the Bachelorette week 9 recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 9

the Bachelorette week 9 recap
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This week’s the Bachelorette recap week 9 is Hannah jet-setting around the United State’s to meet her suitors’ parents. The last remaining four are Peter, Tyler C., Luke P., and Jed. There were tears, uncomfortable cult prayers, and a shady family. Also, I was not only jealous of Hannah because she has two amazing guys, but one of the amazing guys took her on my dream date. So, yeah, like 98% happy and only 2% jealous…but can we talk about how a villain made it to hometowns? Is that even allowed?

Let’s take off and jump into the recap already….see what I did there?

Westlake Village, CA – Peter’s hometown

Peter is cute, he is kind, he is sweet, and Peter got money. He tells her he has a surprise for her, but to get there they have to take a ride in the Bachelorette week 9 recaphis fancy car. Hannah basically called in a Ken doll in her ITM which is basically true. He calls her his girl and my heart melted. Hannah then takes it upon herself to go through his center console. Peter says there’s gum or something if she wants some, and then Hannah pulls out a condom and it was hilarious. She tells him they’re only holding hands and kissing in this car, but she definitely saved that for the windmill, right? Right.

He brings her to his plane and asks her to be his co-pilot. I know Peter is a pilot but he flew that plane like it was nothing. At one point he had no hands-on that thing and both hands on Hannah. But, oh man, when he landed that thing he was so concentrated and it was kind of hot. They fly over the Bachelor mansion and his house and they show his parent’s waving. In his ITM, he says no one has ever made him feel like Hannah does, not even close. I don’t know about Hannah, but these men are winning my heart through the screen. He tells her he sees a future with her and that the happiness she gives him he’s never felt that.

Time to meet the Webers…

We meet his mom, dad, and little brother, Jack. Peter says it’s been magic together. Hannah says it’s been great. Then it was time to eat and they chant a German prayer. Which means Peter can speak Spanish AND German. Peter gives a speech saying he’s been blessed and happy to have Hannah and that his grandparents would have loved her. And that part got me, too close to home.

Jack is the first to grab Hannah to talk. He tells her once Peter’s all in and it will be hard to get out of it. She says they haven’t said they love each other but she wouldn’t be here if she wasn’t on that track to there. Then they cut to Peter and his mom and he tells his mom that he does love her. He tells her he feels like he’s found his person. His mom then goes to Hannah. She tells Hannah that he’s head over heels for her and she’s concerned about his heart getting broken again. Hannah tells his mom that she wouldn’t let Peter invest his heart if she didn’t see a future with him. Mom cries. Peter tells his dad that Hannah’s his person. They have an emotional talk. Dad cries. In conclusion, protect the Webers at all cost.

They leave and he tells Hannah he’s falling so hard for her. He hesitated and didn’t tell her he loves her, yet. They hug goodbye, she gets in the car, and he tells the driver to take good care of his care. And again my heart melts.

Jupiter, FL – Tyler C.’s hometown

I have never, in the history of this show, been so excited for a hometown. He also greets her calling her “my girl” while looking fine in a whitethe Bachelorette week 9 recap collared shirt. Their date is my absolute dream date. They go boating, swimming, and dancing. Of course, they take their sun protection seriously and put sunscreen on each other. In her ITM, she shares she’s concerned about him being ready for the next step, like okay Hannah but let’s keep Luke around.

Anyway, there is something so attractive about a man driving a boat. They jump in the water, they see his childhood home, and it’s all so sweet. He talks a little bit about his dad and his condition before he left for the show. He wants his dad to see his life, his wife, and his kids one day. Tyler says he loves her smile and then they go dance to a live beach band, and they do the Dirty Dancing lift.

Let’s go meet mama and pops…

They walk into the house and I’m already emotional. He goes to hug his dad and their reunion made me cry. Tyler’s dad calls her Miss Hannah B and it melts my heart. He and his dad go talk and his dad tells him he can see the love is real and then they talk about his health. His dad says he hasn’t seen his son this happy in so long. Tyler’s brothers then talk to Hannah and they talk about how Tyler is someone they can lean on and they can see him getting engaged.

the Bachelorette week 9 recapThen it was time for mama to talk to Tyler and she asks him what he’s learned in this so far. He says that he learned that he can open up and let someone in. Tyler says there is no doubt he can be that guy on one knee at the end of this. Cut to Hannah talking to his dad and he says he’s worried about Tyler because this could be love. Pops said, “You can’t plan to fall in love, it just hits you between the eyes…if you have the opportunity to fall in love you should take it”. In conclusion, the Camerons are also amazing and should be protected at all cost.

They leave and Tyler doesn’t say he loves her yet, but he tells her he is falling for her. He walks her to the car, they kiss and he tells her he’s not leaving her and he’s coming with and they have a spicy makeout in the back of the car. In his ITM, he says one day he will say he’s in love with her.

Gainesville, GA – Luke P.’s hometown

The producers are really going to give us two extraordinary men and two amazing families and then make us go to Luke’s hometown. Truly a crushing blow. I also want to add that Luke did not deserve that jump hug. Luke’s big date…Sunday school. Hannah compared him to a puzzle in her ITM, by saying she has the corners but not the middle. She meets all these random people and they gather together at this long table. Luke stands at the head of the table and shares what? His shower story with God again. Literally, none of his “friends” looked enthused when he’s talking. So basically, he brings Hannah to shame her indirectly for having sex before marriage even though he admits to taking advantage of girls when he was younger, but go off I guess. The weirdest part of this whole date though, was when they did a weird cult prayer and that looked like an exorcist. Luke sat in a chair while everyone gathered around him and put their hands on him and prayed. I’m not buying his faith, his friends, or any “good” that is in Luke. And I love trying to find the good in people.

Time to go home, I guess…

Hannah meets the whole fam-bam from his parents to his grandma to his great-grandma. His dad asks them to tell them everything and the first two seconds are positive by Hannah saying it was great and Luke said it was fireworks. But then, Hannah delves into the drama in front of his parents and I am here for it. His parents need to know how he acts towards other people and Hannah doesn’t need to hide that in any way. I was living for his sister-in-law though because it seemed like she was loving hearing negative things about Luke.

Someone asks Hannah why he is still here and the girl literally says she doesn’t know. Like, come on, girl. His dad said in an ITM that what Hannah said doesn’t sound like Luke and Luke is the one to usually break up fights. Sure, Jan. This man tells his dad that his relationship with Hannah has been on track…again, sure, Jan. His brother had a broken arm and looked uncomfortable in his ITM saying Luke is ready for marriage, but look I’m not saying Luke broke his arm but Luke could have broken his arm.

Basically, all the conversations were Hannah sharing her insecurities and issues with her relationship with Luke and they kept feeding her BS. So, obviously, we know where he learned that. They leave, he says he’s sorry about everything but just remembers everyone an apology without changed behavior is manipulation. Luke tells her he loves her, they make-out, and she leaves. In her ITM, she says she’s falling in love with him.

Knoxville, TN – Jed’s hometown

Jed greets her by calling her beautiful but who cares because he has two girlfriends outside of Hannah. Their date includes something we all hate at this point. A guitar and Jed’s singing voice. They write a song together and record it. Someone has to tell Jed that he can’t sing because this is horrible. It would be funny if he knew he couldn’t sing, but he thinks he can and it’s quite cringy. This date just was me yelling at the TV and making sarcastic remarks about him having a girlfriend and lying to Hannah this whole time. He kept saying his heart was beating out of his chest. Hannah probably thought it was because he’s in love with her. I think it’s probably because he’s nervous about his girlfriends showing up. And what it actually was is Jed saying he loves her. But I don’t buy it.

Meet the Wyatts, they aren’t good with facial expressions…

I really wanted the girlfriends to show up, but they didn’t. The only redeeming quality of Jed’s hometown was his dog. His sister is the one that isn’t having it at all. She was sarcastic, less than enthused, and the queen of fake smiles. It’s safe to say she made me quite nervous for Hannah. His mother was also a shady one with a toast about staying true to yourself and looking at Jed. I don’t know if they know about Jed’s little plan or what but something was definitely off about them.

The family was super concerned about her getting in the way of his music “career”. I’m all for a supportive family, but someone has to tell Jed he isn’t good and won’t make it too far and should invest his life elsewhere. His mom literally told Hannah that Jed was just another guy. Way to love your son, mom, oof. Mom also told Hannah he isn’t ready for marriage. Jed must really be feeling the love watching back. And then it was time for the sister to talk to Hannah. Hannah was really trying and the sister basically was like nah, girl bye. Then cut to Jed talking to his mom and she told him what she told Hannah.

So, you know it’s bad when Luke’s hometown went worse than Jed’s. In her ITM, said she has concerns and meanwhile Jed tells her the day went great and she leaves.

Rose Ceremony

Who left: no one

Hannah didn’t send anyone home because she doesn’t have clarity. Peter and Tyler got the first two roses. She goes and talks to Chris Harrison and he asks if she’s okay and she tells him no. Hannah goes back to the rose ceremony and says that she can’t give a final rose. In comes Chris with two more roses. Hannah will be taking all four of the guys to the fantasy suite week. Hopefully, we see someone go, or two go next week…

Anyway, the only thing that matters is Tyler and Peter got the roses that count and get to go to the fantasy suite. Stay tuned for an inevitable rant about sex-shaming in next week’s recap.

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