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Dumbest Things Done as a Kid | Summer Rewind

As it’s probably no surprise, I was more of an apprehensive child. I mean I’m still apprehensive as an adult – probably even more so now than then which can be annoying sometimes. But when I was a kid, I never broke a bone. Nothing was ever broken, sprained, fractured, or concussed. You’re welcome, mom and dad. That being said, I did do a lot of other dumb things as a kid. So, for the final Summer Rewind post, I’m sharing the dumbest things done as a kid.

As clutz-y as Lizzie McGuire herself

When I was little, I had these pair of mini-platform Lizzie McGuire flipflops. I loved them and was borderline obsessed with them. I wanted to wear them everywhere that I could, but my mom wouldn’t let me. She told me that some activities required gym shoes over flipflops. Well, I wasn’t having any of that. I’m still the kinda person that would prefer to be barefoot or wear sandals over gym shoes. Mainly because I tend to get warm quickly, but also because I’m weird and I think it makes me feel more connected to the Earth than gym shoes. Weird, I know but that’s not the point.

Anyways, one day my parents, brother, and I went mini-golfing. I wanted to wear these flipflops, my mom insisted that I didn’t, but parents can only argue so much before they give up. Needless to say, I won and wore the flipflops. Where we were mini-golfing had a steady incline as you moved through the holes. And it also had those small bricks that lined the courses that are irresistible to kids to walk on. So, when we were at the highest peak of the course and I was walking on the bricks, I had a misstep. I tumbled down the little hill and scraping my legs on the bricks all the way down.

I cried and my mom had to take me to the small register area to clean my leg up and the people gave us band aids. You would have thought I broke my leg because I was dramatic for the rest of the day and laid in my parent’s bed with their fan on, blinds closed, and watch TV. So, maybe my mom was right that I shouldn’t have worn those flipflops, but like fashion, am I right?

Hit me, baby, one more time

So, based on the last story you would have thought that I learned my lesson from my tumble? That I wouldn’t wear flipflops during outdoor activities? Well, you’re wrong. I didn’t learn. But this time I didn’t have my fashionable Lizzie McGuire flipflops. They were regular ones from Old Navy. So, if they weren’t mini platforms ones like before it would be okay right? Still, no.

This time I was riding a Razor scooter on our sidewalk in front of our house. My brother and I weren’t allowed to go past certain houses if we were outside by ourselves. And I listened to that. That wasn’t the problem. When I was on the scooter, I went to turn around on my neighbors’ driveway, but the front wheel got stuck in that part between the driveway and the sidewalk. I wiped out. Hard. On the top of my right ankle, I had an almost perfect circle cut that bled a lot.

I remember that it hurt a lot, bled a lot, and I vividly remember sitting on the edge of my bathtub as my mom and grandma (who happened to be there) as they stuck my ankle under the water and pouring peroxide on it. If your parents ever poured peroxide over and open wound when you were little, then I’m sure you can feel that sentence. Awful. It took years for the scar to even go away and sometimes if I stare at my ankle long and hard now, I can kinda still see it.


Safety scissors and bangs

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I had bangs my whole childhood pretty much. And if you’ve ever had bangs then you know they’re high maintenance. And what don’t kids like? Things that are high maintenance. They grow too fast and then they’re just barley brushing your eyes and it’s annoying.

Well, my bangs being too long wasn’t the issue. My mom, brother, and I had just got home from getting a fresh haircut before vacation, so my bangs were neatly trimmed and looking great. But I must have been inspired to play beauty shop from my trip to getting a haircut. I had a toy vanity that was everything; it looked exactly like this one. Long story short, I found some safety scissors, shut the door to our playroom, and clipped a nice upside-down “U” in the middle of my bangs. I didn’t want to throw the hair away in the trashcan because my mom would see it…as if she wouldn’t notice the chunk missing from the front of my hair.

Once I hid the hair behind my Barbie bin, it was time for dinner. Being the sneaky and so clever of a kid I was, I sat down and kept my hand on my forehead. So genius, right? I thought so. Eventually, my mom saw, and I had to show her where I hid my hair. I don’t remember getting yelled at by my second-grade school pictures in a month will always haunt me, along with all the rest of the photos of me until my hair grew back. Maybe that’s punishment enough.

Other dumb things I did as a kid that don’t really need a story behind them

  • I cracked eggs on the kitchen floor while my mom was in the shower. Needless to say, my parents got one of those childproof locks on the fridge not that long after.
  • I was running and I ran into a bee. The bee stung my cheek.
  • When I was in preschool, I was running at the playground because another little boy was chasing me. I fell down and smacked my head on the ground. Surprisingly I didn’t get a concussion. Everyone was also surprised.
  • I wanted to help my mom clean, so I sprayed Lysol on her walls and wooden dresser. Yes, you can still see the stain of it when the light hits it just right. Sorry, mom, I was just trying to help!
  • I let my brother cut my Molly doll from the Big Comfy Couch‘s hair because he convinced me that it would grow back. It didn’t. The doll’s hair was yarn.

And that’s a wrap…

As I mentioned, I wasn’t a crazy child and I was more on the apprehensive side. Nothing I did was too wild, or I could be forgetting something really dumb that I did. But this is what I can remember and a lot of it was just me being a clumsy kid.

This was the final post in my Summer Rewind series which makes me a little sad but I’m glad I created this. It was really fun on my part to get to relive my own childhood as an adult when it’s not as fun in the summer anymore. And it was also really fun to hear that so many people had similar childhoods to me and hearing a little bit about their childhoods. But like childhood, this series has come to an end.

What were the dumbest things that you did when you were a kid?

Summer Rewind Series

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  1. This is such a cute, funny post! I love the fact that little you milked your injury for all it was worth and acted super dramatic about it, and I totally identify with the sudden urge to play hair dresser with your own hair and end up with a wonky, strange-looking fringe (I’m pretty sure my efforts ruined some of my school photos 😂). The dumbest thing I did as a kid (which also happens to be my first ever memory as I was only about 1 and a half when this happened) was find a tablet on the floor of the home we were living in at the time and, knowing fully well it was dangerous to eat it, I still decided to take a bite out of it. That could have ended pretty badly, luckily it didn’t 😄

    1. Kellie Marie says:

      Thank you so much, Amanda! Oh my gosh, I feel bad for laughing at that but at least you’re okay and nothing too horrible happened!

  2. Denise H says:

    I decided to play hairdresser and cut my bangs too 😂 I feel like that’s a right of passage for most little girls though haha

    The worst most dumb thing I did as kid though was jump from our couch to an armchair, only to miss the armchair and fall straight onto the wooden floor and pulled ligaments in my ankle which took AGES to heal 😳 Safe to say that I well and truly learned my lesson that day!

    1. Kellie Marie says:

      You’re absolutely right, it is totally a right of passage for little girls🤣 And oh my gosh, that’s crazy! Glad that you’re okay and didn’t permanently damage your ankle!

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