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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 1

Hannah Brown and her men giving a toast on night one - The Bachelorette Week One Recap
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Tonight was the premiere of season 15 of The Bachelorette with Hannah Brown as our leading lady. This also means it’s the return of my favorite blog posts – beginning with the Bachelorette week one recap. A lot of people were on the fence (no pun intended – I’m sorry) about Hannah B. as the Bachelorette, but that woman was the perfect fit. She had the classiest and most empowering exit from The Bachelor with a line we all felt about she won’t allow herself to not feel chosen every day. Hannah is vulnerable and open about her insecurities and that’s the type of real and relatable we need on this show. I found myself getting emotional during her opening of the show because it was so pure and genuine and she deserves and she’s going to prove that to us.

I was personally underwhelmed with the men tonight and there wasn’t one entrance that really wowed me. However, there were plenty of men that left a bad taste in my mouth (cough Luke P. cough). On the bright side, there was girl power and Hannah looking incredibly breath-taking in her dress. And so we begin Hannah’s journey to finding her prince roll tide.

Notable Stats of the Night

First Limo Exit: Garrett (Alabama man)

Best Arrivals: Jonathan (Pizza my heart) and Matt Donald (tractor)

Worst Arrivals: John Paul Jones (My name is John Paul Jones. My friends call me John Paul Jones. So you can call me John Paul Jones), whoever the man was that cried virgin, and Connor S. hopped the fence – those are literally so last season, and Joe (the Box King)The Bachelorette Week One Recap

First Kiss: Cam

First Impression Rose: Luke P.

My First Impression Rose: Matt Donald

First Steal: Luke P.

Who Left: Scott, Chasen, Hunter, Joe, Matt Donald, Ryan, and Thomas

I Would Keep: Chasen and Matt Donald

I Would Ditch: John Paul Jones, Luke P., Cam, and Kevin

The One That Got Away: Matt Donald

Number of Pilots: 2

Number of Animal Costumes: 0

Paradise Auditions: John Paul Jones, Cam, Luke P., and Luke S (he looks like if you put Nick Viall in the dryer)

Roll Tide Count: About 14 times

My Top 5: Matthew, Matt Donald, Connor S., Peter, and Jonathan

My Top 5 for Hannah: Matthew, Garrett, Connor S., Jed, and Peter

Villian Predictions: Luke P. and John Paul Jones

Don’t Look At Me You Got a Girl At Home…

From Colton’s season of The Bachelor and Hannah’s friends, Demi and Katie helped their girl out. The two sat in a van on the mansion’s driveway and spied on the guys. And in true Demi fashion, she brought the tea. She was told by people on social media that Scott had a

The Bachelorette Week One Recap

girlfriend back home. This is funny because he introduced himself to Hannah as someone who was looking for their life partner.

Naturally, Chris Harrison intervenes and pulls Hannah from the guys to talk to Demi and Katie. They ask her what she thinks of Scott and, of course, she says that she likes him and seems really nice. Once they tell Hannah that they have a pretty good feeling that he does have a girlfriend at home, she wastes no time in going to confront him.

When she asks him if he does it goes something like this, “Oh…no I don’t have a girlfriend. I mean kind of. But not really. We talked a couple of days ago. But I mean you literally just dated Colton, so it’s like the same thing. Honestly, this is your fault for asking.” Hannah gives him the big boot and sends him packing. But it was weird because it was like he didn’t want to leave and she had to keep telling him to come on as they were walking. See you never, jerkface.

Luke P. is the new Robby Hayes

Okay, he’s like if Robby Hayes and Luke Pell morphed into one person. Yeah. A nightmare. I’m not hiding my extreme dislike for Luke P. because something in my gut is just telling me he is not Hannah’s guy and he’s bad news. In the previews for the rest of the season, we see his toxic masculinity come out which is disappointing but not shocking.

After Hannah kicked out Scott like the queen she is, she needed a moment. And the men recognized that and let her have her space. All theNick Viall Tweet - The Bachelorette Week One Recap men, except Luke P. He went out to talk to her. But what got me the most was that she said she was cold and he didn’t even offer to give her his jacket or go back inside, he just let it be. AND he still got the first impression rose. I am astonished. Come on, Hannah, you deserve so much better. Even Colton would have given her his jacket. For Hannah’s sake, I hope I’m wrong about Luke P., but I don’t have any hope or faith in this man.

And can we talk about his video package? He basically said that he knows he’s so good-looking that he used that to take advantage of women when he was younger. That is horrible. No one seems to be talking about it and it’s been bothering me all night. But he suddenly changed his ways in the shower one day when God came to him. In the shower. I hate to be basic, but thank u next, Luke P.

Night one may be over, but it’s just beginning…

And that’s a wrap on week 1 of this season’s Bachelorette. I am so excited to watch Hannah throughout this journey and I hope the men shape up or leave. I admire and appreciate that Hannah isn’t taking any nonsense from these men and letting them know that on night one. That’s the Bachelorette we deserve.

When they showed the previews for the rest of the season we see the picture-perfect romance and then it turned into the hot mess express in 0.2 seconds. We see Hannah bawling into Chris Harrison’s arms, Hannah hits the camera away, an ambulance shows up, and Hannah destroys a man’s double standard about sex when she says she’s had sex and Jesus still loves her.

So, buckle up folks because we are in for quite the treat this season! And prepare for Old Matt Donald to be this season’s Grocery Store Joe and I am here for it.

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