The Bachelor Week 9 Recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 9

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The Bachelor Week 9 Recap

I’m feeling like Hannah B. after coming off vacation (which is why this recap is a little late) and that Colton finally jumped that fence. Week 9 of The Bachelor brought us to Algarve, Portugal, and a lot of emotions. It brought tears, laughs, cheers, and a lot of innuendos. I was going to say that this episode didn’t disappoint but it did because my favorite, Cassie, went home.

After the rose ceremony last week, Colton has a conversation with Chris Harrison that wasn’t as awkward as it was on Becca’s season before the fantasy suites. But he does talk to him and says that if he loves one of these women, he could see losing his virginity happening. He then goes on to say that he is falling for all three women.

Where all the women are at

Tayshia said that their relationship has been about building trust and overcoming fear. She also said that being physical is a big part of a relationship for her and she wants to explore that.

Over a montage of making out and butt-grabbing montages, Cassie said that they have a lot of chemistry. She really likes him, and she wants to figure it out more.

Hannah G. seems the most confident to me. She seems the most confident because she said she sees forever with him and that she’s not scared and she’s excited. After all, she did get the first impression rose and he keeps saying she feels like home.

Tayshia’s fantasy suite or a game of innuendos for the producers?

Colton takes Tayshia on the first fantasy suite date. They fly on a helicopter to a place that’s basically on a cliff. He makes a weird extra virgin olive oil joke that really didn’t need to be said. When they land, he says in his ITM that he’s going to figure out if she’s his person or not. Like buddy, you don’t have to figure that out. If you know, you know.

The Bachelor Week 9 Recap
The Bachelor Week 9 Recap

He makes other weird comments like him not being flexible because he’s a virgin and how hard can doing it be. Like, yes, we get it, you’re a virgin. Please, stop. Other than those comments, there wasn’t much important conversation during their day portion of the date. Colton also seems to think his first time is going to be like in the movies…yikes is all I have to say about that.

During the evening portion of the date, Tayshia reveals that she waited until her ex-husband to have sex, so she understands where he’s coming from. She also said that he cheated on her a year or so into their marriage which is really sad. But now she knows her self-worth. So, at least something good came out of it. Colton tells her that if it’s them in the end, he would never do that to her. It was essentially like saying, I won’t sleep with other people if there’s a ring on your finger, but I am saying there is a possibility that I might sleep with the other two women here since there’s not a ring yet. And she has a nip slip. Intentional or not, that’s for you to decide.

They play some really weird music as Tayshia accepts the fantasy suite. She says that he might not wake up a virgin in her ITM. And in his ITM, he says that he’s experienced in other ways. Then in the morning, they confirm that they didn’t do anything, and she ends up looking directly at the camera. She walks him out and that’s the end of their date.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

The Bells Have Tolled

The Bachelor Week 9 Recap

After Colton says in his ITM that he has basically loved Cassie since Singapore, the local church bells ring. And they ring several more times throughout the date. A death sentence? Maybe. He says that she’s silly, goofy, sexy, and edgy. He also tells her she’s beautiful several times throughout the date (which is the sweetest) and even grabs her butt several times – in public. She says that she feels safe, comfortable, and does see a future with Colton. But she keeps saying that she just wants a little more time.

They walk around Portugal and even spend some time dancing with elderly people. He calls Cassie his girlfriend to the older gentleman that stole her from him when dancing. I haven’t really heard him or noticed him call any of the other women his girlfriend. He goes on some more in his ITM, that he just knows it’s Cassie. And he says that he feels himself more than ever with her and feels complete. Colton even said, “for sure, point-blank, I love Cassie”. My heart has fully melted at this point because you can just tell how much he loves her.

Colton does end up telling her that he had a challenging conversation with her dad during her hometown and did not get his blessing from him. She is visibly upset about the news. And she even says that she wishes he told her that then. It’s very important to her that her dad approves of their relationship. Because of what Colton told her, she is very confused and that he might not be the one now. Now, I’m sorry, this may be personal to me but it’s not up to my family if the guy I’m dating is the one or not. Of course, I want my family to like the guy I plan on marrying but it’s not a make or break. It’s all about what you feel. But, again, that’s just me.

Dad’s here…

During the break between Colton and Cassie’s day portion and the evening portion of the date, Cassie’s dad shows up. At first, I was like oh how

The Bachelor Week 9 Recap
The Bachelor Week 9 Recap

predictable that he had a change of heart and he’s coming to give his blessing. But I was wrong. He comes to talk to Cassie more and basically tells her not to do it. He asks her if she loves Colton and her response is that she thinks she does. That’s a hard yikes.

Her dad goes on to say that he was not convinced she loves him during hometowns and that she shouldn’t have any doubt in her mind if he is the one. He then tells the story to her about how he met her mom and that he found her when he wasn’t even looking for a relationship and he didn’t have any doubts. She then says that it’s hard, but she knows what she needs to do but she feels sick to her stomach just thinking about it.

It’s time…

Cassie gets ready and heads over to Colton. Colton, the poor soul, has no idea what’s coming. He’s finishing setting up the room and lighting candles talking about how excited he was and that tonight might be the night. He also said that she’s the one in and that he can see it working forever in another ITM.

The Bachelor Week 9 Recap

As soon as she starts talking to him, something on his face changes, and he knows what’s about to happen. She kept saying I don’t know and if you’ve never been through a breakup, that’s the most frustrating and aggravating thing to hear over and over again. He starts shaking and saying he doesn’t want to lose her. And my heart just started to break, because this breakup hit too close to home. He tells her that he wanted it to be her in the end.

She also said that she doesn’t want to give up, but she can’t get to where he’s at in the two weeks remaining. To which he says not to put this in a two-week timeline and that they don’t have to be engaged in two weeks. Everyone’s timeline looks different and it’s okay that she isn’t there yet. He doesn’t expect her to be there yet.

Cassie ends up leaving even after she said she was second-guessing herself. To be honest, there was something about this breakup that just didn’t seem like it was the end of their relationship. There was something that I can’t put my finger on that just tells me this isn’t the end. If that plays out on television or not, but I truly believe that it’s not over.

Amount of times Cassie said “I don’t know”: 16

The Bachelor Week 9 Recap
The Bachelor Week 9 Recap

Fantasy Suite: Declined, Cassie left.

Gone in One Swoop

After Cassie leaves, he closes himself in his room for a bit. Then he comes out of the room, hits the camera, and walks towards the fence

America has been dreaming about for 9 weeks. He hops the fence and you hear production calling for Chris Harrison. Harrison opens the gate, and everyone starts calling his name. The best part is they start whistling for him like he’s a dog and Harrison shields his eyes from the non-existent sun as he looks into the distance for Colton.

And there we finally have it. He jumped it and they lost the Bachelor.

The Bachelor Week 9 Recap Conclusion

And that was that with the loathful “To Be Continued” screen. Will Hannah G. ever get her fantasy suite? And will Colton pick any of the other two women remaining? Or will he go after Cassie and send the other two packing?

I will not be recapping the Women Tell All because we all know that was a hot mess express. And I loved (almost) every minute of it. I didn’t like that some of the women were saying that Nicole wasn’t being bullied. That’s not really up to anyone to tell Nicole other than how Nicole is feeling. It seemed like she was being bullied by some of the other women besides Onyeka at the Women Tell All. Also, Jane? She didn’t make it that far and she has a completely different name than Jane and she was trying to come for Caelynn? Nah, I wasn’t having that.

I also want to hear your thoughts on who you want to see as the next Bachelorette? Personally, I’m not really loving any of Colton’s women enough to have them as leads. There was too much mean girl drama this season. I would love to see Danielle Maltby or Olivia Caridi as the Bachelorette. However, rumors have it that it might be Hannah B!

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