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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Finale

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The Bachelorette Finale Pt. 1

The Bachelorette finale is here. And the ending was spoiled for me when someone tweeted it to me Monday night. So, I’ve been pretty upset that anyone would do that and steal joy from people but that’s just me. Despite me being upset, I’m here to deliver you the Bachelorette finale recap that we all deserve. On that note, let’s get into it…

Oh, yeah, the rose ceremony

I kinda forget that there was a rose ceremony to be had since the fantasy suite week, but we all got distracted by the Luke P. show. Chris the Bachelorette FinaleHarrison comes in and moves the pedestal back from when Hannah iconically moved it. Personally, he should have just left it there. If Hannah wanted it there that’s where it should have stayed.

I’ve never been so nervous for a rose ceremony before and I just wanted her to send Jimmy Neutron home. But she gave the first rose to Jed and I yelled at my TV. Before she gave out the roses, she said that she’s not only breaking someone’s heart but she’s breaking her own. Tyler and Peter are the top two that we deserved. We did not deserve Jed and Jed doesn’t deserve Hannah. The second rose went to Tyler. While I was excited to see Tyler stay, I was just as devastated to watch Peter go home. It breaks my heart, even more, is that in his ITM before the rose ceremony started, he said that he 100% sees it with her and that he knows they’re meant to be together.

Who Left: Peter

Peter’s Breakup

This was just absolutely devastating to watch. Despite Peter’s girlfriend controversy, which I’ve already spoken my mind on that in another recap, I love Peter. I think that he was genuinely here for Hannah and that he does love her so much. She asks while crying if she can walk him out and he grabs her hand to hold. Hannah says that he’s perfect, he’s a dream guy, and their relationship is so easy, and nothing was wrong. I’ve been in Peter’s position and hearing that doesn’t help at all. He tells her that she will always have a piece of his heart but this hurts.

the Bachelorette finaleShe kisses his cheek and they hug that really sad breakup hug that I felt too much. They get up and walk toward the car and hug again while still crying. He kisses her forehead and he says goodbye. By this point, I’m also crying. This may be worse than Blake’s breakup with Becca last summer. It was brutal. Peter doesn’t talk in the car and they just show Hannah crying. Peter does end up saying that he’s not mad at Hannah, the journey was beautiful, he fell in love, he doesn’t regret anything, and he won’t forget this journey. He knows he has a ton of love and he thought it was Hannah.

I would like to see Peter in Paradise, but I do think that it would be too soon. But who knows!

Live with Peter on the Bachelorette finale – watch here

We’re back to this dumb setup of the show where we can’t watch a finale without a live audience as we could in the good ole days. Chris is the Bachelorette finalesitting with Peter as he watched it for the first time since the breakup two months ago. He says that he’s okay and says that Hannah was the most amazing person that he has met in his life so far. Peter said he really didn’t have any doubt that it was her then.

He said that under the fireworks in Latvia was the first time that he knew that he was truly in love with her. Chris asks if he still loves Hannah and Peter said that he doesn’t think that someone can fall out of love in two months but he’s doing his best to move on. And he says again that Hannah will always have a part of his heart.

Hannah then comes out to talk to Peter. It’s awkward at first but honestly by the end they’re both smiling so big and laughing and it breaks my heart. Hannah Weber sounded so good. She did make a power move when she looked his parents in the eyes to say hello after she broke their son’s heart. Incredible. Hannah tells Peter that is was never anything that was wrong and that she can’t give him a clear cut answer. If anything, she said she felt his love but she also felt he was scared to love her and wish that he told her sooner.

Hannah makes a confession that she wanted to come clean about it. She said that they didn’t do it two times in a windmill. It was actually four times. The audience loses. Honestly, that’s my girl. And his parents were clapping and cheering and that made me very uncomfortable. Peter’s mom reminds me of the mom from Mean Girls. Peter may be heartbroken but he was so respectful and that’s what we’re here for.

Prince Charming meets the family

Tyler is the first to meet Hannah’s family and he comes in with flowers and a big smile. She tells him that she’s excited to see him. In his ITM, he says that it’s an honor to meet them. Tyler then starts talking about how amazing Hannah is. Hannah then tells them that he’s a dancer and did ballet. Tyler makes a bold move talking about how he almost failed his first semester of college but found his love for dance.

Tyler talks to her mom first and says that the experience has been wild. But says the relationship with their daughter has been worth it. Basically, her parents are just as in love with Tyler C. as Bachelor Nation is. Then it was time for him to talk to her dad. They talk about the fantasy suite and Tyler says that he respects her and they had a connection that night. Tyler shares the story about his dad with her dad and gives another moving speech that left me in tears. Honestly, he came on the screen tonight and I started crying.

Hannah then talked to her dad. Her dad said that his talk with Hannah went really well. Hannah says that her fantasy suite date with Tyler is when it really clicked for her. Then she went and talked to her mom. Her mom said that it felt really good with Tyler and that she likes him. Hannah says that she sees herself getting engaged to him and him being part of her family. He leaves her saying he loves her, enjoy it, cherish it, and to have fun. A man.

the Bachelorette finale
Via Lauren Zima’s Twitter

Two-timing “mUsIcIaN” meets the family

I bet her parents were big-time let down having to go from Tyler to Jed. Jed rolls up with flowers but he sucks so who cares. Mama Brown the Bachelorette finaletells the family she wants to give Jed a fair shot but Tyler set the bar so high the day before. I mean the production team put scary music in so there’s that. Not even two minutes into talking Jed shares that he’s a musician and her parents don’t look amused.

Her dad pulls Jed to talk first and asks what Jed’s goals are and Jed says, musician. Her dad wants Hannah to be provided for. A polite Southern jab. Then Jed says his biggest thing that he’s proud of is writing a jingle for a dog food company. Read that again. And again. Yikes. Over and over again her dad says he wants what’s best for Hannah.

Hannah, please listen to your parents…please

Mama Brown is next up to talk to Jed. She’s very concerned with his career path. Then Mama goes to talk to Hannah. She literally says to Hannah that Jed has “qualities”. Another Southern jab that we love. Mama brings up Tyler and honestly, same. Hannah doesn’t really same to like what her mom has to say. Mama says that she wants someone to love her like she knows she should be loved. We love Mama Brown.

Then Hannah goes to talk to her dad and she seems conflicted. As if there is anything to be conflicted about when it’s between Tyler and Jed. Her dad said he beat around the bush and that it must just be his personality. Burn. Although I loved her dad subtly ripping Jed a new one about providing for Hannah, I loved Hannah’s response. She basically said that she can provide for herself and her family. Yes, girl! But she didn’t really like what her dad said either.

Hannah talks with Jed because she’s confused and says, “this is why you don’t date two people at one time”. I bet Jed felt that one, too. She’s all confused and frowny with Jed. But you know who she was smiling with and not confused about? Yeah, my man Tyler.

Prince Charming gets back up the horse

the Bachelorette finaleThe first, and second to last, one-on-one date was with Tyler. Hannah makes the poor man get back up on another horse when he is afraid of them. But he handles it beautifully, and I am proud of him. This date was filled with more eloquent, loving, and moving speeches from this man and I want them all written out and put in a book on my bedside table. Tyler pulls up to this date wearing a fine t-shirt and greets her with a, “Hey girl”. We love that. He asks how she is and that he missed her. Does Jed EVER ask how she is? Probably not.

They go horseback riding through a beautiful trail. Then they have another one of my dream dates having a picnic with a beautiful view and with meaningful conversations. And the way he looks at her is breathtaking. In an ITM, Hannah says that she can totally see a future with Tyler.

During the evening portion of their date, Hannah goes to where Tyler is staying. She says in her ITM, that during their date they were in-tune and one of the best dates together. They talk and I’m cheesing and swooning so hard over them. Tyler says that it’s important for them to talk about life after the show and that they can make it work no matter where they are in the world together. He starts talking about them having kids and I start tearing up. He says that he never wants these feelings to stop, he doesn’t want to leave, and he wants to cherish it forever. And finally, FINALLY, Hannah takes this boy upstairs to bed. In her ITM, she said she can see herself in his arms forever and she doesn’t want him to let go of her.

Wow, he didn’t bring his guitar

Jed is the last one-on-one of the night and the final one of the season. And it’s boat time. How dare they make Tyler get on a horse again the Bachelorette finalewhen he’s scared and not put him on the boat date. Tyler loves boats!

Anyway, I guess we have to talk about this date. It’s important to note that when he first came up to her she did not do the wrap-leg-around hug. So, at first I thought Jed was gonna yeet Hannah over the edge of the boat and I got nervous for a second. He didn’t. But she should have. Hannah ends up literally throwing up on this date. It was probably her sign to tell him goodbye. Plus, he didn’t even hold her hair when she vomited. And we all know who would have. So. Many. Rocky. Water. Metaphors.

Jed started talking about something but the audio wasn’t great and I didn’t hear what he said and couldn’t bother to turn on the captions. Once the boat date was over with, she went to his place. He says that he feels anxious. Probably because he’s got that girlfriend back home and he wasn’t supposed to make it this far. Jed says that he’s never had it make sense with anyone but Hannah.

To Be Continued…

The Bachelorette finale continues Tuesday night. Chris Harrison literally tells us to rest up because tomorrow is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Hannah doesn’t look too happy standing next to him and says that all the rumors of the season will be put to rest.  It keeps making me so sad when they play the preview of her falling down. I would say see you tomorrow, but you literally just have to scroll down to continue…I’m not ready.

ABC/John Fleenor

The Bachelorette Finale Pt. 2

Okay, night two of the Bachelorette finale. Chris opened the show by saying that lies will be found out and the proposal will be cringy. I won’t waste your time, so let’s jump into the Bachelorette finale part two.

Proposal day preparations

Hannah starts talking about her journey and how she has grown so much in herself. She said she never felt enough and that she was the Bachelorette finaledependent but now she says she doesn’t need a man in her life but she wants to experience her full life with someone. Hannah says love is the closest thing to magic and she wants someone to hold her hand through it.

She describes Tyler has someone who makes her feel secure and puts her first and makes her feel safe. Tyler picks the most beautiful ring and picks it because Hannah is loud and proud and so is the ring.

Then we move on to Jed and she says that he has always been someone she can talk to and be silly with. Jed picks an oval ring…because their relationship is like an oval. Yeah. Hannah says that Jed is as honest with her as he is with her…big yikes.

Hannah has a mini-breakdown because whoever she picks is two different lives. She asks the driver to stop the car, she gets out, walks down a hill, trips, and falls down and stays sitting in the middle of the road. A big mood during the Bachelorette finale.

The first proposal

The first car with the first man makes it’s way up the driveway. We only see his shoes getting out as they scan up his body, the first proposal is…Tyler. I was absolutely wrecked about watching this proposal. It was heartbreaking to watch. Knowing what we know about Jed it’s so sad that Hannah’s experience as the Bachelorette was taken away from her by Luke P and Jed. Hannah and Tyler deserved to be with each other.

In Tyler’s ITM before going to Hannah he said that this love is forever and every time he talks about it he’s at a loss for words. When he looks in her eyes he feels confident and that he can take on the world and do anything. The future holds for them is a love and a bond that will never break. That she is the woman of his dreams.

I’m already crying…

He begins his beautifully thought out speech. He had no idea at first but Hannah couldn’t even look him in the eyes and stopped him before he could go anymore. But it’s too late my heart is already broken and I had tears. They were silent for a while before he said, “this isn’t it”. She said that she is lucky to be loved by him, that he has been supportive and sweet to and for her. Her life with him would have been amazing and that she meant it when she said she was falling in love with him but she loves someone else.

Tyler, still being amazing, saying that it hurt but he is going to be her biggest fan and supporting her. He wishes her nothing but perfect success with Jed. His heartbroken face may have killed me on the inside. In the car, he said he thought this was it. He said he was never one to open up but Hannah pulled it out of him.

Via Lauren Zima’s Twitter

The second proposal

Y’all I called it on Twitter saying that if Jed was the one to propose he was going to sing during it when Chris said it was going to be cringeworthy. And here he is rolling up with his damn guitar and ugly ring. You can watch this horrible proposal here. Hannah started crying but probably because his singing is so bad and she realized she accidentally sent the wrong man home. Also, can we talk about how Jed never really shows emotion on his face even when he has the guitar?

She looks so happy and it breaks my heart that she fell in love and got engaged to a terrible man. Hannah gave her beautiful speech and Jed looks like he wants to die. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him and she says yes. And yes, he gets the final rose. They say they’re getting engaged and he goes “yep, we’re getting married”. Could he be any more excited?

The fall of Jed Wyatt…finally…live on the Bachelorette finale

After two months of all of America knowing that Jed is a two-timing liar who can’t sing, Hannah was finally brought to the light of it. She said that two days after they got engaged, Jed told her that he was hanging out with a girl before going on the show a week before but he broke it off. But then she saw the People article that we all saw. She said she loved the person she got engaged to and she’s not sure how she feels about this man.

This interaction between this and him talking to her live was about an hour. An hour of Jed back-peddling, showing who he really is, trying to save face, telling her what she wanted to hear, and being showing us all what it’s like to date in 2019. Terrible. Anyway, she asks why he waited all this time for her to find out what happened and he didn’t really say. All he said was that there were two sides to the story.

So, here’s the story…kinda…

So, he said he met the girl in late October when he was V E R Y  single but dating around. Because that’s what it means when you say you’re very single. He never thought it was an exclusive thing even though he said they went to a cabin alone, she met his parents, she threw him a surprise party, her parents got them tickets to the Bahamas for his birthday, and he said to her that he loved her multiple times. Oh, and he slept with her right before coming on the show. Then he said it ended in his heart and not in real life. Which is the equivalent of saying I thought I responded to your text but I actually just responded in my head.

Jed had no tears and not even a quiver in his voice. He’s trash and he’s not sorry. The only thing he is sorry about is that he got caught. He does squeeze his eyes saying that he is a coward for not saying anything, but he was probably just trying to squeeze out some tears. Then she said no wonder your family was so…cue the awkward photo of his parents and sister staring at her on the other side of the couch. She played with her ring to almost taking it off and saying that her ring was not this. It’s not what she said yes to and she takes it off.

Live with Hannah and Jed on the Bachelorette finale

Hannah comes out to sit with Chris Harrison. He asks how she is and she says she’s okay. She can’t believe that this is the way the conversation is going. Hannah walks Chris through the day she found out and it was basically recapping the scene before. She said she has been upset and mad and felt like her whole life has caved in on her but she has grown stronger through this. Hannah then said she and Jed are no longer engaged or together. She thought the day of her engagement was her day and she feels that has been taken away from her.

Then Jed comes out to talk to Hannah since they broke up over the phone. He comes out and like one person clapped. Jed does apologize and says he owns up to everything. However, I still think he was trying to save face and this was one final push to save his “music” career. He said he still feels the same way for Hannah that he did on one knee. Then he says his love for her is still there and will always be in love with her. Hannah says her feelings have changed and when she found out her feelings broke. She doesn’t love him like that anymore. People start clapping and she said it’s not something to clap about and that it’s sad.

Live with Hannah and Tyler on the Bachelorette finale

Before Tyler comes on, she says that she still has feelings for Tyler so who knows what could happen. This, ladies, gentleman, and non-

binary pals, is what we have been waiting for the past 12 weeks. There was so much cheering. All the cheers. She greeted him saying, “Hey boy” and we love that. He says she looks amazing and he said he was excited and looking forward to this day. Tyler says he has so much respect for her watching her throughout the season being so strong and powerful.

He said that when it was Jed and he was supportive because he thought she was going to be in good hands. Tyler says that the day of the proposal was the most exciting day of his life. He said he was ready to take that next step with her and that the fire he felt walking up to her is what he has longed for his whole life. Hannah said that everything she said she meant and that she still has feelings.

Hannah said she’s really confident in who she is now. She said that she wants someone who will be bold and that she is bold and that he is incredible and she’s single. My girl Hannah asks him to go out for a drink, he tells her to tell him when. He asks Chris for a date card. She tells him no more horses. So, they may give it a go.

Final Stats of the Bachelorette finale

Proposal: Yes

Technical Winner: Jed

Final Rose: Jed

Real Winner: Tyler

And that’s a wrap on the Bachelorette finale and season 15 of The Bachelorette with Hannah Brown. Personally, I would love to see Hannah get another chance as the Bachelorette. Her time was wasted on gas-lighting, manipulative liars so she couldn’t have proper time with the amazing men that were there for her. Hannah Brown was one of the top Bachelorettes that we have had in a while. She is a strong and powerful female role for girls to look up to. This woman knew what she wanted and knew her worth enough to shut down the things that weren’t good for her. She gave us a season full of laughs, tears, fierce love, full beast mode, and smiles.

The Bachelor in Paradise trailer looks crazy. I’ve never been so hyped for a season before. I already have a lot of thoughts on it even just from the previews, but I will spare you those until next week. Oh, and Jade Tolbert had her second baby, who’s a boy, yesterday and she birthed him in her master closet. Jade is a real superwoman.

What are your thoughts on the Bachelorette finale?

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