Bachelor in Paradise Week 3
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Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 3

Bachelor in Paradise Week 3
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Bachelor in Paradise Week 3, Pt. 1

There were no live tweets from me over on my Twitter this week and this is several days late going up, but life happens sometimes and that’s okay. I actually forgot what happened last week so I guess that’s being an adult. Also, where do they keep Chris Harrison at in case they need him to make emergency appearances like this entire week? Personally, I like to think they keep him in a hotel while he sips mimosas minding his business. Let’s be real, that’s the life I aspire to have. Anyway, here’s your Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 recap.

So, you walk down to a beach in Mexico and a model and a random man have a fight over a pinata…

Last week, we left off with Jordan going to be Jordan and take the pinata down. Christian freaks out and gets physical…over a pinata. I don’tBachelor in Paradise Week 3 think Jordan was looking to fight at all. He was just being dramatic Jordan like when he threw that stuffed dog into the ocean last year. Chrisitan was the one to escalate it, and again, over a pinata so obviously there are some deeper issues going on there. Christian kicked first so when Jordan flipped him that was self-defense. I don’t like violence by any means however it was in self-defense and I think more people should have been on Jordan’s side.

The security breaks them up but Christian literally tries to break away from them and run after Jordan but again security tackle him. I bet Becca Kufrin is looking back on this thanking God that she sent Chrisitan home night one and gave him no shot. They take both Jordan and Christian aside and talk to them separately. Chris Harrison comes in and tells the rest of the cast about their zero tolerance for violence and say that Christian and Jordan have been sent home.

Onekya and Tayshia come and talk to Nicole. Nicole says that she was scared and felt like she was in a wolf fight about to get run over by a car. She wanted an aggressive man, and she got that but then realized she didn’t want that. So, big yikes. And by default, Clay gets Nicole all to himself again. Yay for Clay.

Rose Ceremony

Who Gave Roses: Demi & Derek | Katie & Chris | Nicole & Clay | Caelynn & Dean | Tayshia & JPJ | Sydney & Mike | Hannah & Dylan | Kristina & Blake

Who Left: Jordan (kicked out), Christian (kicked out), Oneyka (left on her own), Kevin, Cam, and Wills.

Now the men have the power this week, again. Also, Wills deserves better than this…again.

Thoughts about the episode that don’t fit into a category

  • Cam telling Onekya that Mike said he wouldn’t be with her was rude and unnecessary. ABC: Always Be Condescending.
  • I think Onekya redeemed herself from the drama of Colton’s season and now I like her and I feel bad for her and I just want her happy and to find love. I do wish she would have just given her rose to Wills and then left.
  • Sydney saying that everyone on the beach is pursuing Hannah and that’s not true either. She’s stuck between Dylan and Blake. But Bachelor in Paradise Week 3Nicole just had three men pursuing her. The girl hate is just getting on my last nerve because it does seem like Hannah is doing Paradise like everyone else but they’re targeting her and we are not here for that.
  • Dylan makes a little picnic for Hannah and tells her that he will never not chose her and he’s not going anywhere.
  • Then Blake steals Hannah and a Mariachi band comes down for him to pull his overdone and tiring move of swing dancing with Hannah. Everyone sees and blames Hannah. Which is dumb because Blake did it.
  • Kristina is out here doing God’s work, or rather the producers work, by keeping Blake around to make him watch Dylan and Hannah. She’s got her backbone this year and knows her worth and I’m here for it.
  • Dylan looking like the Karate kid while saying he has never seen it and Chris saying that it was before he was born.
  • Demi says that Blake is the turd that won’t flush.
  • Caelynn is always worried about someone taking Dean…trust me, girl, no one wants him anymore.
  • Dean said that Blake out Dean-ed Dean and thanks him for that.
  • Chris tells Katie that he doesn’t’ think that he would be here without her. I really love them together.
  • Derek is all in with Demi. He says that we all have wounded hearts and that was poetic and we love that.
  • JPJ and Tayshia is the couple we didn’t expect but definitely the one we deserve. He actually what her passions are and wants to get to know her. He said he is starting to fall for Tayshia in an ITM…and then he chokes on some water. We stan JPJ.

New Arrival: Caitlin Clemmens

Bachelor in Paradise Week 3

Caitlin is from season 24 of The Bachelor with Colton Underwood. I don’t remember when she was sent home but the women were saying the second group date of the season so there’s that. Honestly, I just remember her face and nothing else about her except that we have another Canadian Caitlin and that she looks exactly like Caelynn.

So, she comes down with a date card and most of the women greet her lovingly…except Caelynn. My feelings about Caelynn are conflicted because I like her but I hate how she (and a lot of other women) are talking about each other behind their backs. It’s not cool. I just don’t think that she’s meant for this environment and that’s okay.

Caitlin talks to Dean, JPJ, Derek, and Blake. She chooses Blake to go on the date. Dylan says in an ITM, hopefully, she didn’t go to Stagecoach. Blake says in him ITM, that they did, in fact, meet at Stagecoach but nothing happened.

Caitlin and Blake’s Date

He holds hands with Caitlin but all while saying in his ITM, that he’s still really into Hannah and sees a future with Hannah. This is dating in 2019 lmao. So, their date is about the sexual chakra? Is this yoga? Perhaps, pilates? I’m not really sure what this date was but I was uncomfortable.

After whatever they were doing, they have their conversation. Blake literally unloads pre-Paradise and his Paradise experience to her. It was a lot and you can see it on Caitlin’s face that it was a lot and she wasn’t expecting him to unload all of that. Basically, it sounded like, “so, I had sex with Kirstiana and then the next night I had sex with Caelynn. Then I flew to Alabama to talk to Hannah G., but told Caelynn not to talk about us with anyone. So, then I got to Paradise and I really liked Hannah so I went on a date with Tayshia. Then everything backfired and Tayshia wanted nothing to do with me so I went back to Hannah. But Hannah chose Dylan so here I am with you now 🙂 “.

However, they seem happy with each other so whatever floats everyone’s boats, I guess.

Dylan and Hannah’s Date

Sydney comes down with a date card that reads, “love conquers all” for Dylan. Of course, Dylan takes Hannah on the date. Blake just said he had a great time with Caitlin and is excited to see where it goes with her but then he’s being all mopey about seeing Dylan and Hannah go on a date.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 3They have a nice dinner on the water and actually have a real and meaningful conversation. Hannah thanks him for being patient but she’s being cautious because of being heartbroken by Colton. He tells her that he loves doing those special things for her because it makes her happy and that’s what he wants. Hannah says that it really showed her and meant a lot to her when he really fought for her. Dylan then talks about his experience with his father having cancer. He tells her that he is starting to fall in love with her and she says that she’s all in for him.

Basically, their conversation gave me the feels and made me cry especially when he said he’s going to keep fighting for her. In Hannah’s ITM, she said it feels right with Dylan and he exceeded her expectations. In Dylan’s ITM, he said he came to find his person and best friend to spend the rest of his life with and he thinks he found that with Hannah.

Our mother-freaking Roll Tide Queen has made it to the beach

Ms. Hannah Brown, our Bachelorette and future Dancing with the Stars champion, has found her way into Paradise. But not in the way that Bachelor in Paradise Week 3you expect. She came down to talk to Demi. But before we get to that, can we talk about the sweet reaction Mike had when he saw Hannah B come down? The man hit his head on something. Y’all, I have missed Hannah B. I have missed her smile, her cute accent, and just her energy. I love this woman to death.

Hannah B. came to talk to Demi about Kristian and making sure that Demi is okay. But can we talk about how while this was filming, Hannah’s life was going up in flames between her controversy and Jed’s past surfacing and the broken engagement but she still came down to check on her friend? A woman. Everyone needs a Demi and a Hannah Brown in their lives.

Demi talks to Hannah about Derek saying that she is enjoying her time with him but she is still thinking about Kristian. Demi says that Derek has been amazing, mature, and invested about it. But says that Kristian is one of the best people she has ever met and that they’re both good for her and she just wants to be happy. Hannah says that she is proud of Demi.


Bachelor in Paradise Week 3: To Be Continued…

We leave this episode off on Demi and Derek having another difficult conversation. Derek tells her that it’s okay not to know everything yet but he isn’t going to give up and keep showing her who he is and then they kiss. Everyone else isn’t sure what’s going on but Demi requests to talk to Chris Harrison and he comes to talk to her. But where can I request a therapy session with Chris Harrison?

Once again, tomorrow night Bachelor in Paradise Week 3 will continue but all you have to do is scroll down.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 3
ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor in Paradise Week 3, Pt. 2

If you have a problem with Demi and Kristian staying on the beach because it’s against the rUlEs, may I remind of a few things: season 2 of BIP when Ashley Iaconetti brought her sister, Lauren, to the beach when she wasn’t on any other seasons, or when Elizabeth (“Liz”) showed up on Nick Viall’s season after having a past with him prior to the show, let’s not forget season repeaters like Becca Tilley, Nick Viall, or literally Chris Bukowski. The show has not stayed the same the entire time it has been on and why should it? If you’re mad about Demi and Kristian, it’s not about the rules even if that’s what you’re saying. Take your homophobia, and leave. This is making monumental, historical, and positive steps forward in this franchise. Now, let’s get into Bachelor in Paradise Week 3, part 2…

Chris Harrison Therapy

Last night we left off with Demi wanting to talk to Chris Harrison. He comes down to talk to her and she tells him about Kristian. She opens up about her relationship with Kristian and Derek and how she is feeling conflicted. She is worried about leading Derek on and hurting him. Demi says that she doesn’t know what to do and if she should just take herself out of Paradise.

No conclusion really happened here…yet. Again, if you compare this to Jed, please leave and never come back.

The girl hate is out of control this season and I’m losing my mind

Kirstina wants Blake’s rose under friendship terms and she tells that to Derek. She pulls Blake to talk and Caitlin gets mad. If Blake wants to Bachelor in Paradise Week 3give the rose to Kirstina, fine. If he wants to give it to Caitlin, fine. So cut to Caitlin and Caelynn talking poorly about Kirstina. It’s not all Kirstina and we all know that Blake isn’t innocent. Caitlin tells Caelynn that Kirstina is awful, atrocious, and manipulative and a bitch. She then compares her to a mosquito that she is going to squish in an ITM.

Caitlin grabs Kirsitna by saying, “Hey, girly” and Kirstina comes back with “I like your shorts by the way”. Which all sounds civil and friendly, but if you’re a girl, you know that all of Hell is about to break loose. This conversation seems pointless and more of a way to attack each other than trying to get to the bottom on something. They talk to each other. Caitlin says rude things. Kristina says rude things. However, I am team Kirsitna because this was not necessary for Cailtin to do. Kirstina was right that she should take this up with Blake and not her.

Caitlin says to Kristina that she should respect women and women should respect each other. Flashback to her name-calling Kristina to Caelynn before talking to her. This was a mess and immature and totally not needed.

Thoughts about the episode that don’t fit into a category

  • When Demi said that love is the best feeling we get on this Earth and I felt that in my soul.
  • JPJ is a forever mood.
  • Do you think Dean came back on the show to find someone to live with since he currently resides in a van?
  • Why are we never getting any Wells content? Where are the puppets from two seasons ago? We want more Wells.
  • Nicole cheering on Clay as he works out when she’s eating and drinking is also a mood.
  • Katie self-sabotages herself by trying to be the cool girl when telling Chris that if he wants to go on a date then he should. But then she goes into an ITM, saying that she wishes she didn’t say that and doesn’t want him to go on other dates. I get where they’re both coming from because I’ve been both.
  • Again, Caelynn saying that people want Dean. Like girl, no! No one wants 2019 Dean. Give us Dean from Rachel Lindsay’s season and then we’ll talk.
  • Katie asks Chris if she has a reason to worry about him. From what I learned, if you have to ask if you have a reason to be worried, there is definitely a reason to be worried.
  • Katie starts spiraling to a bunch of people and honestly, me. I have never felt more represented on a show than Katie.
  • Derek gives Katie solid advice saying that she doesn’t need to change anything and continue being herself.
  • Nicole serenades and gives the weirdest lap dance to Clay. But her voice is still better than Jed’s. The song and her moves and Clay’s “oohs” make it unbearable.
  • After being with Jen, he goes to hang out with Katie. He tells her that he’s not completely clear on everything, that he told Katie how he feels about her, and then Katie tells him she self-sabotaged herself. She tells him that she really likes him and wants to fight for him and wants to be with him and that he makes her happy. Chris says that he has some doubt and needs to think more on it. Katie says she’s worried.
  • Derek makes his round talking to people about his conflict with Demi, or rather Demi’s conflict.
  • Derek talking with Demi and Kristian felt like parent-teacher meeting vibes. I get that he needs closure and that’s important but this was hard and odd to watch.

New Arrival: Jen Saviano

Bachelor in Paradise Week 3

Jen Saviano is from season 20 of The Bachelor with Ben Higgins and BIP 3 where she was almost engaged to Nick Viall. I do not remember her from Ben’s season at all of remember when she went home. But I freaking love this woman and she is one of my favorite people to follow on Instagram. She’s basically Nashville in a person.

Jen comes down the stairs with a date card. Dean says in an ITM that it’s nice to put a 3D warm human body to the Instagram handle and that’s the most 2019 thing that has ever been uttered. Again, Caelynn looks annoyed. Of course, Caelynn has something Blake related to Jen. When Blake ghosted her, he was hanging out with Jen. In an ITM, Blake says that she was not at Stagecoach but if she asks him on a date he would go. Someone better tell Caitlin.

So, Jen pulls Blake, Dean, and Chris. She decides to take Chris on the date. I don’t feel them together and I just don’t see her with any of the men on the beach but I do want her to find love.

Jen and Chris’ Date

Their date is less than ideal and it’s probably a sign. They get on a boat and it’s all fun and games until the water gets choppy and Chris throws up over the edge. That’s it. That’s the date.

When they get back, he says that he has something planned for them to make up for the date. So, they sit, drink, snack, and talk about what they want in relationships. Then they get in the hot tub and make out and talk. In an ITM, he says he can see potential in Jen but he really likes Katie but doesn’t know if he’s all in on Katie as much as he thought he was.

Demi’s Surprise – watch it here

Chris Harrison comes down and asks for Demi. He tells her that he has thought a lot about what she said and what he could do. He wants to help her find love and put her in the position and tells her to head up the stairs. Y’all this was emotional. As soon as she saw Kristian it was them most love and pure excitement that I have seen on this show in a while. They kiss a lot and say they missed each other. Kristian came down to show Demi her level of commitment. This is one of the best and most positive things that has been done on this show or mainstream reality TV, ever – at least that I know of. Don’t come for me if this happened somewhere else already.

Demi and Kristian sit down to talk about everything. Demi tells her about her time with Derek. Kristian says that this isn’t easy to hear but she isn’t mad. And she really shouldn’t be since she knew Demi was going to Paradise. Demi said that the more time she spent with Derek the more she would think of Kristian. When Demi said she saw Kristian at the stairs that’s when she knew it’s always been her. Then she tells Kristian that she needs to talk to Derek.

So, Demi goes to talk to Derek. Demi started this breakup so maturely and respectfully. She let him know that what they had was great, he was great, and how she has been having her confusion about them. Demi tells him that Kristian is here and when she saw her she knew it was Kristian. She tells Derek that this isn’t fair to Derek or fun and doesn’t like that he’s going to be hurting because he’s amazing and wonderful and had so much fun with him. He handles it maturely too and says that it hurts but it’s what’s best for her. It sucks but it was handled in the best way on both sides. This was still really heartbreaking to watch.

Demi and Kristian’s Date – you can watch here

Demi introduces everyone to Kristian because they are staying in Paradise to pursue this relationship. Again, if you have a problem with this, your homophobia is showing and you need to leave. Dylan, Hannah, Katie, and Dean seemed the most excited for her and that’s everything and the kind of support Demi deserves.

I also can’t help but think what Kristian thinks of all of this. Like she’s being thrown into reality TV with cameras on her at all times when she Bachelor in Paradise Week 3has probably never had that before and having to now openly talk about her feeling to producers she just met and having that go out to the world. She does seem pretty at ease on camera but a reserved person which is probably a nice balance with Demi.

So, they go on their date and they both look hot. Derek gives Demi a hug goodbye and tells her that she looks beautiful and to have a good time. Their date consists of dinner and talking about everything. In her ITM, Kristian says that this is crazy and she would never do this for anyone else; she also feels conflicted and angry and doesn’t want to be an option. They talk about their relationship and Demi’s relationship with Derek and just everything that comes with this complicated situation. Demi said that she likes having control and hates being vulnerable – I felt that. This conversation was just so real, honest, and vulnerable and I’m really happy the producers decided to do this.

Demi says she wants to commit to Kristian and she never wants to commit. They say I love you and be cuter together. In an ITM, Demi says she wants to spend her future with Kristian and she can’t see it being with anyone else.

Until next week…

Y’all need to get off this Derek for Bachelor train though. Yes, it was sad and everyone deserves love. But I’m not forgetting about this fight with JPJ soon, or that fight he had with Taylor on BIP 4, or all the other terrible things he did. We want Mike for the Bachelor. Give us the first black Bachelor especially for it to be the 25th season of the show. Mike for the Bachelor. That’s all I want for him and it’s what we deserve.

A happy wedding weekend to Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo! I’m sad they didn’t get a TV wedding and that we do have to suffer through Krystal and Chris’ wedding. I wish them a lifetime of love and happiness. Also, all the Dews on the women’s wrists this season – yes, Kaitlyn Bristowe, get that coin.

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BIP Week 2

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