Romper for Spring
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Cutest Romper this Season + Favorite Things About Spring

Romper for Spring
Romper for Spring

This is a collaboration with Alaina Lynne. I was not paid to write this and will not get compensation if you use any links in this post. I just really love this romper and wanted to share it with ya’ll!

Spring is here! No, I’m not kidding, it’s finally Spring in Illinois. It snowed all day last Sunday and by Tuesday I broke out my sandals. Welcome to the midwest. Now, let’s talk about the cutest romper for Spring.

Because Spring is here, it’s about time to ditch the heavy sweaters and boots and swap them out for your favorite warm-weather outfits. I love rompers. However, rompers don’t always love me. They’re either too short so when I bend over my butt is being shown to the world. Or they’re either too large and I look like I’m wearing a paper bag. So, it’s always a shot in the dark when I order one online.

I recently bought the cutest romper for spring and summer and I am officially in love with it. You can wear it as is or you can throw on a jean or a leather jacket to dress it up a bit. I paired mine with a jean jacket and white ked-style shoes and I was good to go. So simple and cute! And it makes it look like you put more effort into your outfit than you really did.

Romper for Spring

I picked this romper up for a super affordable price over at Alaina Lynne. This is their Weekend Romper and what I love about it is that it fits perfectly. It’s super comfortable, covers my butt so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone every second that I’m out, and it ties in the back to suit your torso and shoulder needs. I’m about 5’3″ in height wearing a size small and the model on their page wearing the Weekend Romper is 5’6″ also wearing a size small. So, it’s super versatile and still looks great! You can use my code KELLIE10 to get 10% off your purchase! And it never expires so you can use it again and again – how fun is that?

Romper for Spring

Another thing that I love about Alaina Lynne is that their mission is to be an encouragement to women who have goals/dreams. Every woman should be encouraged to dream big and follow those dreams with purpose. Not only do I want to support small businesses and fellow girl bosses, but I also want to support those with a mission that aligns with things that mean something to me.

Having a big dream and being so stubborn and determined to make that dream come true is so important and something that I feel very passionate about. That dream doesn’t have to be becoming a CEO if that isn’t your thing. If your dream is to become a mother or a teacher because that is what you feel your purpose on this Earth is for – go for it and don’t stop until you achieve it.

Romper for Spring

A Few Reasons Why I Love Spring

Spring is my second favorite season next to Fall. As much as I am more of a cold-weather kind of woman, I’m over it after a certain point. I need the sunlight and the plants to come back to life. Personally, I think that there is something poetic about Spring and Fall, Summer and Winter are too intense for me.

Other than being able to break out my favorite Springtime outfits, here are a few of my other favorite reasons why I love the Spring:

  • Flowers and trees bloom
  • Warm sunlight with a cool breeze
  • The sun is out longer
  • All the pastel colors come out to play
  • It’s Easter season – more excuses for chocolate and seeing my family
  • No more puffy jackets and stocking hats
  • I don’t have to chip away ice off my car
  • Outdoor concert season begins
  • Ice cream date nights are back

Cons of Spring

  • The bugs are back
Romper for Spring
Perfect Romper for Spring and date night

It was super fun to go out and shoot this outfit and figure out how to be somewhat fashionable in this post. My boyfriend and I wandered all over my town’s quaint downtown area to get these photos. We stopped for some tasty appetizers and ended the night with yummy ice cream with a lot of laughs. With the craziness of it being the last couple of weeks before my semester ends, this was one of my favorite days in a while. We were able to spend quality time together even it was “working”.

Tell me something you love about Spring and if you buy anything from Alaina Lynne! Jennifer is the sweetest and deserves support and love.

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