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Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 2

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2
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Bachelor in Paradise Week 2, Pt. 1

Well, here we are, Bachelor in Paradise week 2 coming in hot. In case you’re wondering, I still don’t really like Blake all that much anymore. I still really like Hannah G. and I think that Dylan and Cam may need to slow their roll. They’ve been there for one week and they’re breaking their own hearts. On one hand I get it and I feel for them but on the other hand, not everyone can be Jade and Tanner and they have to stop expecting that. Let’s get into Bachelor in Paradise week 2 recap before I start rambling too much.

Rose Ceremony

Who Gave Roses: Derek & Demi | Clay & Nicole | Wills & Katie | Kevin & Sydney | JPJ & Oneyka | Cam & Caelynn | Dylan & Hannah | Blake & Tayshia | Chris & Kristina

Who Left: Bibiana, Annaliese, and Jane

Now the women have the power this week.

New Arrival: Jordan Kimball

Bachelor in Paradise week 2

Jordan arrives on the beach. He is from season 14 of The Bachelorette with Becca Kufrin and season 5 of BIP where he got engaged to Jenna Cooper but that ended in disaster.

As expected, Jordan makes an iconic entrance with Chris Harrison and Jordan proclaims himself the mayor of Paradise. When he walks in Hannah and Nicole are interested in him and Jordan wastes no time in grabbing Hannah to talk. They talk and Hannah tells him about Dylan and Blake. So then he goes to talk to Nicole and finds out more about Blake being with Kirstina and Tayshia. Of course, Jordan wants the low-down on this Blake drama so he grabs Kristina to talk. Kristina tells him more about those nights at Stagecoach and how Blake one-nighted her and Caelynn.

Jordan seems to be actually surprised about this news about Blake because of what he knew from him on Becca’s season. He says that’s Bachelor in Paradise Week 2not okay and that Blake is putting his spoon in all the pudding. Honestly, iconic and I missed Jordan and his weird way of saying things. Finally, Jordan decides that he wants to take Hannah on the date and she says yes. He goes to get ready and she starts to think about it more and then decides to decline the date because she doesn’t want to be all over the place. She feels bad but he respects what she did but wishes that she would get out of her head.

Jordan feels annoyed because it seems like all the women are wrapped up on Blake. So, he goes to talk to Blake. He tells Blake that he needs to hammer this situation out and make it right with the women that he’s messed up with because everyone is so focused on him and that drama right now and that’s not okay. After he talks to Blake, he says in an ITM that Nicole wasn’t his first choice but that doesn’t mean she won’t be a great date. So, he takes Nicole on the date. Clay tries to play it cool by giving a metaphor for literally every sport on Earth.

Jordan and Nicole’s Date

Jordan and Nicole’s date was average. There was nothing too exciting about it and I just don’t see their connection as I did with her and Clay. They are greeted by the iconic Jorge who tells them that they are going to be zip-lining. Jordan and Nicole do the zip-lining and whoever set up those go-pros had it out for Nicole because those angles were rough and she didn’t deserve that.

Afterward, Jorge takes them to a random area where they can sit and talk. Jorge tells them that’s where he lost his virginity? So, there’s that. They seem to just talk about her and Clay and a little bit about what happened with Jordan and Jenna. Not that exciting of a date if I’m being honest.

Hannah’s Love Triangle

I just wanted to take a minute to talk about the love triangle that is Hannah, Dylan, and Blake. To me, this seems like and Ashley I and Jared situation just reversed. And I mean their situation before them getting married this past weekend. Dylan is all in on Hannah and that’s great. Hannah doesn’t have to be yet. It is the second week of them being there and neither one of them have said that they were exclusive to each other yet. Dylan is being Ashley I. whereas Hannah is being Jared. What’s different here is because the roles are reversed. Everyone called Ashley I crazy and everyone is saying Dylan is being sweet. Everyone said that Jared can do whatever he wants and now people are saying Hannah is being a player.

No, I don’t think Hannah is all innocent in this situation because she let Blake speak for her at the end of this episode when Dylan wanted to talk to her when she was with Blake. There are a lot of layers and emotions in their situation but to be name-calling Hannah when no one was doing that to Jared a few seasons back is ridiculous. Yes, I would love to see Hannah be with Dylan but she has to figure that out on her own and get this Blake thing behind her. So, that’s what I have to say about that.

I also was not a fan of Tayshia in her ITM saying that she doesn’t trust Hannah. That just wasn’t cool and I want my favorites to get along.

Thoughts about the episode that don’t fit into a category

  • Annaliese is gone thank goodness. For real though, her exit was even annoying.
  • I feel bad about Bibi leaving because this woman deserves love and keeps coming on these shows just to leave with nothing.
  • Jane is gone and JPJ can now eat in peace.
  • Blake freaking out about Hannah and Dylan even though he’s doing selfish and calculated things.
  • But then Blake runs into a rock and gets hurt and Tayshia, Demi, and Caelynn laugh and make fun of him which didn’t feel right either.
  • …what did Cam write for Caelynn? Big yikes and everyone is uncomfortable. Where is Tyler C. with his beautiful words because right now all we have is Cam.
  • Hannah and Dylan laughing overhearing what Cam was reading to Caelynn and telling each other to shush were hilarious.
  • Jordan and Nicole come back and start talking a little bit about their date in front of Clay which was awkward.
  • Clay and Nicole go cuddle. Nicole says there is no comparison between him and Clay and then she kisses him and say they missed each other.
  • Cam starts spiraling about Caelynn going out with Mike and I do feel bad for him but I also just don’t think Caelynn is his girl as much as he wants her to be.
  • Derek basically says that Cam needs to get it together because moping isn’t going to attract a woman to him. But also part of me feels for Cam. I don’t know, I feel conflicted.
  • Demi and Derek seem to be going really strong. However, I still don’t like Derek and I hope she finds someone better for her.
  • Wills wants to do something special for Katie. He talks really sweet to her but Katie starts making faces and freaks out. And I’m confused when she said she doesn’t want to be in a Blake situation. But who else is she into? She said it’s not going to be between her and Wills right now. She seems confused and I am, too. I just want Wills to find the love he deserves.
  • Chris goes to talk to Katie because he doesn’t like seeing her so sad. He says he gets it and that he’s here for her and that he wants to be here with her…? Again, confused because I thought he wanted to be with Kirstina but now he’s saying he wants to be with Katie.
  • Katie says Chris makes her feel secure and calm and that she’s happy with him and could be engaged with him.
  • Blake is saying how difficult it was to watch Hannah and Dylan all day and that he has a special plan for her. He tells her he has big plans for her and that he is going to pursue and fight for her in his own way. Whatever that means. He is saying that he thinks she can feel what they have in her gut. That didn’t seem right for him to tell her what she feels in her gut…if that makes sense. All I know is that some new women need to come in for Blake because I’ve had enough. Anyways he starts dancing with her on the beach and kissing.
  • Meanwhile, Kirstina and Tayshia are saying that Blake’s twirl move is familiar. Big yikes.
  • Dylan goes down to Blake and Hannah and asks her to talk. Blake says that he had her all day and that he was respectful all day and waited. They both say that want to focus on her. Blake says Dylan can’t make her decision yet it seems like he’s deciding for Hannah to not talk to Dylan. Dylan walks away leaving Hannah with Blake. Then Blake says no one is judging her when they are. Then Blake continues telling Hannah what she wants to hear.
  • Demi tries to find the 6-toed man.

New Arrival: Mike Johnson

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2

Big Mike from season 15 with Hannah Brown arrives on the beach as the second late arrival of the episode. Right off the bat, it seemed like everyone women swooned over him and wanted a date. And who can blame them? Specifically, Caelynn and Oneyka.

He talks to Caelynn and Oneyka and then he ends up picking Caeylnn to go on the date. Cam is bitter about Mike even being on the beach because he says that Mike is the reason he was kicked off Hannah’s season because he told the truth about Cam. Cam told Hannah about some wild injury that made no sense and it was to get the pity rose and Mike told Hannah how it was so she sent Cam home. Then Cam becomes more bitter because he takes his girl on the date.

Mike and Caelynn’s Date

They didn’t show us much of their date. We saw them have dinner and have a really great conversation. I really love them together, however, I am so strongly for Mike being The Bachelor. So, I’m pretty torn about wanting him to be happy right now or watching him get heartbroken again so he can be The Bachelor.

Mike gives cheers where he says here’s to their possible last first date ever. Caelynn says she likes that. They both say they like each other’s smiles. Then a band plays for them. In her ITM, she says that he exceeded her expectations and he makes her giddy. In his ITM, he said the thing about it being their possible last first date again and that he’s really into her.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2: To Be Continued…

I feel like I’m always saying a big yikes to something. But for real, big yikes to that preview for Tuesday’s episode. Once again, tomorrow night Bachelor in Paradise Week 2 will continue but all you have to do is scroll down.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2
ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2, Pt. 2

Queen Demi Making Positive Waves

Demi doesn’t agree with everyone thinking that she and Derek are the strongest couple. She says that she feels conflicted. In her ITM, sheBachelor in Paradise Week 2 says that she’s been dating a woman back in LA. When she’s sitting with Derek he asks when the last time that she went on a date was and she says that they will talk about that later.

Demi then goes to talk to Katie. She confides in her about the woman she is seeing back home and that she misses her. We start to see a side of Demi that we haven’t seen before with opening up and being vulnerable. As an audience, we are so used to seeing Demi being the strong and tough Demi that she is but it’s so important that we see this side of her, too.

Katie says, “You can be scared and be brave” and that was so important for Demi to hear and everyone else watching. This is the content that I’m wanting to see on Paradise. Women supporting each other rather than bringing each other down. It really is an important moment for Demi and the franchise as a whole and you can watch it here.

Thoughts about the episode that don’t fit into a category

  • JPJ falling asleep in the pool is a whole mood.
  • True love is Derek smelling Demi’s armpit.
  • Sad Cam is a mood. I’m stuck between feeling bad for him and them remembering how annoying he was on Hannah’s season.
  • Everyone is too focused on Blake and all the relationships and it’s getting annoying at this point.
  • I love Tayshia and I’m starting to have mixed feelings on Caelynn but I am sick of the women gossiping about each other and the girl hate is so annoying.
  • Dylan confronts Hannah wondering why she is still messing around with Blake when they have something. Everyone needs to calm down about Hannah and that’s the tea.
  • Hannah revealed that Blake came to Alabama a week before the show to talk and they kissed and she went home. Blake has literallyBachelor in Paradise Week 2 texted the entire women cast before the show which is annoying. However, I still think Hannah isn’t that in the wrong.
  • I love Tayshia so freaking much but she is making me so sad. Blake was the one who took Tayshia on that first date and not Hannah. Yet, Tayshia is confronting Hannah saying that it tainted her experience on Paradise so far. Personally, I think everyone needs to sit down with Blake instead of everyone attacking the women Blake has been involved with individually.
  • Caelynn hearing Kirstina talk to Wills about Stagecoach and Caelynn gets mad that she’s spreading her business to everyone. Listen, I have been team Caelynn for so long and I still like her, but Caelynn aired Kirstina’s dirty laundry to anyone that would listen the first day on the beach before Kirstina even arrived. Then Caelynn says that Kristina is slut-shaming her and calls Kirstina a stupid bitch for no reason. I heard no slut-shaming and I don’t think it’s that big of a deal that Kirstina is still talking about the thing with Blake because Caelynn did it and it’s really all anyone is talking about so Caelynn might as well get mad at everyone for it.
  • More Sad Cam montages are everything. ABC: Always Be Crying.
  • Kirstina tells Cam that she forgot about him and Cam responds with most people do and I’m –
  • Demi opens up to Tayshia about her being fluid.
  • Jordan and Demi roasting everyone on the beach is everything and the friendship we deserve.
  • Clay deserves love and him sad makes me sad.

New Arrival: Dean Unglert

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2This picture isn’t accurate by any means. Dean Unglert is from season 13 of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay and season 4 of BIP. He had the love triangle with Danielle Lombard (DLo) and Kristina. But now he has a creepy mustache, lives in a van, doesn’t have a shower, and apparently no job. Here’s to him steering clear of Kirstina this year.

He comes down with a date card and literally scoops up Katie to talk and talks to all the women pretty much. And then he grabs Kirstina but we don’t hear that conversation. Finally, he comes up to Caelynn when she’s crying. I have talked a lot of crap about Dean and I still don’t know how I feel about it but it is so sweet that he just wants to cheer up Caelynn. His reaction to Caelynn saying yes to his date was everything to make her happy. However, now Mike is sad and now I am sad.

Dean and Caelynn’s Date

She says that she’s excited about this date because she’s been interested in him for a while but she has walls up because of his reputation. However, if I recall correctly, wasn’t Caelynn accused of talking to Dean during Colton’s Women Tell All?

Caelynn tells Dean about the Blake drama. Dean iconically says, “Under promise and over-deliver”. We love self-depicting humor. Again, this date wasn’t that exciting. But if her being with Dean will keep her quiet about literally everything else, I’m here for it.

New Arrival: Christian Estrada

Bachelor in Paradise Week 2

Christian Estrada was on season 14 of The Bachelorette with Becca Kufrin and he left night one. Jordan reminds us that he tried to have his moment on the Men Tell All saying that he had a real job. But he comes down to greet everyone and he has a date card so he pulls Nicole to talk.

I don’t like him already because first of all, who is he? Second of all, he is just telling Nicole what she wants to hear because he literally justBachelor in Paradise Week 2 met her. But he asks Nicole and she says yes.

Let’s talk about that for a minute. Nicole is on her third paradise date which is fine but no one is saying that she should stay with Clay because he’s the nicest one that she’s been with. Everyone is judging Hannah for juggling Blake and Dylan and yet no one is talking poorly about Nicole juggling Clay, Jordan, and now Christian. I’m unbothered that Nicole is on her third date because that’s what Paradise is. Everyone is like yeah go Nicole for being the Bachelorette of Paradise and a hot commodity yet everyone is like of course, everyone loves Hannah and Blake is the Bachelor of Paradise. There’s a weird double standard somewhere in there and that’s what’s making me mad.

Christian and Nicole’s Date

They go on a jet ski. I am so unimpressed by him. She says in her ITM, that she feels comfortable with him and he already feels like her boyfriend. I want her to go back to Clay or even Jordan. I want this man off the beach because he doesn’t feel like a good guy to me. He is way too smooth for what he is saying to be genuine. There was a lot of kissing and not much substance to this date, honestly.

Nicole and Clay and Christian

BThey come back from their date and Christian has to tell Jordan in front of everyone that she’s great. Then Nicole goes to talk to Sydney about the date and Nicole starts telling her about all this sexual tension and innuendos that Christian does. Sydney seemed uncomfortable and I was very uncomfortable.

In Nicole’s ITM, she says that the only thing missing from Clay is being aggressive/assertive. And I get that but that is not who Clay is at all. Clay is an actual teddy bear. In Clay’s ITM, he said that Nicole is what he wants and thinks that Christian is a threat to their relationship. Clay and Nicole go and talk about her date that day and how he feels about it. He asks if he wants her to be more aggressive and she says yes. And here comes Christian.

Christain asks Clay if he can finish his date with her…? Their date already ended and Clay tells him that. So Clay and Christian start arguing about Nicole while she is sitting there and they’re holding hands while arguing. Christian talks about Nicole like she is an object and he is the embodiment of toxic masculinity and packing something small somewhere…

In an ITM, Christain says that he isn’t here to make friends. And we have not had that statement in so long so that’s iconic. But Christian still sucks.

Cocktail Party

There are four men that are going home at the end of this rose ceremony. Demi pulls Derek aside to open up to him about her dating past and fluidity. You can watch the emotional and groundbreaking moment for the show here. He respects her and her sexuality so much (as he should) but it was so important. I know I’ve said I don’t like Derek and I’m still not sure how I feel about him because of his past relationship with Taylor Nolan from season four of BIP. He tells her that he’s okay with slow and she tells him that means a lot to her. They agree on taking it slow and being open in their communication.

Then we go to Dean and Caelynn and she asks where he showers. Only asking the important questions here. We then see that Mike’s Bachelor in Paradise Week 2confidence is unshakable saying that Dean isn’t Mike Johnson. Mike talks to Sydney and brings her ice cream and we love that. Jumping over to Chris and Katie and they seem to be going strong.

Flashover to JPJ practicing a poem to recite to Tayshia and this the content we are absolutely here for. He recites it to her and she obviously loved it because they smooched.

And now we’re back to Nicole and Christian and Clay. Christian sets up a pinata saying that it’s special for Nicole. Because when I think of a special romantic gesture I always hope it’s a pinata…whatever. Jordan, Clay, and Wills start making fun of Christian and it’s hilarious. Christian comes and grabs Nicole to talk. Clay does what Nicole asked for which is to be assertive and cuts in on them. Christain tells him that he can’t steal her and continues talking about her like she’s an object and no one is letting Nicole speak.

Like the respectful man that Clay is he respects the nonsense and walks away. Nicole tells Clay that she doesn’t know what to do. She told Clay to be more assertive so he was literally doing what she asked for. Clay goes back to Wills and Jordan and Mike and talks about what happened. Jordan says no one treats somebody like that and Clay tells Jordan not to wreck the pinata. So, Jordan goes and wrecks the pinata. Christian gets physical for no reason and they start fighting…like actually physically fighting.

To Be Continued…

So, there’s that. We will see what happens next week but at least it looks like Hannah Beast is going to be back on our screens again so we love that. I really don’t know what to expect next week but it really is the most dramatic moment. Touche, Chris Harrison.

What we do need to get to the bottom of is if that kissing move Wells was talking about at the end of the show really works. Someone contact Sarah Hyland and ask her.

What are your thoughts on the episode? How do you feel about the way people are treating Hannah G. and how they are treating Nicole when they are pretty much doing the same thing?

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