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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 4

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It’s once again time for the Bachelorette week 4 recap and it was something else. It had so much drama that I didn’t even have the energy to even bother writing this last night. There’s a lot to discuss in this episode because there was another hospital visit (for the second week in a row), acts of aggression in the name of love, and refreshing honesty. The men have left the mansion and have begun their adventure for love around the world starting in…Rhode Island.

Making Baskets and Stealing Hearts

Jed was the first one-on-one of the night. Oh, in case you missed it since last week’s episode, it’s surfaced that Jed was a stripper…so there’s that. They spent their date walking around Boston while Hannah made up facts about America, an adorable photo booth session, being fun and goofy together, drinking and kissing in the Cheers bar, and ending their afternoon shooting hoops with two Celtics players. And a not-so-subtle Halo Top product placement in the park.

In her ITM, Hannah said she thinks there was no one better for this date than Jed. At a few points in both of their ITMs, they say, to some extent, that they gel together well and it’s effortless and fun. They both even said they’re comfortable with each other. It’s obvious there is a connection with these two beyond the physical attraction – which is important.

She shares that it feels easy with Jed and that she doesn’t feel the pressure to be perfect. That was a super small but important hint to me that he makes it far because since she was on Colton’s season she has always felt like she’s needed to be perfect in her past relationships. This whole date was super cute, but my favorite part was when they were kissing on the court and he threw the ball backward and covered his head expecting to miss and he actually made it.

Onto the evening portion of the date…

Jed shares his passion for music. If you need a refresher, Jed is a musician from Nashville. He talks about how his love of music stemmed from watching his grandma playing the piano. Jed tells Hannah that he honestly came onto the show because he saw it as an opportunity to further his career. And did I hate it? Nope! I loved it and love him even more now. Why? I usually get annoyed when it’s so obvious that people come onto the show looking for fame. But what was different about Jed sharing this was that he actually open and honest about it.

We all know that it is almost guaranteed coming onto the show, you will gain a following and make money. No one comes onto the show 100% only for love and it’s a lie if they say they do. It’s a lie because when you sign up for the show you don’t know if you will like, let alone even love, whoever the lead is. So, yes, Jed came onto the show knowing he can gain a platform from this, but he is feeling a genuine connection and falling for Hannah. And he tells her that which is just as important as sharing his intentions of why he came on the show.

Rose: Yes

Luke P(uke) Becomes Red Ross

The only group date of the night was, as you can imagine, a disaster. The guys were to play rugby and I hate dates like these. This date would have been in good fun IF Luke P. wasn’t on it. But right when the date card was given, Luke P. said, “it’s about to get bloody” and then LAUGHS. That’s honestly terrifying. And if you’re new here, hi I hate Luke P. with every fiber of my being. Also if you missed it since last Monday’s episode, Luke P. posted this on his Instagram. Which sounds a lot like this …I’m just saying.

Back to the date, Hannah wanted everyone to have fun and didn’t want anyone to get hurt. But Kevin ended up having to leave in an ambulance because he dislocated his shoulder. Luke P. took it too far which doesn’t surprise me. He was physically pulling other guy’s shirts to drag them down and he slammed Luke S. to the ground flat on his back. He even looked so distressed when he saw Hannah hugging another guy from his opposing team. Luke P. took this fun game a little too far and he was definitely the kid that got mad at everyone in gym class for not taking any of the games seriously. However, Luke P. did apologize to Luke S. on the field but it was BS and no one was buying it.

Luke vs Luke begins

Once the rugby match was over, it was time for the evening portion of the date. Luke S. calls Luke P. a lunatic in his ITM and Hannah pulls Luke Puke first to talk to. Luke P. starts to lie about Luke S. saying he tried fighting him and swinging at his face on the field so he, “picked him up and put him on his back”. He makes it sound all gentle and like Luke S. is a turtle because if you rewatch that scene, it looked really painful for Luke S.

Just watching Luke P.’s face when he talks makes me angry because you can tell he’s lying and manipulating her so much. Luke P. said he doesn’t have any problems with the other guys in the house which two minutes later all the guys are telling Hannah their problems with Luke P. so there’s that. Luke P. still goes on to lie about Luke S. saying he only ever talks about his tequila brand and never Hannah, which we have never heard of until this very moment – thanks Luke P. your plan backfired. Even a little while later in the show, Luke S. is talking to someone and the guy goes, yeah I didn’t even know you had a tequila brand, and Luke S. says in his ITM that it’s not even in business yet.

It’s not us, it’s him…

Then, she pulls Luke S. to talk. She asks him to talk about today, and Luke S. tells her the opposite – yet the truth – of what happened earlier. Luke S. tells her what happened last week when Luke P. claimed in the second episode to be falling in love with Hannah to all of the sudden saying he was going to leave and Hannah isn’t interested in him because of her calling him out on his BS. He shares that they all have issues with Luke P.

Once she finished talking to all the guys, who share they don’t like Luke P., the men are all sitting around confronting Luke P. Garrett begins by saying he doesn’t appreciate that he hurt two of his friends, and Mike calls him out by reminding him of last week when Hannah talked to him about not making this all about him and calls him a psychopath. Luke P. said he doesn’t remember how that problem with Luke S. happened and told another story than everyone else did about that incident. All the guys aren’t having it and most walk away which is a big mood leaving the Lukes sitting together alone.

We get a break from the drama when Garrett goes to talk to her and doesn’t mention the Luke drama at all. He said he’s crushing on her hard. She said she’s been trying to get him to open up so she appreciates him saying something. Hannah said she’s excited to see where their relationship goes.

Back to the drama…

Luke S. is a political consultant and you can tell by this scene of him asking Luke P. questions because of how calm and diplomatic he sounds. Luke P. still claims he thought Luke S. was going to hit him earlier. The most frightening part of this conversation is Luke P.’s tone saying he hopes Luke S. turns around because he’d love to get to know him on a more real and deep level. Luke S. responds by saying he can’t wait until he’s kicked off the show.

Rose: Garrett

See? He’s Her Lobster

The second and last one-on-one of the night was with Tyler C. Before Tyler C. got there, Hannah was a mess. That seems to be a pattern and I don’t blame the woman. She’s having to deal with nonsense and doesn’t even realize she’s getting played by a manipulative man child. However, it was Tyler C. to the rescue. He comforted her so well and gave her the reassurance she needed; he kept telling her that he always will have her, regardless. Personally, I was getting major Jason Tartick vibes from Becca’s season from Tyler C.

He was just super sweet to her and I love the way he was looking at her – it melted my heart. After she was able to calm down, they went lobster catching filled with “great catch” puns. She said that she’s glad it was him on this date because no one could comfort her like him. Honestly, whoever marries this man is going to be one lucky woman because he comforted her like no other when she really needed it.

On the evening portion of the date, he shares that two months before he came on the show his dad almost passed away. When he was recovering, they would watch The Bachelor together and his dad said that Hannah was his girl. It was cute and a little sad, but he said his dad is doing okay now. She shares with him that she first got player vibes from him but she is glad she’s wrong about that. He says he is feeling things with her. Then they had one of the classic concert dancing dates with Jake Owen. And I love these dates. I know everyone makes fun of them, but I think they’re so sweet and romantic.

Rose: Yes

Cocktail Party

Before the drama and lies are brought back up, Peter had his adorable moment with Hannah. He properly asks her to be his girlfriend and she accepts. Mike even got some good time, saying she can be his fourth queen (the other three are women in his family, duh).

Mike confronts Luke P. again about the on-going drama. He says Luke P. is the cause for the unhappiness, and Luke says no, it’s Luke S. More nonsense is said like Luke P. saying, “you’re telling me the sky is red when I know it’s blue” and Mike calls him a dumbass and a millennial f—stick. Luke P. then claims he’s never done anything negative or disrespectful to anyone in the house…roll the tapes, please. Mike calls him unstable and a psychopath then they pan down to Luke P.’s Arthur-meme-clenched fist. In Luke P.’s ITM, he holds up a phone with the definition of psychopath pulled up saying that’s the complete opposite of him. That’s exactly what a psychopath would do… But Mike says he’s Luke P.’s biggest threat and Luke P. said he’s not threatened by anyone especially Mike.

It’s never going to end…

Luke S. talks with Hannah and she said she doesn’t know who to trust, she’s confused, irritated, and she sees both sides. That’s a little frustrating for me because it feels like she’s siding with Luke P. who is manipulating her and has SO many red flags. Luke S. confronts Luke P. saying she doesn’t trust him because of the tequila brand thing. Luke P. said he’s going to tell her the truth. Garrett tells him he has to tell Hannah he was wrong, not just that Luke S. is here for the right reasons.

But what does Luke P. do? He lies. Luke P. tells Hannah that Luke S. asked him to put in a good word for him with her. So, then Hannah goes back to Luke S. with what Luke P. said. There’s more frustration on Luke S., Hannah, and the viewers because she is the only one not seeing the truth. Luke S. calls Luke P. a lying, manipulative POS and hoping and praying Hannah sees that in his ITM. Then he goes back to Luke P. about what he just heard from Hannah. There are more lies and I’m convinced Luke P. doesn’t think he’s being filmed almost 24/7 that everyone and their mother knows he’s lying.

The episode ends with Hannah calling both Lukes to talk to them.

No Rose Ceremony – To Be Continued

Because of the Luke drama, there was no rose ceremony this week.

The drama last night was so ridiculous that I had to watch this episode twice to fully understand this Luke drama. But there’s no understanding crazy so I can only hope Hannah ends up siding with Luke S. next week.

As of right now, my top 5 consist of Mike, Jed, Tyler C., Peter, and Connor.

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