The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 7

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My Bachelorette week 7 recap is a little late since I didn’t watch it live last night. My boyfriend and I went to a Cubs game last night so I guess you could say that I really love him. Just like how many people told Hannah last night that they were falling in love with her. Last night we had a gaslighting goblin (again but what’s new), romantic gestures, and a lot of steamy makeouts. So let’s get into the Bachelorette week 7 recap.

After last week’s trainwreck on an episode, they were still in Riga, Latvia this week. Hannah said in her ITM, that she wants someone that will fight for her, go on adventures with her, and make her feel loved. Which she deserves and we all know who will and won’t make her feel all three of those things. Luke P. tries to make the opening speech with the guys, but they weren’t having it and Tyler C. steals the spotlight, thank God.

Naked and Afraid

The first one-on-one of the night was with Garrett. When the date card came, Luke P. said in his ITM that this is the first time that he is jealous and that he thinks Garrett will go home. He then goes on to say that he knows for a fact that none of the guys like Hannah the way he does. But at least he didn’t get the one-on-one.

Hannah said that this date was all about building trust. So they begin their date with a walk through the Latvia forest when they come to a beautiful body of water. But that wasn’t the only body they saw that day. When standing there a cable car came overhead and out came a naked couple bungee jumping. And that’s what Garrett and Hannah were going to do. Except Hannah thought she had the upper hand on Garrett knowing that they were going bungee jumping and he didn’t; however, she didn’t know that they were going to be naked bungee jumping.

Controversial but…

Sue me, I loved this date. They were embracing the Latvian culture and they had fun. I thought it was funny when she said that her mom might kill her for this. It was cute how Garrett was comforting her even though you could tell he was just as scared as she was. Apparently, they both still kept their underwear on, so they weren’t actually fully naked.

However, even if they were or weren’t, despite if this date was sexual or not people were way too upset by this date. It was clear that they were having fun and enjoying getting to trust each other more. If a woman wants to get naked with a man that she is seeing that is no one’s business but theirs. Personally, this reminds me of when everyone was coming at Kaitlyn Bristowe on Chris Soules season and her own season. Calm down, it’s not that deep, your sexism is showing, your monogamy is showing, and no one is making you do what these women are choosing to do with their bodies. You’re okay, deep breaths, and carry on with your life.

Anyways, they both tell each other “no fear” and kiss before they jump.

During the evening portion of the date…

I will get off my soapbox now and continue the regularly scheduled recap. I find Hannah to be one of the most hilarious Bachelorettes since Kaitlyn Bristowe. This woman really said, “that is a real ding-dong” when she was talking about talking to the naked couple that fell from the sky.

The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap

Garrett asks her about hurdles that have molded her into the person that she has become. She tells him that not letting people have control over her anymore (cough Luke P. foreshadow cough) and not living her life for other people is a hurdle she has to deal with every day. Her answer had substance, but Garrett’s didn’t really. He tried to relate to what she said by saying that he felt that about football. He played football because he thought that’s what people wanted from him, but then he discovered his love for golf. Riveting. However, I give him a pass on that because he’s doing God’s work with Luke P. so you can’t have it all.

He does tell her that he is falling in love with her. In Hannah’s ITM, she said that Garrett feels like home. They end the night by dancing to a lone man playing music on the street.

Rose: Yes

Hold on, I’m going to let you finish, but I’m going to make this date all about me…again

The only group date of the night included Mike, Jed, Tyler C., Dustin, Luke P., Connor, and Dylan. Before the guys left for the group date, Garrett did talk about his date with Hannah. This was most likely producer provoked, but the other guys didn’t say much. But you already know who did and was ready to throw a fit about it, Luke P.

Their date was simple but fun. They went exploring a local Latvian market where they ate food, drank moonshine, danced, and arm-wrestled. Tyler C. is out here being the most unproblematic sweetheart and gives Hannah flowers on the group date to make her feel special. You can just tell Hannah is having so much fun and her smile is so contagious.

Of course, it’s not a drama-free group date when Luke P. is on it. He says that he thinks Hannah was crossing the line with Garrett on their date. What made me burn with rage, however, was when he said that her body is a temple and should only be shared with her husband. First of all, he showers with Jesus. Second of all, his intro video literally was him insinuating that he slept with many women in his time but whatever.

During the evening portion of the date…

After Hannah’s toast to kick the night off, Tyler C. is the first to steal her. In case you missed another romantic speech from this man please do yourself a favor and read this because he is everything Hannah deserves.

Credit to Lauren Zima on Twitter
The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap

Then she straddles him and they make-out. Jed plays her something on the piano but who cares about him anymore. We then cut to Luke P. still going on about him being so hurt that Hannah would ever do something like that. Thankfully, our lord and savior, Tyler C. was there to put him in his place. Tyler C. said he respects Hannah for her decision because she was embracing the culture and it’s her body so she can do whatever she wants. Pan over to Luke P. making that same dumb-shocked face that he has on literally all the time.

Luke P. then takes it upon himself to go talk to Hannah about this. I recognize that this is what Hannah wanted Luke P. to do – to share how he is feeling with her. But he went about it all wrong. He was manipulative and gaslighting her. Luke basically compared it to being cheated on – yet this is the show he signed up for but whatever – he said it pissed him off and it felt like a slap in the face.

He also brought his parents into this and basically saying that he doesn’t want to bring a woman home that would be intimate with a man outside of marriage. But wait there are more stupidity and nonsense that comes out of his mouth. Then he starts saying that it doesn’t bother him and that they can work through this together – any bonehead mistake she makes. Excuse me? Hannah doesn’t say much because she’s probably too shocked.

Group Date Rose: Tyler C.

Come fly away into a forever love

Peter was chosen for the final one-on-one of the night. Prior to the date, Hannah said in her ITM that Peter is the kind of guy that you want to see pushing a stroller in the park. Their date was a Latvian spa day where they cleansed and bonded their souls. You can really feel their physical and emotional chemistry together and I love them.

The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap

They make cute wishes about wanting to open up to each other together. Then they both tell each other that they like the sweaty look because they were in a sauna. And then it was one (literally) hot and spicy make-out session. Afterward, they move to a hot tub. Peter tells her that he wants to be that rock for her, that he really likes her, and wants to learn everything about her because there’s a lot to her. And then the make-out some more.

During the evening portion of the date…

At dinner, he asks Hannah about her confidence. What I really loved about last night’s episode was that the guys were finally starting to ask her deeper questions about herself. Basically, she says this is really how she’s always been. She then asks about his job and how it affects his dating life. He then talked about his past relationships and how he’s had a hard time opening up since his last relationship because it left him devastated. Peter says that his feelings for Hannah scares him but also excites him. Finally, he tells her he’s falling for her.

Rose: Yes

Headaches, you give me headaches

Once Peter returns and he talks a little bit about his date, Jed gets up and walks out. I’m no longer a Jed fan so I was really annoyed about

The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap
The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap

what was about to happen. He goes to Hannah’s window and serenades her with a guitar. I would have loved this rom-com moment last week, but now I hated it. She lets him in and he sings her a really sexual song and I was uncomfortable. But it worked somehow. Can we just talk about how Jed can’t actually really song though because yikes? They make-out and he tells her that he’s falling in love with her.

Meanwhile, in Luke P.’s bedroom, there’s a stare-off with him and Garrett. There were many staying in your lane metaphors and more clarity. Garrett tells him that he isn’t staying in his lane and Luke P. says something along the lines of he is staying in his lane but when he looks out his window he can see what Hannah is doing with the other guys. I don’t even know. Then Luke says he wants Garrett to promise him that this won’t carry over into the rose ceremony. Garrett won’t promise that. It’s just so ironic that now Luke is wanting his name to be left out of things and wanting promises. Anyways, Luke P. tells him to get out. There’s a weird stand-off and Garrett dramatically (yet iconically) says, “sweet dreams, Luke”.

You don’t own me

The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap
The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap

Hannah’s season promo song now makes all the sense because of Luke P. The guys are all sitting around when Hannah comes in unexpectedly. She asks to talk to Luke and they walk off into a different room. When they sit down, she tells him that she appreciates him opening up but his language didn’t sit well with her.

This man did so much back-peddling and more gaslighting/manipulation it was insane. She tells him again that her date with Garrett wasn’t sexual, but even if it was it doesn’t matter. Like yes, girl! She says that he’s not her husband and he doesn’t own her body. He then says he’s giving her the best of him, like yikes? That’s your best? What’s your worst? Nevermind, I don’t even want to know.

So, then their conversation ends. She leaves. He goes back to the guys and basically announces he’s not going to announce what they talked about. There were so many “stay in your lane” metaphors, lies, and arguing. Tyler C. and Garrett end up shutting this all down because he’s not making any sense and he’s being slightly aggressive.

Chris Harrison walks and announces that there is no cocktail party tonight. Understandably, the guys are mad at Luke and say, “3 in a row, Luke” and “all you, keep it up”. I’m living for the pettiness of the men but also it is getting ridiculous at this point.

Rose Ceremony

Who left: Dylan and Dustin

The Bachelorette Week 7 Recap Conclusion

I really am sad for Hannah because she literally says she doesn’t know if she loves Luke or if he’s driving her crazy. I’m going with the latter and I hope she is able to find her way out of this manipulative monster. And the previews just keeping getting more and more intense.

What do you guys think of this episode? Also, just this Tyler C. video – just please watch.

My top 4 now stand as Tyler C., Mike, Peter, and Connor. And in case you missed it, The Bobby Bones show had Jed’s ex-girlfriend on their show on Wednesday, June 26.

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