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Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 1

Bachelor in Paradise week 1
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Bachelor in Paradise Week 1, Pt. 1

Chris has flipped the sign to open, so season 6 Bachelor in Paradise Week 1 recap, let’s get it. I must say that I was not emotionally prepared for baby Blake to disappoint me because I loved him so much on Becca’s season. Y’all I felt that breakup and I was crying watching Becca break up with him. However, he apparently has done my girl, Caelynn, and a bunch of my other favorite Bachelor ladies dirty and I’m not here for it. I think we’ve all been involved with a Blake before and they deserve no mercy and that’s the tea. So, before I ramble on too much more let’s get into the episode…

Meet the Cast

Notable stats of the first night

First Women (& person) to Arrive: Hannah G

First Man to Arrive: Blake

Who has the power this week: the guys (even though the women should always have the power the first week but whatever)

First Date Card: Blake

First Date: Blake and Tayshia

New Female Arrival: Kristina

My predictions for redemption road: Oneyka and Cam

My favorites: Bibi, Caelynn, Clay, Demi, JPJ, Dylan, Hannah G., Katie, Kristina, Tayshia, and Wills

I have no opinion on Chris, Kevin, Nicole, and Sydney

Who I don’t like: Annaliese, Blake, Cam, Derek, Jane, and Oneyka

My couple predictions: Dylan + Hannah G. | Annalise + Chris | Wills + Tayshia | Jane + Cam | Sydney + Clay | Katie + JPJ

Thoughts about the episode that don’t fit into a category

  • Let’s not forget that Jane’s name isn’t Jane and hot sauce isn’t a personality trait.
  • Demi’s intro was everything and it’s what the franchise deserves.
  • Wills saying the leopard shirt Cam was wearing was something he donated last week is everything.
  • Demi is saying all of our thoughts but on TV and it’s everything.
  • I know Cam is gross and I don’t like him but I did feel bad for him when he sat down and all the other guys got up.Bachelor in Paradise week 1
  • JPJ is finally getting the shining moment that he deserves.
  • Oneyka talking about JPJ’s…ya know…was inappropriate and no one would let a guy get away with talking about a women’s boobs so there’s that.
  • All of these women are drop-dead gorgeous and the men are subpar at best.
  • Chris out did Nick Viall with how many seasons he’s been on.
  • Cam said he was a fan of Chris growing-up was a sick burn even though I don’t like Cam.
  • Clay said he was Tarzan to Jane when introducing each other was everything because neither of those are their names.
  • Annaliese coming in hot with Clay tea from Angela.
  • I DO NOT get the hate about Caelynn on the Internet. She’s sweet and I really love her. Let’s not forget that there are intimacy sensitivities on her part because of what she shared on Colton’ season. So be kind is all I have to say.
  • Blake literally runs away as soon as Caelynn walks down the steps. That’s not an act of an innocent man.
  • Dylan thanking Blake for taking Tayshia so he can have his chance with Hannah G. was funny.
  • When will the let Wells bring back his puppet commentary?
  • I’m not feeling Demi and Derek together but they made out in the hot tub.
  • I really love Hannah G. and Dylan together. They were smiling when kissing and that’s such a tell-all sign.
  • Caelynn tells Oneyka about her relationship with Blake. Later Caelynn tells Sydney about it, too.

This episode of Bachelor in Paradise is brought to you by Stagecoach

Let’s just say that the Devil works hard by Bachelor producers work harder. Everyone talking about how much they like Blake and pan to Caelynn saying he sucks was hilarious.

Bachelor in Paradise week 1So, according to Caelynn, this is what the story is with Blake. Blake was at Stagecoach with a lot of different Bachelor alums. He apparently slept with many of the women. But specifically, he slept with Kristina Schulman one night and Caelynn the next. Caelynn said the next morning when they were in bed, Blake was DM’ing Hannah G. while talking to Caelynn that Tayshia is hot.

Fast forward to when Blake probably knew that he was going to be on this season, he called Caelynn to tell her that she was a mistake and they cannot tell anyone about their time together. Caelynn said they were seeing each other for a while thanks to Colton setting them up, he played and ghosted her, and he treats women like scum.

I bet Jed and Luke P. are happy about the heat being taken off them now for being douche bags. Did Blake learn nothing from 2017 Dean? So, we’ll see how this storyline progresses. My senses are telling me this doesn’t end well for Blake and there will be a lot of tears.

Blake and Tayshia’s Date

Everyone really thought he was going to hit it off with Hannah G., but he ended up choosing Disney princess, Tayshia. Tayshia comes ouBachelor in Paradise week 1t wearing this hot pink dress and looking, well, hot in it.

Their date is with a room with a lot of pretty lights and an indoor hot tub. He kept asking her if she was surprised that he asked her. One time asking that is fine, but it seemed like he kept bringing it up which I felt was odd. Blake asks what she wants in someone. She said she wants a partnership, someone to have a family with, and supportive. He said he wants all the family things. She says that she has a fear of rejection and he gets it but I bet he hurts her during this season at some point.

New Arrival: Kristina Schulman

Bachelor in Paradise week 1
Kristina Schulman

Kristina is from season 21 of The Bachelor with Nick Viall and season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. She got caught in the messy love triangle of Dean and Danielle Lombard. All I have to say is I freaking love this woman.

Bachelor in Paradise week 1Kristina comes down the stairs and Blake’s face literally drops, y’all. In his ITM, he said that he was excited to see her. Because that’s the face of excitement. Okay. She comes down the stairs with a date card. Kristina said in her ITM, hell to the no she wasn’t going to let another man walk all over her. She’s aware that Blake was with someone that day after her. So, yeah this isn’t ending well for Blake.

So it’s her choice to pick and yet Cam literally jumps up to talk to her; she doesn’t look interested in him at all. She goes up to a group of the guys and pulls Blake. They talk and he tells her he went on a date with Tayshia but he’s glad Kristina is here. After some consideration, she picks Blake. In her ITM, she says that she’s going to make Blake her bitch and she knows what happened with Caelynn. This woman is about to revenge date Blake and I am here for it.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 1: To Be Continued…

Tomorrow night we will see what happens with Kristina and Blake. And literally everything else. It’s only week one and it’s all about to hit the fan. But you know what? We love that. Chris Harrison said in the previews that there is more crying than ever before and Ashley I. is quaking.

Tomorrow night Bachelor in Paradise Week 1 will continue but all you have to do is scroll down.

Bachelor in Paradise week 1
ABC/John Fleenor

Bachelor in Paradise Week 1, Pt. 2

Yeah, okay there’s a lot going on right now. My brain is having trouble processing it all and taking sides but we’ll get into that a little bit later in the recap so everything makes somewhat of sense. However, it’s insane to me that it’s only the first week and this much drama is unfolding. Then again it is paradise and I should expect nothing less. But I am exhausted from these past two days. So, let’s get into it…

Kristina and Blake’s Date

We ended last night on Kirstina choosing Blake to go on her date with. Blake seemed excited despite his face when she came down the Bachelor in Paradise week 1stairs. Kirstina had other plans though. That woman knows her worth after the whole Dean scenario two seasons ago and she’s not here to play. Blake does grab Tayshia to talk to her and let her know that he is going on a date with Kristina. I will give it to him that that was courteous of him.

Their date consists of her driving them on a four-wheeler or dune buggy thing on a dirt path and on a sketchy bridge. I really thought she was going to yeet him off the edge. They sit down together to talk and he starts thanking her for picking him for this date. But Kirstina isn’t wasting any time and she’s coming in hot.

She talks about their past relationship and of course, Stagecoach. He tells her that he and Caelynn agreed that they took it to far and to just be friends. Kirstina shares that she was really hurt by him and Blake said he values her friendship. He said he made his bed and he’s going to lie in it and she says, “did you change the sheets?”. Iconic. But Blake is mad that Kirstina has feelings and that she feels hurt. Big surprise. He said that it would make more sense if she had feelings for her still. And that’s insulting. She can be angry with him and not have romantic feelings for him anymore.

The date ends with her telling him to be a man. Again, iconic.

Caelynn confronts Blake

Bachelor in Paradise week 1So, Blake comes home from his date where he felt he was ambushed by Kirstina. Well, guess what, bud? It’s about to happen again. Caelynn approaches him to talk. He says that he was going to talk to her but he hadn’t had the chance yet. Probably because he was too busy running away from her when she came in.

Anyways, she starts talking to him. She tells him that she feels disrespected and he seems absolutely shocked. Blake says he’s sorry a lot and tells her not to leave because he wants to talk. Their voices escalate. The rest of the cast can hear them. He didn’t shed a single tear for Kirstina but he bawled with Caelynn. So, there’s that. This is where a part of me starts feeling bad for Blake, too. I don’t know, it’s just something in his eyes when he’s talking to her that makes me think that maybe part of him is telling the truth. Everything is shady.

Blake releases Caelynn’s texts

Now seems like the appropriate time to talk about everything that happened surrounding the show off the screen. During last night’s episode, Blake took to Instagram to share his side of the story. He wrote the following:

Then this is what he shared on his Instagram story that is now taken down:

So, this is a very much he said, she said. I personally feel conflicted. I don’t think either of them are in the right. They both have their faults in this. That being said, it was really immature of Blake to share these text messages. You don’t release someone’s sexual messages. Him saying that he didn’t want this to be an attack on Caelynn and then deleting them says a lot. Personally, I think he knew what he was doing.

The texts look like they were carefully chosen to fit his narrative. There were still in person and over the phone calls shared between the two. They both have their sides but somewhere between Blake and Caelynn’s story is the truth. What that is? It’s yet to be determined. Not to mentions that it’s glossed over that he still disrespected Kristina.

Blake should own up to his action. As well as Caelynn should also own up to her actions. But here’s what’s not okay and what we are not going to do. We are not going to attack Caelynn nor Blake. Do NOT call Caelynn a liar and say she made up her sexual assault story that she shared on Colton’s season. There are enough terrible people out there claiming that everyone woman that comes forward sharing their story is a liar. And that’s not okay and it’s disgusting. And do NOT say that because Caelynn was previously sexually assaulted she can’t want sex or casual sex after what happened to her. Just because we watch these people on TV and they voluntarily share their lives with us doesn’t mean they aren’t humans with feelings. Be kind or just don’t say anything at all.

UPDATED: Here’s Caelynn’s response

Thoughts about the episode that don’t fit into a category

  • Demi’s faces and commentary is hilarious and she needs to narrate the entire show.
  • Blake confides in Wills. Wills says in his ITM that he feels for Blake but he doesn’t feel for Blake. And that’s my mood.
  • Kirstina talks to Tayshia about what happened with Blake. In Tayshia’s ITM, she says she’s confused and that Blake is a player and he lost her. Tayshia tells Kirstina she doesn’t want Blake’s rose.
  • Blake seems like he starts having a panic attack in his ITM saying he needs to get out of Paradise.
  • Dylan and Hannah G. are still hot together.
  • Derek was wearing a sweatshirt…
  • Wills pulls Hannah G. to talk. And they kiss. She is honest and tells Dylan that it happened.
  • Basically, Hannah G. is the Kendall of this season. So, there’s still hope that she’ll stay with Dylan.
  • Kevin also has a sweatshirt on…are they okay?
  • Wells encourages Bibiana to go talk to Clay. And what Wells says, you do.
  • Bibiana talks to Clay and there’s not that much there. He just tells her she’s hot like five times. Bibi deserves love but he ain’t it.
  • Clay talks to Nicole and they have a more substantial conversation about past relationships.

But wait, a few words from Annaliese no one asked for

Annaliese is all considered that Clay isn’t here for the right reasons. She’s concerned about his past relationship with Angela. This woman isBachelor in Paradise week 1 inserting herself into drama that doesn’t need to happen nor is it really all that important. Honestly, yeah the breakup happened and it could have been hard for him but he can still come on the show. He tells her she’s misinformed. She has a weird quiver in her voice like she’s going to cry over drama and a relationship that she wasn’t in. Can we vote her off the island now?

Annaliese goes to vent to some people expecting them to take her side. But Demi isn’t having it and we love that. In Demi’s ITM, she tells it like it is saying Annaliese didn’t have to insert herself into something that has nothing to do with her and that no one has a worse judge in men than her. And that’s the tea.

Clay and Nicole’s Date

Demi comes in with a date card for Clay. Bibiana thinks he’s going to ask her. Clay asks Nicole on the date. Bibi is s h o c k e d.

Nicole and Clay leave for their date which is at a Mexican carnival. Nicole and Clay ride a kiddy bull ride and dance the night away. Clay and Nicole talk about what happened with Annaliese and his relationship with Angela. In Nicole’s ITM, she says that she can trust him. Clay says in his ITM, that they have a special connection and that she’s getting his rose. They end the night with a firework show and kisses.

Cocktail Party

With three women going home there is a lot on the line for them. There really aren’t many established relationships aside from probably Demi and Derek and Nicole and Clay. Hannah G. has some things to work out with her guys. Tayshia tells Blake Kristina painted him in a bad light and basically, she’s not interested in him anymore. Blake talks to Caelynn to apologize again. Then Caelynn goes to talk to Cam and they kiss. Am I repulsed? Yes. Is she only trying to secure that rose? Yeah but that’s Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise week 1Meanwhile, Oneyka braids JPJ’s hair and they kiss. Jane is out here trying to secure her rose with JPJ by giving him tacos. But instead, JPJ throws up. And yet he apologized to Jane for puking in front of him and insists that he’s fine while vomiting his brains out. That whole scene was just a lot. Poor JPJ. But his attitude and voice are everything.

Annaliese is with Chris. Or at least trying. Saying that it’s easy with him and that he’s a man. And here we have Annaliese clinging in 3…2…1… and Kristina comes to steal Chris to talk. In Chris’ ITM, he says Annaliese is sweet but Kristina is a breath of fresh air.

Bibiana confides in Wells and he comforts her and it’s actually really sweet and made me emotional for some reason. This is why we stan Wells. Then there’s Hannah G. She starts chatting with Wills and basically breaks it off with him. If that’s even the right wording. I just want Hannah G. happy and Wills to find love so it was tough to watch. Hannah G. goes to tell Dylan about her talk with Wills.

And then, Blake. Again. He swoops in to grab Hannah G. They talk and they kiss. But she doesn’t seem that into him? She says she’s not waiting around and her body language seems closed off to him. Again, I don’t know. But at least she knows she’s in trouble and she does tell Dylan, again. Wells swooping in with his advice for Hannah to follow her heart and asking if she’s okay. But he also does Dylan a favor telling Hannah that Dylan is smitten with her.

No Rose Ceremony this week

ABC really hit us with a to be continued on Bachelor in Paradise week 1. The nerve. However, I spy a Jordan Kimball in the previews so it’s about to get even better.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 1 is already up in flames. And here’s what I think: Demi needs to narrate the show always, JPJ needs to never stop talking, the women are so freaking beautiful and I’m in awe every time I see them, and I want Hannah and Dylan to have their Jade and Tanner moment.

So, here’s to next week and whatever happens in between. What are your thoughts about this week? What are your thoughts on Blake and Caelynn?

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Season 5 BIP Finale | Season 5 Bachelor in Paradise Week 1

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