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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 6

ABC/John Fleenor

This may be the Bachelorette week 6 recap by ABC kinda stole my thunder…so we’re starting off with a picture of Tyler C. to make this worth it. I would tell you to grab a snack since my recaps tend to be lengthy, but you won’t be here long.

The Rat Who Came to Dinner and Won’t Leave

Last week we left off on the cliffhanger and a promising look that Luke P. was going home. It was too good to be true, wasn’t it? Yep, it was. It looked like she was going to send him home, she basically told him to leave. And he did. Although he turned right back around to go back at a second chance.

It didn’t seem like she was having it for a while, but his manipulation finally broke her down. She didn’t give him a rose but she didn’t send him home either. So, he heads back to the house to tell all the guys that Hannah said their one-on-one was the worst one she’s had. The guys looked like they were trying to hold their laughs back but once he said she said he could stay but didn’t get a rose they didn’t look too pleased.

Rose: No

Cocktail Party

The cocktail party was worse than a hot mess express. I actually had a headache after watching this cocktail party. In Hannah’s ITM, she said that she wanted more from all of the men. She should have specified what it was that she wanted more of because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what was about to come.

After she made her speech to start the night, Garrett was the first to steal her. Their conversation was going really well until he decided to bring Luke P. into it. Bad move, man, bad move. Hannah ends up telling Garrett that Luke P. did mention the other guys by name even when he told them he would not. Are you shocked? Because I’m not.

Garrett wraps up his conversation to give Connor some time with Hannah. Another bad move was made when Garrett went straight for the kill with Luke P. He confronts him with what Hannah said and, of course, he lies and lies and lies, and then he gets found out and tries to cover it up with some nonsense.

But mom…

Hannah ends up leaving her conversation with poor Connor to go full-on mom mode because she couldn’t stand listening to the fighting anymore. And it was actually non-stop arguing. People were talking and yelling over each other and lies and frustration were everywhere. It was almost unbearable to watch. When Hannah comes in she pretty much tells them to stop and that she’s capable of handling her situations and she doesn’t need them to fight her battles for her.

She leaves again, listens to them start arguing again when she told them to knock it off, she downs her wine, and goes back into the room with them to tell them to stop again. Hannah tells them that it’s not just Luke P. making her feel psycho and irritated, it’s all of them, and that none of them know anything about her and what makes her, her because no one asks and they just talk about stupid shit. Then she says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone and leaves. Tyler C. and Peter end up being the voice of reason. Hannah is off bawling into Chris Harrison’s arms in the hallway.

I’ve personally been really into someone like Luke P. before and they kept stringing me along, and it does mess with you. But Hannah really needs to reexamine her worth and look at all the great guys that are here for her. She even said last week on the date that Luke P. wasn’t on it was great. Then she said Luke P. was the worst one-on-one she’s had. The common denominator here is Luke P. He needs to go and I don’t blame the guys for getting so frustrated with him being here still.

Rose Ceremony

Who Leaves: Devin, Grant, and Kevin

But Kellie What About the Rest of Tonight’s Episode?!

Well, folks, it was basically like this, this, this, this, and this. If ABC needs recaps so bad, they really should have just asked me for some. Instead, they wasted an hour of our time with content that we literally just watched tonight and the past few weeks. They did travel to Latvia (?) and Hannah had a nice coffee date with Chris.

So, that’s it. That’s the whole recap. The whole show was an hour of arguing and an hour of recap no one needed to see. However, the previews for the remainder of the season were something else. I am not shocked that Luke P. was the one gaslighting her for having sex before marriage. AS IF he didn’t. Like come on, the guy really said in his intro package that he took advantage of girls before God came to speak to him in the shower. Whatever.

My top 5 are still going strong as Tyler, Peter, Mike, Connor, and Jed.

Meanwhile, the Bachelor in Paradise cast was announced today and it’s pretty good. I’m honestly hoping for more wild cards and throwback people that aren’t just from Colton and Hannah’s season.

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