The Bachelor Week 6 Recap
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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 6

The Bachelor Week 6 Recap - Colton Underwood and Hannah Godwin
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Another episode has come and gone without a single fence jump. But five girls did go home and another one broke up with the lead again this week. So, I’m sure he’s getting ready to hop that fence any time now…here’s to next week. Anyway, let’s get into The Bachelor Week 6 Recap.

Last Week’s Rose Ceremony

Let’s backpedal a little bit because last week we were left on the dreaded “To Be Continued…” but we did not need that. Oneyka and Nicole dug their graves, argued some more even though it clearly made Colton mad when they did that, and Colton chatted with Chris Harrison. For once, the Bachelor sent home both parties of the drama. Why these three minutes couldn’t have been shown last week, who knows because it was the most anti-climactic thing ever.

Who left: Onyeka and Nicole. I think it’s safe to say they both secured their tickets to paradise.

Coming Home

This week Colton and the women traveled to Vietnam for three mediocre dates. The first one-on-one of the night was finally with Hannah G. The Bachelor Week 6 RecapTheir connection is so strong and stable that I forgot she hadn’t even been on a one-on-one date yet. She was the one who got the first impression rose on night one and he’s always said that Hannah G. feels like home.

Their date was far more relaxing and glamorous than most of the dates this season so far – no, I’m still not over the jungle date from last week. They get to go to a spa for massages, facials, mud baths, seaweed wraps, and a lot of spicy make-out sessions. Colton said that he felt connected to her instantly when she caught his eye on night one and that she has one of the best smiles. He also said that he feels smitten with her every time he sees her.

Don’t worry, they did more than make-out…

For the dinner portion of the date, Colton pulls his “move” this season and asks her why she is the way that she is. Hannah G. talks about how her parents got divorced. Specifically, she talks about a moment of the divorce that really stands out to her, her dad really loved their yard and when her mom came to get their things she drove through the yard and that was the first time she realized that they weren’t a family anymore. I’m lucky enough to come from a family where my parents are still married so I can’t imagine going through that. But hearing Hannah G. talk about it really tugged at my heart and I felt for her. Colton made her feel okay and he was able to relate to her because his parents are also divorced.

In his ITM, he says that she feels like home again. When he gives the rose to her, he tells her that he wants to make her laugh, to be her shoulder to cry on and that she makes him happy. She says that she’s falling in love with him. He says that he’s falling in love with her (but he doesn’t say it to her, obviously) and that he can see her as his wife.

Rose: Yes

Fight for Love

This group date was stupid. Just stupid. The women had to box each other. I know that the point of this show is for women to compete with each other over a man but to literally pit them against each other? That is not the move. And when the women start to get a little more aggressive or upset, Colton says that he just wanted everyone to have fun. Like, okay that was not going to happen. Who would have fun on this date?

Demi starts to get in her head but is trying to play it off like she isn’t getting in her head. She probably doesn’t want to be weak, but you’re lying to yourself if you say you wouldn’t get in your head if you were on this show. Someone said that Demi has a big bark but a little bite. She hyped herself up about beating whoever she fights, but she ended up losing.

You thought the day was boring, the “drama” was dull, too…

Katie and Sydney were getting a lot of screen time, so you know they were going to go home soon. During their screen time, they were either very emotional or nervous. Katie goes to talk to Colton to talk about her vulnerability issues. She tells him that it’s hard for her to show emotions because she doesn’t want them taken away.

Similar to that, she tells him that she doesn’t want him to think isn’t trying or that she’s pulling back. He’s very understanding and reassuring to her and tells her that he knows she’s trying. Later in her ITM, she says that she can see herself bringing home Colton to her family. But the way she said it seemed like she was answering a question. It was definitely a producer-fed line and she didn’t mean it.

Then along came Sydney. I was really rooting for her but then when she saw Demi and Hannah B. being lighthearted with Colton and laughing, she said it seemed like some of them weren’t ready for marriage. It always bothered me when contestants do this because you don’t have to be serious 24/7 in order to be ready for marriage – lighten up and have some fun on television.

Sydney goes to talk to Colton and tells him that it’s clear that some of the women aren’t ready for marriage. She basically asks if he can get there with her and he tells her he can try. Yikes, that’s not a solid answer. But wait, it gets worse. She comes back to him later to break up with him and tells him that it’s because he’s making “easy choices”. That’s just rude to tell someone. She doesn’t know his connections with the other women, and it was clear he just wasn’t that into her. Oh, well.

And, Demi calls her mom fresh out of prison with Colton and it was very boring. But my expectations were probably too high for a phone call.

Who left: Sydney

Rose: Tayshia

The Rise of Kirpa

Last week, Kirpa was the one that got us all talking about the bandage on her chin. It wasn’t addressed in the show, but it was released the

next day in deleted scenes that she slipped and fell and had to get stitches in her chin. In those deleted, however, we saw her personality and it was fantastic. So, I was really excited that she got the second one-on-one date of the night.

Well her chin is all better this week and she said she’s comfortable and not holding back. We didn’t get that much interesting content from this date which was disappointing. They went on a boat and they ate something and by Colton’s face, he didn’t enjoy it. What I took from this date is that Kirpa radiates confidence and she is absolutely beautiful.

During their dinner date, she talks about her previous engagement with a man she was with for eight years. Kirpa says that the next time she gets engaged she wants that to be it and doesn’t want a broken engagement to happen again. He asks her if he were to propose in a few weeks, would she be ready – she said she would be. Colton also says that she has calm confidence about her, and I thought that was a great way to describe her.

Rose: Yes

Hurricane Demi

After Kirpa comes home with the rose, Demi slips out the door to “sneak” over to Colton’s. It was totally sneak…as if the producers didn’t mic both of them up and tell Demi where he is staying…totally sneaky. He opens the door and she calls him Coco – when did that become a thing? Demi puts her heart out on the line and tells him that she is falling in love with him. Colton tells her that she makes him feel special, but he doesn’t think that he can get there with her. So, he sends her home.

She goes back to the house to pack her things and she’s sobbing. The heartbreak sob. You know exactly which cry I’m talking about. It was really sad to watch and especially when she said that this always happens because no one has ever loved her back. Her breakup was relatable and really sad to watch, and my heart does go out to her. But on the flip side, what’s your drink, Demi? We’ll for sure see you in paradise.

Who left: Demi

Rose Ceremony

Who left: Katie – when she leaves she tells him that some people that he kept aren’t ready for marriage leaving Colton confused and concerned and hopefully fueling him to hop a fence soon.

The Bachelor Week 6 Recap Conclusion

That’s a wrap on week six and honestly, the previews looked far more exciting than this week’s episode was. But at least Kirpa got the well-deserved screentime.

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