the Bachelorette week 10 recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 10

the Bachelorette week 10 recap
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A fair warning to any and all Luke P.’s out there but this Bachelorette week 10 recap will have a sex-shaming rant. Hannah B brought out her Hannah Beast that we’ve been waiting for. I’ve personally loved having Hannah as the Bachelorette since announced, but I won’t deny that she’s made questionable decisions. But who hasn’t? But last night, the woman shined and didn’t take anything from anyone. We have never stanned so hard. Also, if you missed it Luke P. got a Twitter and Hannah has been taking his toxic goblin ways down and it is everything.

Pilot Pete and the ex

I first want to address this whole girlfriend drama. If you didn’t hear, it’s now come out that Peter had a girlfriend prior to the show. The keyword here is prior. Peter’s story is world’s apart from Jed’s. With Jed, he came on the show with a girlfriend, had girlfriend throughout the show, and not to mention the other woman that he cheated on with his girlfriend. So, Jed is trash. But with Peter, he broke up with her before going to film. Months beforehand.

An argument against him is that he led her on, clearly, some of you have never been led on because people didn’t want to hurt you. That must be nice. However, Peter’s ex-girlfriend wasn’t his personality. He was girlfriend-free on the show. Therefore, I don’t hold anything against the guy. If I broke up with someone and had the opportunity to go on the show a months later, I would be dumb not to do it and that’s the tea.

And we have a windmill, ladies and gentlemen

Peter was the first fantasy suite date of the night in Crete, Greece. Their date during the day involved more boats, sailing, and steamy makeouts. They had their Titanic moment at the end of the boat and Peter screamed that he was the king of the world. He also helped hold her dress down when it was windy which was an underrated sweet gesture. Dresses, when it’s windy, are tricky and risky. So, drama aside because I don’t find it to be that much of an issue, he’s hot, she’s hot, they’re hot together, and he looks at her like she’s the only woman in the world.

They lay down on the boat floor and talk about how real everything is and they talk about how much they like each other. Which then leads to the inevitable steamy makeout.

During the evening portion…

In his ITM, he says he truly believes that they are meant for each other. But he also says telling someone again that he loves them is scary, however, he says he can’t lose her and that he’s never met anyone like her before. He tells her that this whole journey has been a dream for him. They talk about hometowns and he says flying with her was a whole new experience that he’s never felt before. He tells her he’s never met anyone like her, she inspires him, challenges him, and she makes him feel so comfortable and he’s never felt that with anyone before. Peter finally tells her he’s in love with her and it made me tear up.

And then she leads him to…a windmill! The windmill was truly the fence jump of the season, arguably better than the fence jump.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

An actual Greek God in Greece

Tyler is already winning the first two seconds running up to her saying, “I’ve missed you girl”, “You look beautiful”, and that he’s excited to see her. Their date is another spa date. Do you know what happened the last time someone went on a spa date? Yeah, I had high hopes about their date and was not let down. They change into robes, the lady asks them to take them off and Tyler told her blue is a very nice color on her; basically the best hype man you could ask for. It’s also really endearing when he calls her “Miss. Hannah B”, “my girl”, “beautiful”, and “gorgeous”. Tyler is just the perfect man.

As they’re getting massages, Tyler slowly leaves his massage and takes the place of her masseuse. Which was hot. Then leads to an even spicier makeout on the table. However, in her ITM, she says that she wants to make sure he’s her forever and that their communication needs to catch up to their physical connection sometimes.

During the evening portion…

My man Tyler brings back the salmon jacket and greets her by asking how is beautiful girl is. I don’t know about y’all or Hannah, but he makes me blush through my television screen. He tells her that he’s on top of the world with her. She tells him that she’s excited to keep getting to know each other and expanding their connection. Hannah tells him that she doesn’t want to go into the fantasy suite and have sex with him, rather she needs more communication with him.

And allow me to give you what Tyler said to her, the perfect response absolutely:

the Bachelorette week 10 recap
via Lauren Zima’s Twitter

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

The next morning he tells her how beautiful she is and that she’s the last person he wants to wake up with. In his ITM, he said that this was love, that will be his best friend and wife, he’s the luckiest man in the world and that was one of the best nights of his life. She said in her ITM, that he is the most respectful person that she has ever been with ever. And I teared up again. I don’t see any competition for Tyler at this point.

Please don’t pull out your guitar

Jed was the third fantasy suite date of the night and the guy never learns. It’s literally week 10 and he’s out here still talking about another guy like come on Jed. Are you trying to send yourself home? Wait, don’t answer that because he probably is. For their date, they had a Greek dinner with a Greek family. And the family asks them some awkward questions that leave Hannah speechless as she tries to collect her thoughts to answer them.

Jed pulls her aside to talk about Luke. He wants cLaRiTy about Luke. However, he does have a point when he asks her how someone as amazing as her could consider Luke. He’s right, but their both trash and she deserves a Tyler and a Peter. In his ITM, he thought she would see right through Luke’s BS which is ironic, isn’t it?

During the evening portion…

He basically greets her like Tyler, but he made me roll my eyes but Tyler’s gave me heart eyes. She thanks him for talking about his feelings and asks if they’re good now. And, of course, it’s not. So, he keeps talking about it. Jed calling out Luke is basically trash calling out the trash at this point. He tells her by keeping Luke around he’s worried that she keeps things around in her life that aren’t good for her. Which, again, is ironic. I think we should call up his girlfriend and side-chick and ask them what they think.

Although it’s true was Jed is saying about Luke, it’s still eh coming from him. She walks away from the table and he follows her. And she says that she doesn’t want to explain her feelings about Luke anymore and that she doesn’t want to do this anymore…as Jed is holding her waist as she turns around. That was…weird. But then she turns around and hugs him so I’m not really sure what’s happening at this point.

They go back to the table, she apologizes which is absurd because she had nothing to be sorry for. The man says he loves her and that that’s not him trying to hurt her in anyway…sure, Jan. And so, she takes his Jimmy Neutron looking self to bed.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

Ding dong the psychos gone

We start this date by having Luke say in his ITM, “I know that she knows I’m the one” and he weirdly whispers to her asking how she is. Out of all the men, she chose him to go to Santorini in a helicopter. Tyler, Peter, heck even Jed deserved to go to Santorini more than Luke. She keeps saying that he is the best kisser and I will never believe that. Like we have all watched her makeout with Tyler and Peter, I don’t buy it.

I also still feel sick whenever he’s looking in her eyes and spewing BS, manipulation, and gaslighting her and saying it’s romance or in the name of Jesus. He tells her he sees his future wife in her and she’s what he wants for the rest of his life…okay. Honestly, there really wasn’t much to this part of the date, but buckle up for the rest.

During the evening portion…

In her ITM, before dinner starts is that she feels like a new chapter of their relationship is about to start. I mean, that’s one way to put it. He tells her that forever shouldn’t be taken lightly and he wants his relationships the way he wants it. That’s literally not how relationships work, but okay.

It’s showtime…(watch the whole scene here)

And so it begins once Luke says, “so let’s talk about sex”. He says that it’s an incredible thing – he would know considering that he blatantly said that he took advantage of women when he was younger but let the shaming begin. Luke said that it’s only beautiful when it’s in marriage. He says he’s abstained from sex for 3.5-4 years but now he’s waiting until marriage. He says that having sex outside of marriage is something he doesn’t believe people should be doing.

Then he tells her that if she’s had sex with any of the remaining men, he would leave. Someone get the door for him and let it hit him on the way out. She tells him that he’s not her husband so he can’t tell her what to do. He asks to cut her off and she tells him now. Yes, girl we are not playing with him anymore, CHEW HIM OUT. In true Luke fashion, he tries to back-peddle on what he said or he’s willing to “work through” her sleeping with the other men. Manipulate. Gas-light. Shame.

A storm is literally brewing…

She tells him that she’s broken her heart because she allowed all of the this and ignored the red flags. He sits there with the same agape mouth and dumb stare like he cannot understand what she’s saying. It’s as if he’s never been rejected by a woman, told off, or put in his place. And honestly, he probably hasn’t because he seems terrifying to say those things to if they were alone.

He keeps calling her choosing to have sex with another man as a “slip-up”. As if you can just have accidental sex? He wants to talk Bible, well Hannah is from the Bible belt and she’s going to bring that to the table. She is going to show that he isn’t being a man of faith rather he’s condemning her when that’s a sin just as much as premarital sex.

Finally, she finishes by saying that she doesn’t want him to be her husband. He asks her for a time to speak and she said nope and asks to walk her out. Luke doesn’t get up and keeps asking to share some words with her. Followed by silence and stares and she tells him to come on and that it’s over. Then he has the nerve to say that he owes her a minute to share his heart. She tells him that she doesn’t owe him anything because she’s given him so many chances. I can’t even recap this whole mess because it was something else. You have got to watch the clip of this that I linked above.

To get him in the car, she tells him she’s had sex and Jesus still loves her, and that she F—– in a windmill and they did it a second time. Once more, he asks if he can pray over her like they creepily did to him during his hometown and she says no. And off he goes! Hannah gives him the finger as the car takes him away…thank you, Jesus.

Fantasy Suite: DENIED

“I’ve had sex and Jesus still loves me”

Now, here’s my rant. I cannot stand when people get their underwear in a bunch about others having sex, inside or outside of marriage. If you aren’t involved in that activity, it’s really none of your concern. And if we are going to argue it in the name of the religion, I could go all day. If we are going to hyper-focus on part of the Bible so much, shouldn’t we focus on other parts then, too? Perhaps we should bring back extreme punishments for not respecting our elders? Or is that too outdated? That’s exactly what it is.

I grew up Catholic. But I do not believe in half of what the church preaches. I grew up thinking sex was something I should fear because the church told me so.  They basically scared a bunch of children and pre-teens that is if you so much had a curious thought about sex or your body, that you were going to Hell. That’s not to say I don’t believe in Jesus because I do. However, my Jesus loves everyone. He doesn’t discriminate based on the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, your gender, or anything. My Jesus is someone that loves unconditional.

But back to what I was getting at if you’re going to preach religion to shame others from having sex that’s judging and having pride. Two other things that the Bible says are sins. So, if there is a God that will come back to Earth for judgment day, let’s leave that to Him and not you Luke P. or Susan on the Internet.

Have sex. Don’t have sex. Who really cares as long as it’s consensual and safe. Sex is natural and we need to start talking about it more. We need to open up the conversation with our children so they aren’t afraid and so they are educated. Because let’s be real, the American education system doesn’t really teach anything but abstinence and that’s how men know literally nothing about the reproductive system and girls’ think they’re somehow less once they’ve had sex.

Anyways, moving forward…

Luke is gone! Or is he…what appears to have been the last we see of Luke, he inevitably shows up in the previews for next week. I really want to see Tyler punch him in the face. It’s all I want because he deserves it and it’s the justice we all deserve from our pure and wholesome king, Tyler.

I won’t be recapping the Men Tell All because it’s everyone yelling at Luke and Cam. But I will be live tweeting it so be sure to follow me on Twitter! Don’t forget to set your brackets one last time for my Bachelorette Fantasy League! And also don’t forget that Bachelor in Paradise begins on August 5th with a two-night premiere!

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