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Favorite Childhood Outfits + Throwback Playlists | Summer Rewind

I was nowhere near interested – or really put much thought – into what I wore when I was little. When I was little, my mom picked out what I wore and that was that. The only time I remember throwing a fit about something I didn’t want to wear was a time she picked out Rugrat overalls. Why I threw a fit, I don’t know because I loved those overalls a lot. Who knows! This Summer Rewind post is about my favorite childhood outfits + throwback playlists.

But looking back there are outfits that I wore a lot and that I’m obsessed with now. And I want to share those because 2000s childhood fashion needs her moment. With the number of photos, I had my mom take when I was little of my outfits in various poses was insane but also really funny. I was basically a fashion blogger before fashion blogs were probably even a thing. If I could have an ounce of the confidence baby Kellie I had, it would be everything. She rocked her outfits and owned her bangs. Grown-up me rocking bangs? Yeah, yikes not so much. Definitely was going through it.

Call me Lizzie McGuire because I was an outfit repeater – favorite childhood outfits + throwback playlists

The best outfit I have and will ever wear. A Disney Princess sundress with Lilo and Stich flower ponytail holders. Legendary.
Honestly, if I could find this outfit in my size now, I would still wear this because it’s back in fashion.
We celebrate turning five in this outfit and the first day of preschool. This dress saw a lot of milestones.
Christmas. But make it fashion.
There are two other photos in this outfit of me ascending down the stairs in it to show it off. Iconic.
I celebrated Easter and preschool graduation in this preppy number.
favorite childhood outfits + throwback playlists
Ready to roll up to second grade in style. And yes, those bangs were cut by yours truly.
favorite childhood outfits + throwback playlists
We dress in f a s h i o n to celebrate turning four.
favorite childhood outfits + throwback playlists
Finally, the best for last. I was a true fashion icon.

I could have been a sweaty mess and if someone had a camera pulled out, I would be cheesing it up. Maybe these outfits weren’t what most would consider stylish but maybe I love them so much now because I remember how they made me feel. I would feel happy and excited because my mom let me have clothes that I liked and that had characters on it that I loved. And I remember having fun when I look at the old pictures in cute outfits. Honestly, kids have the best confidence than any other human. They haven’t been exposed to what the world is, or they haven’t experienced much yet to know anything but to be themselves and have fun. I want to be like a kid again. I want to be like little Kellie. Unshakable confidence and rocking whatever she had on.

Wake Up, Wake Up on a Saturday Night…

I may not have been too into fashion when I was younger, but the music was something I did love. It was something that still sparks the same feeling in me now when I listen to my favorite music or even music I listened to when I was younger. I’ve mentioned in several other posts, that to me, the music feels like magic. Now, I’ve never played a musical instrument. Well, except in fourth grade when they made up learn a recorder for no reason. And I briefly, ever so briefly, tried to learn the keyboard. But it wasn’t for me. I don’t have the patience to learn an instrument. But I applaud those who do because it’s a lot of work.

I wanted to share two playlists that I made: one with songs I actually grew up listening to and another that was just before my time. What I’m shockingly not sharing is 90s country. I was basically raised on country music because it was what my parents listened to. So when Chris Young said, “my upbringing sounds like George Strait singing”, I felt that. But that’s another story for another post if you’re interested.

Basically to set the mood, picture me at 5-years-old, in my car seat with my mom’s Walkman and headphones on heading down to Disney World singing the Lilo & Stich soundtrack out loud because I thought if I had headphones on no one could hear me. They could. There aren’t any Disney movie songs on these playlists because that would go on forever. But it is filled with Hilary Duff (absolute icon), Hannah Montana, High School Musical, The Cheetah Girls, etc. The other one has Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, etc.

Enjoy a nice trip down memory lane with me…

And so there you have it, my favorite childhood outfits + throwback playlists. This is a taste of what I wore, plus hand-me-downs from my older cousin, and this is what I bopped around to in my room with my Hello Kitty CD player. And I love that. It was a good time and it makes me happy thinking back on.

There is one more Summer Rewind post to come this month and then it’s, unfortunately, time to think about going back to school. But on the fortunate side, there will be a back-to-school series that will go live every Friday in August. Can you believe that July is practically over already? I can’t believe I go back to school in a month. It’s crazy how fast this summer went by; it’s actually kind of scary when you think about how fast the time went by!

Anyway, did you have any favorite outfits or songs when you were younger? If so, what were they!?

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  1. Denise H says:

    First of all, I LOVE that you had a Lizzie backpack, that is so cool 😍 Your outfits were too cute! My favourite outfits were the clothes that would have my favourite characters on them too, I had so many High School Musical tees and I wore them to death haha I also had a red dress at Christmas but who didn’t?!

    Your childhood playlist actually made me tear up and then sing along because that is basically the soundtrack to my childhood. Those were the days ❤️

    1. Kellie Marie says:

      I was obsessed with everything Lizzie McGuire and I still have a beach towel of her that I use to this day🤣 Thank you so much, Denise – you’re too kind! Character clothes were the best. Now that you mention your High School Musical shirts, my mind instantly went back to the one I had! You’re totally right, a red dress at Christmastime was a must. Thanks so much again and I’m happy to hear that you liked the playlist!💕

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