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60+ Inexpensive Date Night Ideas That Aren’t Boring

Are you getting bored of doing the same thing every date night with your partner? If you’re anything like me, you are. I’m an introvert and a homebody so don’t get me wrong, I love nights in on the couch together. But you can only do that so many times in a row before you’re getting that urge to do anything else. Literally anything. However, that being said, it can be hard to find something to do together that doesn’t cost $50+. So, it can be difficult to find inexpensive date night ideas that aren’t boring.

Spending quality time with each other is important for me in a relationship and it’s one of my┬átop love languages. But when we just watch TV for nights on end it can feel like those needs aren’t being met. And we don’t want that. We’re both in our early twenties, going to school, and working jobs so, obviously, we don’t have tons of extra money to throw around on date nights. We sometimes do the occasional splurge night, but that’s not sustainable for all dates to be like that. To be financially smart, we needed more inexpensive date night ideas. The kind that isn’t super boring.

Lately, what we have been doing is I created a list of things that we both enjoy, that are inexpensive, and we decide what we’re going to do. Sometimes I pick, sometimes I make him pick, or sometimes I make him choose between two numbers and then it ends up being a surprise what we’ll do from the list. I’d say it’s been working really well for us. We’re having fun and not spending a lot of money but spending quality time together.

Here are creative and inexpensive date night ideas

At home inexpensive date night ideas

  1. Cooking dinner together
  2. Bake something together
  3. Movie night
  4. Play video games
  5. Or a board game and turn it into a tournament if you’re competitive
  6. Create a playlist of songs that remind you of your relationship on and dance to it
  7. Spa night
  8. Make your own ice cream
  9. Create some art together
  10. Pool party in the backyard (all you need is a blow-up pool if you don’t have a real pool)
  11. Watch the sunset/sunrise
  12. Stargazing
  13. Write letters to each other to open at a certain time
  14. Have a Nerf war
  15. Teach each other your hobbies
  16. Take turns surprising each other with planning a date night
  17. Plan your dream home/life/wedding together
  18. Scrapbook your memories
  19. Make a time capsule

Going out inexpensive date night ideas

  1. Check out Groupon
  2. Go on a walk
  3. Take a bike ride
  4. Get dessert
  5. Go to the local park and play baseball, soccer, or basketball
  6. Go go-karting
  7. Take a drive together
  8. Try mini-golfing
  9. Hit up the batting cages
  10. Try your hand a bowling
  11. Jump into a trampoline park
  12. Try a new restaurant/bar/coffee shop
  13. Go out to your local downtown
  14. Recreate your first date
  15. Go to the movies
  16. Visit a botanical garden
  17. Go on a hike
  18. Head to the beach/pool/lake
  19. Find a free local concert
  20. Go to a local carnival/fair
  21. Find a free/cheap museum
  22. Go to an arcade
  23. Have a picnic
  24. Go to the zoo
  25. Wine/beer tasting
  26. Go fishing
  27. Tour houses together and imagine yourself living there
  28. Go to a sporting event
  29. Be a tourist in your own city
  30. Or explore a new city/town
  31. Go to a drive-in movie
  32. Dig out the roller skates and go roller skating
  33. Visit an amusement/water park
  34. Go horseback riding
  35. Try to escape and escape room
  36. Go painting
  37. Play a game of laser tag/paintball
  38. Hit some balls at a driving range

Seasonal ideas

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch
  2. Watch fireworks
  3. Go apple picking
  4. Scope out Christmas lights
  5. Build a snowman/snowball fight
  6. Find an outdoor movie in the Summer
  7. Navigate your way through a corn maze
  8. Go on a hayride
  9. Carve pumpkins
  10. Go sledding
  11. Water balloon/squirt gun fights
  12. Make a gingerbread house

So, there you have it, 60+ inexpensive date night ideas. Not every date night needs to be on the couch or dinner and a movie. There are plenty of options to go out and have fun with your partner without breaking the bank. I don’t necessarily like the term “honeymoon phase” but once you are at a most comfortable and stable place in your relationship, dating or married, it’s important to carve out time for you and your partner. Something that is fun for both of you where you can laugh, be silly, and be in each other’s company without distractions.

Do you and your partner do date night? What’re some of your favorite dates you like to go on?

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