the Bachelorette week 8 recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 8

the Bachelorette week 8 recap
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This week’s the Bachelorette week 8 recap is brought to you by tears and disappointment. Hannah and the men were off to the Netherlands – specifically Amsterdam – this week for three one-on-ones and one group date. She said she feels like she’s held back a little bit in this process so she’s going to open up more. Keep in mind whoever gets a rose this week gets a hometown date.

For most of the night, Hannah was a bit under the weather and her little voice was pitiful. To be honest, I’m upset by tonight and I don’t want to write this recap but here we go…

The one where Jed doesn’t play an instrument

Jed the cheating sleazeball was the first one-on-one of the night. There really isn’t much to say about this date. They walked around different

the Bachelorette week 8 recapshops and got some chocolates followed by a boat ride. Then they sat down at a table that was conveniently next to a couple that has been together 54 years. And Jed said they were English before Hannah corrected him saying they’re American. The older women said that it was “written in the stars” because they only spent 10 days together before they knew. But was it written in the stars for him to cheat on his girlfriend twice? I think not.

During the dinner portion of the date, Jed brings her flowers. But Tyler did that last week so really he’s just copying the better man here. She said she’s holding back because she has feelings for multiple guys but she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He feeds her BS about hearing hard things in a relationship is just how it is when you want to be with the person. So, do you think he should have told Hannah about his girlfriend back home? Hmm. Anyway, she tells him she’s falling in love with him. She said it’s scary to say that and it probably is because he’ll cheat on her, too. Do you know who wouldn’t? My man, Tyler.

Fingers-crossed the girlfriend makes an appearance during his hometown.

Rose: Yes

Whoever said prince charming doesn’t exist, clearly never met Tyler C

The unproblematic, gentleman that is Tyler C. received the second one-on-one of the night. He greets her by calling her gorgeous and then telling her she looks beautiful and this date is already better than Jed’s. Their date involved horseback riding and Tyler has a bit of a fear of horses because they freak him out. But he does it anyway because he wants her to know he’d do anything for her. They ride into town and stop for some herring. Hannah liked it. He spat it out. She told him to man up (in a joking way). If Tyler’s only flaw is a weak stomach and a fear of horses, I think we can deal with that.

the Bachelorette week 8 recapAfter the horses, they sit down on a bench and talk. Tyler mentions that he was feeling a little insecure last week and she wants to know why. He seems to be holding back a little bit but nothing that raises a red flag. She does notice this and she tries to pull more out of it. But you know how men can be when sharing their feelings, it’s quite literally like pulling teeth sometimes. Honestly, he probably just doesn’t want to say that by her keeping Luke around with other men that are so different from the rest is a little concerning. But they start playing stressful music over this part that instills the fear of God in me because she can’t send this dream man home.

During the evening portion of the date…

Tyler begins to open up and shares why it’s hard for him. He says that his parents are divorced and seeing them turn away from each other made him stuff things up. His biggest fear is a failed marriage. Hannah said she can relate because even though her parents are still together but she doesn’t want to communicate like them. Because they don’t communicate. That one hit home, honestly. To finish the night off, he tells her he’s falling and they ride away in a horse-drawn carriage.

We are off to hometowns, baby! We get to see the amazing parents that raised this man.

Rose: Yes (More specifically, “always, Hannah, always”)

Gone too soon…

When Mike’s one-on-one date card comes, Connor excuses himself. Connor makes his way to Hannah’s room to talk. He’s visibly shaking a bit and nervous talking to her which is understandable. Hannah tells him he’s faded in the group dates, but the one-on-one time with him was great. Great men like Connor “fading” is due to canceled cocktail parties and keeping Luke around. Ultimately, she tells him that she doesn’t know if she can see it with him.

Connor makes his exit.

Big smile, big heart, big Mike

Mike is the last one-on-one date of the night. They go bike riding, looking at art, and become art. They draw each other. An artist paints theirthe Bachelorette week 8 recap portrait as they pose on a couch together. Mike is very confident with how he feels about Hannah and he says that he wants this so bad. He says in an ITM that he can be down on one knee in a few weeks. Then he says her soul looks beautiful and it hurt my heart. After the painting, he tells her he’s taking this very seriously and he said this could have been the first day with his wife. And the face she has on doesn’t look too good. In her ITM, she said she doesn’t know what she would say if his grandmother, mother, and sister asked her how she felt.

During the evening portion of the date…

In his ITM, he says every time they leave each other he wants more and wants her to be his wife. Hannah is clearly not okay as soon as he walks in and Mike can definitely sense it. She starts talking about being surrounded by beauty and art and a specific painting while crying. He even tells her that she deserves to be surrounded by beauty and to take her time when she’s getting flustered talking. They hug and she said she needed that hug.

He asks her the deathly question of if she’s okay and she says no. She starts breaking his heart and tells him that she knows he was looking for that fourth lady in his life and she’s not it. He said he can’t say he’s happy but tells her thank you for being honest. It was literally the saddest and most heartbreaking thing to watch. He was so respectful of her and still a gentleman.

In her ITM, she says Mike deserves to be loved just as fiercely as she does. She says she doesn’t know what to do and she’s scared. However, Mike deserves to be the next Bachelor.

Rose: No

Meanwhile back at the house…

Tyler calls Luke a 5’8″ villain and it’s hilarious. Luke says some more red flag garbage like saying how all the other men there are in his way and it makes him happy that Mike is gone. And Luke has to most terrifying and vomit-inducing smile ever. Those are the facts. Peter asks Luke if they’re going to have a problem in the group date tomorrow, Luke, of course, says no. But we all know that’s not true. Garrett says he’s expecting a full hail Mary tomorrow.

Chad Johnson is that you?

Before the guys leave Jed tells Luke to keep his head out of his ass which is ironic coming out of Jed’s mouth. Tyler says he’ll be praying for Peter, Garrett, and Hannah. The only group date of the night includes Peter, Garrett, and Luke. They literally don’t do anything on this date and they go straight into a room to talk. In her ITM, she says she hopes her mind can be comfortable with what her heart wants. So, we all know what that means.

Luke is the first to steal her which isn’t surprising. Garrett and Peter joke about taking the two roses and running and honestly, I would love to see that. Luke speaking to Hannah alone physically makes me tense up in anger and fear for her. He starts their talk off by saying he hates talking about the other guys and tells her he wishes she can be a fly on the wall to see their character exposed. Honestly, she should be a fly on the wall and she would see his manipulative and dangerous ways.

His manipulation makes me sick to my stomach and how he speaks to her and playing the victim card. Also, his facial expressions when he talks makes me want to punch him. The line “I know you better than anyone else” can either be sweet or terrifying. Here is it scary.

Let the Luke P show begin…

Garrett coming in hot saying that the Luke P show isn’t fair to anyone’s relationship. It seems like she doesn’t understand that people act differently when they don’t like other people. Hannah told Garrett that people know when she doesn’t like him and Garrett says he can’t not respond and that his short responses are how he lets people know. Everyone is different and I honestly fall into Garrett’s category.

So, Garrett goes back into the room with Luke and Luke is eating meat like Chad Johnson from Jojo’s season. Garrett probably knows he’s not going to end up with Hannah so he’s taking the garbage out with him. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I think it’s hilarious that he provokes Luke. Hannah is clearly being manipulated by the trashcan and can’t see it, so someone has to show her. Anyway, Garrett smiles and tells Luke his time with Hannah is coming to an end. And Luke’s face is a man that is about to be set off.

How is he still here…

Honestly, this scene with Luke and Garrett is everything and it’s hard to put into words so y’all just need to watch it here. If a man speaks to another person like he did with Garrett shouting at him while standing over him is someone you don’t want to be with. Because I wouldn’t want to make a man like him mad behind closed doors. It’s horrifying.

Luke goes out to talk to Peter about what happened and he seemed to think that Peter was going to side with him. Nope, Peter is over Luke, too and he walks away from him. Peter goes to talk to Hannah calling her “my girl” and actually has a nice, sweet, drama-free conversation with her. She says she’s excited to meet his family and he tells her he’s smitten by her and tells her that he doesn’t want it to end. Peter tells her all these sweet things he loves about her and says that he can never tell her that stuff enough.

First Rose: Peter (he tells her bye beautiful and heads back to safety)

And then there were two…

We love a wine drunk tweeting Tyler

Garrett and Luke end up on a two-on-one. And Garrett says, “are you licking your lips because you’re attracted to me?” is hilarious. During their evening portion of the date, Luke uses Hannah’s strong faith to his advantage. He tells her about his shower with Jesus. But, Garrett tells her he loves her.

She shares that Garrett is the first person to say he loves her in a long time. Then she says that even though she and Luke talked about faith, she doesn’t know how that plays into his life. So it sounds like she’s going to pick Garrett, right? Because he shared his heart? WRONG! She gives the rose to Luke. She walks Garrett out and Luke smiles and laughs like a psychopath.

Rose: Luke Puke

Refresher on those gone this episode: Connor, Mike, and Garrett

I’m excited about hometowns because of Peter and Tyler but I am not excited for the inevitable drama. Based on the previews for next week, everyone’s blood will boil because of Luke and his double-standards, sex-shaming, and manipulative ways. But there may be a light at the end of the tunnel that Luke won’t be around for much longer. One can only hope.

Also, there is definitely a cult prayer next week.

My top two now: Tyler and Peter

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