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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 7

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It’s week 7 of The Bachelor and the women and Colton fly from beautiful Vietnam to…Denver, Colorado – Colton’s hometown. Honestly, saying this was Colton’s hometown was very confusing because for a hot second tonight I thought it was hometowns and I was like but wait there are too many women!! But nope, they just traveled to where he lives. However, one woman did get to meet his family.

The most lovable unlovable Bachelor, Ben Higgins, makes his routine appearance on the show to be the free therapist to Colton because clearly, Chris Harrison was busy. Colton makes it very clear tonight that his biggest fear is someone not being here for him and not ready for marriage. And thanks to Katie’s departure speech last week, made Colton’s fear intensify making it easy for the drama to seep in. He said he trusts Katie and well, that’s how this dumpster fire of an episode was born.

Not Ready for Marriage is the New Not Here for the Right Reasons

Tayshia was the first one-on-one date of the night. It was the perfect date: food, wine, a dog, ice cream, and more wine. She said that she’s on

cloud 9 and feels like she’s where she should be. The date was progressing just fine until Colton decided to stir the pot and ask Tayshia about the other women. If you want to make it far on The Bachelor do not talk about the other women – but what about if the bachelor asks you? Sticky situation.

Tayshia answered the question but perhaps wasn’t the most honest about it. She said she didn’t want to name names but proceeded to tell

him that Cassie and Caelynn have been talking about being the Bachelorette. Tayshia also mentions that if Colton were to propose to Caelynn, she would say no. I’ve been rooting for Tayshia and I would have honestly loved to see her as the Bachelorette, but now I’m not feeling it. Is she just trying to help Colton by telling him the truth or is she trying to take out her top two competitors? That’s hard to decide, but personally, I’m team Caelynn and Cassie at this point.

After their conversation at the nosiest possible place, they head back to what I presume to be Colton’s apartment. They make dinner, she wears his jersey, he shows her his bedroom and proceeds to tell her it’s not where the magic happens, and they make out.

Rose: Yes

Caelynn You Believe Tayshia Would Say That

The next one-on-one of the night was Caelynn. Colton took her snowboarding and he helped her – it was very endearing. And other than a few moments of them snowboarding there wasn’t much else to this date.

Colton talks to Caelynn about the things that Tayshia said against her. She gets visibly upset but somewhat keeps her composure because she doesn’t yell at him. As she’s crying, she tells him that she’s scared to lose him and afraid to have her future with him taken away because she cares for him so much. Caelynn tells him that she’s 100% ready for marriage and sees a future with him. Then she talks about how from night one she felt comfortable with him and she has never felt that way with anyone before. Then she ends it by telling him she prays to God that she doesn’t have to lose him because she’s falling in love with him. They end the night by dancing to Brett Young live.

Rose: Yes

You Can Meet My Mom, But That’s It

Hannah B. was the last one-on-one of the night. All though they weren’t in Denver to meet Colton’s family, Hannah B. was able to. Colton took her to meet his family. I didn’t have a very good feeling about this because remember when Arie took Krystal home for a premature hometown date…didn’t end well. And Colton could hardly give anything up about Hannah B. as to what she’s like besides that she’s incredible and amazing and that she loves him.

Colton basically gets a therapy talk from his dad. His dad says to block out the rumors the women are starting and to listen to his heart. Well, listening to his heart doesn’t end up great for Hannah B. When they’re back in the car, it’s super silent. She asks him if he’s okay and after a second pause, he says yes – unconvincingly. The poor girl didn’t even make it too far into the dinner before she was sent packing.

I was upset by her departure because I was starting to really like her now that she wasn’t obsessed over Caelynn anymore. Even though she was sent packing, I’m sure she’ll be taking those bags down to paradise this summer. It was also mean of him to bring her on this date just to let her go – this is not the content we are here for, Colton.

Rose: No

There’s No Two-on-One This Season, But How About a Boring Four-on-One?

Honestly, this recap is on the shorter side because it was just an episode of arguing. Not even good arguing. It’s all a bunch of she said, she said with nothing to really back it up and many contradictions. But there’s a train on this date.

Heather beats Colton to it by breaking up with him (this is like the fourth woman to break up with him this season – is he okay?). She leaves on her own terms and honestly, I respect her for that. The girl came to get her first kiss and left before she had to bring him home. And she got to leave on her own private train. So, who’s really the winner here?

It was then time for Colton to talk to Cassie about what Tayshia has said about her and Caelynn. Cassie had a very similar reaction to Caelynn. She was also clearly upset and verbatim said that had no words when he told her that. She said that she wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Cassie really starts to freak out – but again not at Colton, just more so the situation – by saying that she doesn’t know why this is happening and that she doesn’t understand why someone would start this. Cassie says she just wants him to believe her.

After their conversation, Cassie goes back to the other women to talk to Kirpa. Then it’s just straight arguing. I really like both of them, so I was upset. I hate that they got pit against each other. Colton comes back and says that he can’t make a decision yet and that their conversations will continue into the evening.

And then there were three…

At the dinner portion of the date, he grabs Hannah G. first leaving Kirpa and Cassie alone in awkward silence as you hear them laughing in the other room. Colton comes back out and grabs the rose in front of the two women and leaves them alone again to give the rose to Hannah G. Then, Hannah G. gets to go home. She goes home and fills the other women in on what happened during the day. Caelynn gets nervous for Cassie and decides to take matters into her own hands. Caelynn arrives at the date to talk to Colton. She tells him that even though she really cares for him and wants it to be them in the end, she feels Cassie deserves that chance, too. Basically, she tells him not to listen to Kirpa.

And he does.

Rose: Hannah G. and Cassie

Total Leaves of the Night: Kirpa, Heather, and Hannah B.

I can’t get over how boring this episode was because of all the arguing. It wasn’t even good drama. It was just women being mean to each other and that is not the wave in 2019. And if you’re watching for strictly Colton jumping the fence, yeah that hasn’t happened. Something also tells me it might just be in the bloopers on After the Final Rose – but who knows!

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