
  • The power move of Brie rejected Luke’s rose, accepting Matt’s rose, and then dumping him the next day is the next level.
  • Chase and Angela end it. She deserves better anyway.
  • Hannah and Dylan accept their overnight date.
  • Clay and Nicole accept their overnight date.
  • I love how much of the real conversations and vulnerability they show of us Demi and Kristian’s relationship.
  • Demi and Kristian accept their overnight date.
  • Katie is a mood this week.
  • Chris comes to talk to Katie and my anxiety for her spikes and I’m also triggered. He isn’t saying anything but the way he is looking at her breaks my heart. She asks is this happening right now and that she doesn’t want this at all. And I felt that. He says he pushes people away that he likes and is comfortable with. Everything he is saying is confusing because he goes from saying he doesn’t feel it with her anymore and that he’s on cloud 9 with her but also doesn’t want to be having this conversation with her and doesn’t not want to try with her. Katie talks him down in the most respectful and loving way. She said she feels safe and not settling with him. He said that her still sitting here is a testament to the person she is and that’s what he’s looking for. Then he says he would be lying to himself if he said he didn’t want to try with her. It was a rollercoaster of emotions here but they’re okay and I’m happy for them.
  • Katie and Chris accept their overnight date.

Hannah and Dylan’s Date

Hannah gets a date card and obviously asks Dylan to go. Their date is weird because they literally go to a random child’s birthday party. Like can we just talk about how weird that is? Imagine your the child and this random couple comes to your birthday with a whole camera crew and then they make out in the corner. Wild. But Dylan playing with the children made my heart swell. Hannah says in her ITM that she is head over heels for Dylan. In Dylan’s ITM, he says that he thinks she’s his person and can’t imagine his life without her. Dylan tells her that he is in love with her, leaves with her, and spends every day with her. She says that she loves him back. In his ITM, he said that he could have possibly said I love you to his wife today. Yes, I’m crying.

The devil works hard but BIP producers work harder – watch it here


Connor had fun with Revian but can’t see being with her. He has been thinking about Whitney Fransway from season 21 of The Bachelor with Nick Viall and was eliminated in week six. Connor met her during Krystal and Chris’ wedding and hit it off with her. He says that he’s been thinking about her this whole time which isn’t a good look because he was with Caelynna and very upset that she left him. So, there’s that. Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recapBut this man says he will give it five minutes and if Whitney doesn’t walk down the stairs he’s leaving. Therefore, patience isn’t a trait that Connor has.

Whitney is then shown in a car on her way to Paradise saying that she is going to go meet Connor. Then Connor is telling everyone that he is leaving, so he leaves. And their cars LITERALLY pass each other. Unbelievable. We love good drama. When Whitney comes down the stairs everyone tells her that Connor just left and she also leaves Paradise to go to the hotel to meet Connor. Go get your man, girl! When she does meet him at the hotel they are absolutely adorable together and look like they were made for each other. It was extra but it was also very endearing. You can read an update on them here.

Clay and Nicole’s Date

Clay gets a date card and picks Nicole and my petty heart wanted him to ask Angela. But of course, he picks Nicole and now we have to Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 recapsuffer through watching them. Before they leave, Wells asks Nicole if they dropped the L-bomb yet and she says no but it has almost slipped a few times. In her ITM, she says that she’s holding back because she feels that he is holding back. Honestly, Clay seems like a good guy but isn’t ready for an adult relationship so he should stop being in relationships for now. He went 8 months dating Angela, almost moving in and asking her what their kids would look like and never saying that he loves her. That’s a red flag. So, Nicole cannot expect him to say he loves her yet and let alone get engaged.

Nicole asks if he’s falling for her and he just says that she’s his best friend on the beach and when she takes too long to get ready in the morning it makes him sad. But he is starting to fall in love with her. I don’t know, y’all he just doesn’t seem to be equipped to be in an adult relationship and he was some things he needs to work on. But at least the date is over – yay!

Rose Ceremony

Chris Harrison cancels the cocktail party because he can. No one really seems happy about that.

Who Gave Roses: Matt & Brie | Dylan & Hannah | JPJ & Tayshia | Chase & Angela | Clay & Nicole Demi & Kristian | Chris & Katie

Who Left: Caelynn, Blake, Kristina (left on their own prior to this episode) Luke (rejected rose), Revian, Sydney, and Haley.

I feel AWFUL for Luke getting rejected. I always wondered what would happen if someone rejected a rose and this was brutal. Luke asks Brie and she says no, Chris then offers the rose to literally anyone, and on top of that Haley called him a poor man’s Nick Viall and saying that Nick is hotter than him. Big yikes. But also, Luke Stone hit me up.

TayPJ is no more – watch it here but make sure you have tissues

In her ITM, she said that he makes her feel like the only girl in the world and who wouldn’t want that. But she is feeling conflicted and needs more time. JPJ pulls Tayshia to go for a walk. They sit down and he tells her that he has had some of the most magical and happiest moments of his life with her and that he wants to dance with her at their wedding someday.

He finally tells her that he loves her and doesn’t want this to end. She doesn’t say anything and just looks at him and kisses him. She said she wants to get there but she’s not there yet and he doesn’t even know what he wants. He said he does know and that it’s her and that she is the most amazing woman he has ever met and won’t forget her and thanks her for some of the most magical moments of his life. Again, yes I am crying.

He walks away and she runs after him saying she is sorry. JPJ hugs her and tells her not to be sorry and then he picks her up and carries her a few steps, puts her down, and then leaves??? This is one of the most heartwrenching breakups we have had to watch in a while. I will not be over this for several days. Tayshia and JPJ go home, separately, both crying. Then production hits us with the beautifully tragic montage of their relationship and I cry some more.

We are headed to the fantasy suites and engagements and reunion show next week…

Bachelor in Paradise Week 6 has come to a conclusion and I cried a lot. There were too many emotions for me. Next Monday we root for the queen Hannah Brown to bring home that mirrorball trophy and then on Tuesday we watch more breakups and engagements and the mess that is season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise comes to a close. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with my life after next week when we had just about four months straight of Bachelor content and then we won’t have a new season until January. It’s a big yikes for me, honestly.

Oh, and it appears Mike and Demi Lovato could p o s s i b l y be dating. Incredible. Can we talk about how well Hannah B.’s men are doing for themselves? I mean Tyler C. and VS Angel, Gigi Hadid, and now Mike and freaking Demi Lovato? A season has never been so iconic.

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