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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Finale Week 10

Finale Part One

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Well, for the first time in Bachelor history, there are no women left on the show and Colton is indeed still a bachelor. It’s week 10 of The Bachelor and this is supposed to be the week we see an engagement but by the looks of Monday night’s episode, that most likely will not be the case. When was the last time someone didn’t get engaged at the end? Round on with Brad Womack? Juan Pablo? Do you see the pattern? This doesn’t look like Colton is going to have a promising reputation afterward. Even Arie and Jason Mesnick have a better reputation than Brad and Juan Pablo. Either way, we watch Colton fight for the women he loves even though if a Bachelorette did what he did she would be called some nasty things.

The Bachelor That (Almost) Got Away

Anyways, last Monday we left off and Colton was running into the Portuguese night away from producers and they were whistling after him like he was a lost dog. Monday night, it was the most dramatic search party – Chris Harrison was finally right about it being the most dramatic season…I mean they lost the Bachelor. Harrison broke into a jog, dogs were barking, they had to get cars, and then Harrison had to make the call to production saying that if they don’t find him that the police are going to get involved.

Eventually, they find him, and Colton is less than pleased that they did. He wants to be left alone and he tries to quit the show. I mean he can’t do that under contract obligations, but it was a nice dramatic touch that even had me wondering, “…can he actually quit??”. They finally get him in the car and take him back to his hotel room.

In the morning, Harrison drops by his room to talk. It almost felt like they were taking Colton out of a timeout to do this interview. Like now that you have calmed down, can we talk about why you did what you did?? He said that after Cassie left, he felt that he couldn’t go on with the show without her. He said that he knew she was leaving when she was walking towards him because something seemed different about her.

Then, he broke my heart when he said that when something good happens to him then something bad happens to him. I think we all felt that. But then Harrison hits him with the cutthroat, “bottom line, what if she’s just not that into you?”. That was a hard yikes to say at that moment. He said he was in love with Cassie and only falling for Tayshia and Hannah G. Colton then tells Harrison that he knows what he needs to do.

It’s Not You…Actually, It Is, You’re Not Cassie

After Colton says that he knows what he needs to do they cut to a scene of him knocking on a door. Whoever it is on the other side takes the longest time to open it and I’m holding my breath because I don’t know who door he is knocking on. Finally, the door opens and it’s Tayshia. I felt like I was getting broken up with because my heart instantly dropped. She seemed really excited to see him, but after a few seconds, you could tell she knew what was about to come out of his mouth.

He asks if they can talk and the breakup speech begins. Colton tells her that he can’t love two people and that he loves Cassie. As of Monday night, I don’t think either Tayshia or Hannah G. knows what exactly happen or that Cassie even left. There is a lot of crying by both and Tayshia even starts to console Colton. That takes next level maturity to do even if she was really upset and heartbroken, too.

She asks him if they can talk off camera…and well they do but their mics weren’t turned off, so we heard everything they were saying behind the doors / reading the subtitles of their sobs. Colton finally goes to hug her, and you can actually hear his heart beating. So, they either have really good mics or his heart was literally beating out of his chest. He leaves. Tayshia sobs into her hands telling herself, “it’s okay, it’s okay” and it was relatable.

When they cut to the live show when Tayshia is talking to Harrison, she tells him she knew something was wrong right away even though she was excited to see him. She could tell something was off in his demeanor and it wasn’t positive. However, Tayshia did have that post-breakup glow and she looked ethereal. Like, heck yeah girl show him what a catch he’s missing out on. The whole time she had to talk to Colton last night for the first time since the breakup, she kept her composure and was extremely gracious and mature. We stan.

Hannah G(oodbye)

This breakup crushed my entire being. I was not okay after this one so much that I felt like I had been broken up with. The poor, sweet soul did not see it coming and I don’t blame her. For a man that kept telling her, she felt like home since night one, she was led on a ton.

Before Colton came to her room, she was talking about how excited she was to see him and finally tell him that she loves him. Her face lit up with so much happiness when he came to her door. And because we all knew what was coming and she didn’t, I felt so sick for her. Colton starts to tell her basically the same thing that he told Tayshia which is bad on his part. I’m sure he’s heartbroken because of Cassie and that he has to dump two other amazing women that he is falling in love with, but don’t reiterate the same thing to both of them.

He tells her that when he was with the other women that he just kept thinking about Cassie the whole time. Like, come on, you did not need to tell her that. Everything that he was saying was not going to give her closure or an explanation of what happened and when. Then he takes the knife that he already hurt her with and digs it in deeper when he tells her that she still feels like home. WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU TELL HER THAT WHEN YOU’RE BREAKING HER HEART?! Oh, and he tells her he thought it was going to be her. Please stop, sir. You’re not making this any better.

She cries. He cries. He leaves. She says she doesn’t want to talk about anything when she gets in the car to leave. Colton breaks down outside her room and then keeps saying that he doesn’t know if he’s making the right choice and that he can only hope he is. A producer asks if he’s okay and he hugs her crying. He doesn’t know if he’s making the right choice or the impossible choice.

Then they cut to the live show and Hannah G. doesn’t hold back and I was here for it. She’s clearly still very hurt by what happened because it was obvious, she was led on by him.
Hannah G. talks about how him telling her she feels like home this whole time when he told her it again when breaking up with her. When Colton comes out, she tells him that he did to her what Cassie did to her. Like, yes girl, call him out! She ends it all by iconically saying that she just wants someone to jump a fence for her. That’s something we all want. Not necessarily for someone to jump an actual fence for you, but to do literally anything to show their love for you and be fought for like that. And Hannah G. and Tayshia deserve that.

The Rest of the Night

The remaining part of the episode was Harrison having guy talk with Ben Higgins, Jason Tartick, Blake Horstmann, Garrett Yrigoyen, and Colton. They all discussed what they thought would happen and what he might/should do. I love that Jason used his 30 seconds of screen time to remind us all that he’s with the beautiful Kaitlyn Bristowe – that was fantastic.

The episode ends with Colton heading over to Cassie’s hotel room and knocking on her door. Just before he did that, they showed Cassie packing her things. In her ITM, she said that she’s ready to move on. Then the episode ends there.

Will there be a final rose? Will there be an engagement? And will anyone let Colton live down the fact that his new hairstyle looks like Cassie’s fathers?

Finale Part Two

ABC/John Fleenor

I’m just going to preface this by saying that I didn’t like the finale. Yes, it was “realistic”. Yes, I do believe that they are in love. Of course, I’m sure producers had a large hand in this. But something is off to me and you can’t produce/manipulate some of the things that happened. That’s just me though. Personally, I was bummed that there wasn’t a moving proposal speech that would make me cry overlooking beautiful scenery. But I am happy that they are happy.

Want to Get Back Together?

Cassie opened that door smiling. It threw me way off. The woman didn’t even look shocked when she saw it was him. Like, come on. Then they hold hands to go talk somewhere that wasn’t her room. They are broken up still at this point…why would you hold hands??

Anyways, the talk was much shorter than I anticipated. Colton tells her that he sent Tayshia and Hannah G. home. And then Cassie finally makes a shocked facial expression. But it was still weird. She seemed super touched that he did that for her and that he wants her that much but then it goes away. It seemed like she talked herself in a circle. She was ready, but she wasn’t. But she was, but she wasn’t. She didn’t want him to do that for her but seemed very happy that he did.

Well then one moment, I look away from the TV and look back up and they’re kissing and he’s asking her to come to meet his parents with him in Spain. She accepts. So, I guess they’re back together now.

So, Now We’re in Spain

His parents seemed really concerned about Cassie and I don’t blame them. Colton didn’t really give her the best introduction. He basically said that yeah, she ripped my heart out and I literally jumped a fence because of her and sent two other amazing women home to go after her with finger-crossed it would all work out. And he opened the conversation with gathering his family around to jokingly tell them he’s not a virgin anymore. It was an all-around yikes.

He meets Cassie outside before he brings her in and she starts saying that she’s nervous and starts crying. I mean I don’t blame her, but if she didn’t want to do this, she could have said no. They already broke all the other rules, so what’s one more?

Colton’s mom tells him that it scares him for her that she left once and that she could do it again. Which I understand both his mom and his side but sometimes you have to trust and take that leap that it won’t happen again. Then again, Colton really doesn’t give that much reason or reassurance to his mom that he’s confident that she won’t do it again. In fact, we don’t really know substantial reasons why he loves her other than she completes him and that she’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute.

In an ITM, Colton says that he’s giving Cassie his heart and that she’s holding it and it’s up to her what she does with it. I thought that was for sure a foreshadow but it wasn’t.

I Jumped, Now We Jump

For their last date, he takes Cassie on a picnic. Cute, right? Until he tells her that they have to repel off a mountainside to get to it. So, basically, he’s saying that he jumped a fence for her and now they have to jump down a mountainside together.

After they have safely repelled their way down the mountain to the picnic, they actually have a deeper conversation. All we’ve really seen of Cassie is them making out. I’ve been rooting for her since the beginning, but something does seem different about her after these last two episodes. She finally opens up about why she’s having trouble with commitment. Cassie said it’s not the relationship with Colton that scares her, it’s more the commitment aspect that does. When he asks her why she said it has to do with her last relationship in college.

It seems concerning that this is the first time we’re hearing about her past relationships and it is week 10 but you know that’s just how this season seemed to go. She said that in her last relationship they had everything planned out from a proposal to the rest of their lives. And after those plans, her ex became controlling and she felt like she couldn’t be herself. Colton reassures her that it won’t be like that with them. He would still have his guy’s night and she would still have her girl’s night. He wouldn’t want to control her.

The Final Fantasy Suite

At last, Colton and Cassie have their fantasy suite. Colton kicks the producers out making it very obvious that he was finally going to do it. The producers leave, however, they’re still miked. Honestly, the producers probably thought they were going to get away with that and I was living for it. Until Colton and Cassie popped their heads out the door and was like oops wait, get these off of us, please.

Cut to the live, show and we have Harrison, Demi, Onekya, Sydney, Jason, Ben, and Chris (I was very upset we had to see him again on TV) all talking about Colton’s virginity. That felt really weird to me. Yes, I want answers to but a yes or no would suffice because it was a big part of his storyline and really wanted to make it known. But the way they were analyzing it didn’t sit well with me.

The morning after their fantasy suite date it was over. Like that was it and we were brought to After the Final Rose except there was no final rose given. The way they just ended it felt very incomplete to me and it was not my favorite. Yes, I’m sad there wasn’t an engagement but there could have been a more finite way to conclude the season.

Welcome to the Brad Womack and Juan Pablo Club

Cassie and Colton come out to talk to Harrison. They are very in love, it seems. Colton even moved to California for her. They are not living together. But they have talked about marriage and a proposal, but it doesn’t seem like it will be happening anytime soon. Cassie even says that there is nothing holding her back from those things, but they just aren’t doing that yet. They both say they’re enjoying dating right now. Colton gives her the final rose while they’re sitting there.

Then they show a video of Colton and Cassie watching a video of Cassie telling Colton she loves him. And it was the most cringe-worthy thing ever. If you think about it, we watched Colton and Cassie watching a video of Colton and Cassie watching a video of Cassie. Ooof.

Proposal: No

Final Rose: Cassie

Our new Bachelorette is…


Hannah B!

Hannah B. meets five of her men and even gives out her first rose. She meets Luke (just nervous), Dustin (bring champagne in reference to her failed toast), Cam (raps for her), Connor (step-stool guy – my personal favorite), and Luke S. (who looks a lot like Nick Viall). She gives her first rose to Cam. So, does that count as the first impression rose? Stay tuned in May to find out!

I’m super excited for her to be the Bachelorette! I feel like she’s an acquired taste, but I think that makes for the perfect Bachelorette. After she made her amends with Caelynn, she became herself and her personality really shined. She’s awkward, hilarious, and kind and I can’t wait to see her find love. So, here’s to Hannah Beast – roll tide!

And that’s a wrap on the season 23 of The Bachelor. There was no proposal, but they seem happy together. All jokes aside, I’m really happy for Colton and Cassie. They found love together and fought for their relationship which makes me really happy for them. I wish them all the love and luck in their relationship, and I can’t wait to see how it develops from here.

This will be my last Bachelor recap until May for Ms. Roll Tide finding the man of her dreams. I’ll see you then and thank you so much for all the love and support on my recaps; I’m extremely grateful for it.

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