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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelor Week 4

On week 4 of The Bachelor, the women and Colton finally left the mansion and flew to Singapore. Chris Harrison also called Hannah B. Caelynn which may or may not have been on purpose but either way, it was hilarious. Although, Hannah B. didn’t think so. Not only did the women travel to Singapore this week but there were also leaps, fish eyes, leeches, and an incredibly strong woman that shares a vulnerable story.

Take a Leap in Love

Tayshia was the first one-on-one date of the night. It all started off fine and relaxing walking around the beach. Until Colton told her that they would be bungee jumping…over a pool. She said that she wasn’t afraid of heights exactly as she was of falling. And you know she told the producers this ahead of time and made sure to give her a date like this.

As they both get closer to the time to jump, they start to get more nervous. It seemed like Colton did more, in particular, because he said that it seemed less intimidating from afar. Colton said this will be a test to see if he’s afraid of heights – not exactly the best way to find out in my opinion. He jumped. He screamed. She jumped. She screamed.

Later that night he told Tayshia that she has such a comforting presence to him even when she isn’t talking. I’ve also noticed that it seems like Colton’s “move” is asking the women to say that he wants to know why they are the way that they are. And I have to say, it’s working. With his, perhaps producer-fed line, he gets them to talk about something about themselves on a deeper level. Tayshia reveals that she was married – and now divorced – to her first boyfriend. She felt it was hard to do as a Christian woman because of all the scrutiny that can be given in that religion surrounding divorce. Colton was understanding since his parents are divorced. They end the night with a Ferris wheel ride and smooches.

Rose: Yes

Fear Factor or The Bachelor…?

These first couple dates of the night seemed like my worst nightmare and these women are real champs for going through with them. The first and only group date of the night was just nasty. The women meet Colton little shopping/flea market type of area – I’m not too sure what to call it. Demi is running ahead of the other women to jump into Colton’s arms and kola him. It was an awkward jump hug because you can tell he wasn’t expecting her to do that. After she did that, cut to her getting a piggyback ride from him as they walk around.

They all walk into this building where there are leeches. People voluntarily putting leeches on their bodies. I thought the goal of life is to not get a leech on you? Colton was the first brave soul to put one on his body. According to the woman that was in charge of the place said that they cleared out toxins from your body. I don’t know about you, but I rather find literally any other way to get toxins out of my body than putting a leech on me.

Yikes, just all the yikes…

But they did it. Demi loved it. Someone else said it felt like a jellyfish sting every now and again. Then Hannah B. had to get her dig in at Caelynn and put a leech on her stomach and said something along the lines of that she thought Caelynn wasn’t there, but the leech followed her. Seemed dumb and unnecessary since she wasn’t even on the group date, but go off, I guess.

As they walked around, they stopped at another place where a man said that Cassie was Colton’s past life sister. Which is just an instant turn-off and mood killer. You don’t want to hear that about someone you’re interested in. Poor girl. Then, they all sat down to eat food. But the food you probably don’t want to eat unless it’s for a lot of money. But these women ate it for a chance at love with Colton. Hannah B. was trying to prove herself and impress Colton, so the girl ate a fisheye.

Later that evening…

Hannah B. was the first one to pull Colton aside to talk to him during their night portion of the date. She talked about how she felt he was treating her differently because of the drama and her character was called into question. He reassured her that everything was fine and that he didn’t intend to make her feel that way and apologized. I also have to add that the girl has some intense eye contact.

Cassie and Colton shared a moment together and made jokes about what happened earlier with the past sibling’s life. He said that he feels like he’s known Cassie for longer than he has.

Demi opens up and tells Colton that her mom has recently been released from federal prison. He responds, once again, really well and with empathy and tells her that he won’t judge that.

Then came hurricane Demi vs. Courtney…

Courtney was complaining that she was getting no time with Colton and Demi kept telling her to go get him then. It was portrayed that Courtney never actually went to find him and that she was waiting for him to come to get her. I may be wrong, BUT if I’m remembering correctly stealing the bachelor/bachelorette isn’t necessarily up to the contestants? It’s more influenced by the producers.

As I said, I could be wrong, and Courtney could totally have just been being annoying and sitting in her pity party. But they both turned it into drama with each other. After Demi tells Courtney to go talk to him, she decides to go talk to Colton again about how much she appreciated their conversation earlier. Courtney finds out and confronts Demi about it rather than Colton. Basically, Courtney asks how old Demi is even though they are both the same age – so she’s calling Demi immature.

Group Date Rose: Demi

Caelynn’s One-on-One

I didn’t want to give this date a silly title out of respect for what happens later on in the date. But Caelynn was the final one-on-one date of the night. The day portion of the date was cute and the best one of the night. He took her shopping and bought her everything she wanted – technically the producers but who cares because the girl got cute free clothes. Colton watched her try on clothes and said that she looked so beautiful and it was precious.

Caelynn went back to the hotel with her bags and it was a weird response. Everyone seemed mad at Caelynn because of Colton buying her things? I didn’t understand that in the slightest. Like the women were mad. Nicole seemed straight-up petty about it and Cassie started crying. I get that the women find that upsetting because they like him, too, but it’s not her fault. So, I wasn’t really a fan of that, but Caelynn deserved this date.

The evening…

It’s time for the dinner portion of the date. She tells him that she didn’t need all those gifts, but she is very appreciative of them. Then it was time for her to share the story that has been circulating the Internet a little bit over the last week. She shared a story about how when she was a sophomore in college, she and her friends had their drinks drugged and were sexually assaulted. She woke up with little to no recollection of what happened.

What I found really horrible was that when she was trying to seek justice, a hospital turned her away for a rape kit. Not only did the awful men do something so vile and evil, but they got away with it. She mentioned that one man was expelled, but that’s not enough justice for this situation. As I’m writing this, I’m not only having a hard time wrapping my head around her story but that a hospital can legally turn her away for seeking help.

Caelynn is one of the so many strong survivors. She is using this platform and the platform she already has to speak out against sexual assault and share her story that will help so many other victims. I’m in awe of this woman and I’m so proud that she shared this story, not only with Colton but on national television. She’s a strong and amazing woman.

She also mentions that she feels safe with Colton and that’s why she told him her story. And shared a powerful statement that I’m sure resonated with so many people:

I think everytime I open up, it makes me stronger and I’m able to take a little piece of me back that was broken by it. I am way stronger than I ever imagined.

Rose: Yes

Cocktail Party

Caelynn continues to be a light in this episode and takes a moment to talk to Hannah B. and share an apology. Hannah G. and Colton have a spicy makeout in their bed. Demi tells Colton that Courtney is the “cancer of the house”. Colton tells Courtney that and says that Demi is actually the “cancer of the house”. Courtney goes back to the woman and asks who thinks that of her and props to Demi because she owned up to it. They argue some more, and Courtney tells Demi to take a time out.

Rose Ceremony

Who left: Courtney and Tracy

This is the first week that I’m not upset about who left. If I’m being honest, this recap was on the difficult side to write because I wanted to keep most of it light and fun as normal but I wanted to give light and respect to Caelynn’s story. It is important that we continue to talk about these stories and do what we can to make sure victims are heard and that justice is served by the monsters who commit the crime.

In addition, this is something we need to be aware of and fight against especially in light of last night’s episode – click here – 

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