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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays | 12 Days of Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everyone! I wanted to share a quick holiday greeting for the final day of 12 Days of Christmas before logging off and spending quality time with my family.

Thank you x 1000! I’ve spent over a year blogging and this was my second year doing this Christmas series. It was harder to maintain and keep up with this year for a multitude of reasons that I’ve mentioned. But I pushed through and even when posts were up a little late – or a day late – I was able to still get all 12 done. And with blog posts that I was proud of and worked hard on. For those of you that do Blogmas, I applaud you because I don’t think I would be able to put up content for 25 straight days. But it was enjoyable to get to read Blogmas posts!

I can’t wait to take these couple of days to completely relax now. Without the stress of school deadlines or making sure I have a blog post to go up. I can just take the time to enjoy being with my family and boyfriend. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed making these posts even when it was a little more stressful this year, but I’m still happy I did it again – and will most likely do it again next year. I will definitely learn from my mistakes this year and plan it out a little sooner than I did this year.

Here’s to you…

A huge thank you to everyone that has read, shared, liked, or commented on my posts this year. It’s all been a learning curve especially now with Instagram’s new impossible algorithm. It feels defeating at times but slow growth on social media these days seems like genuine growth with everyone buying followers and likes these days.

I’m so appreciative of my loving boyfriend who encourages me to keep going even when I want to quit sometimes because of frustration. And I’m appreciative of all the super sweet and supportive ladies that blog and do YouTube, too, that I’ve met and interacted with this year. They’re some kind and genuine souls that I’m so thankful for every day – they’re the girlfriends I always wanted.

And thank you to every single person that even came across my blog and clicked on something that has to do with it. It means the world to me and makes me so happy that someone cares enough to even click on it and glance at it.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! And if you don’t celebrate anything, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Before I close my laptop for a couple of days, there are two New Year’s posts coming on December 30th and 31st! I’ll see you then!

How are you spending Christmas day? Do you celebrate a different holiday?

2017 Holiday Greeting

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