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My Dream Christmas | 12 Days of Christmas

If there’s one word that I would want people to associate with me is a dreamer. Maybe it’s an introvert or an INFJ thing but I feel like my head is always in the clouds and if I catch myself not paying attention I have to try and bring myself back to reality. I’m constantly imagining myself maybe a few years from now – a dream home, dream job, dream life – because let’s face it imagining your dreams can be a lot more fun than real life. That’s why for the tenth day of Christmas I’m going to share what my dream Christmas is!

Now, as I mentioned this is my dream Christmas which means this would all take place in a perfect world where I have financial stability and the means to do whatever I want – which couldn’t be farther from reality. See, I told you having in your head in the clouds is way more fun. Christmas is one of my most favorite holidays, so my dream Christmas would be more than one day long. Remember when Timmy Turner from The Fairly Odd Parents wished for Christmas to be every day, that’s literally me but I wouldn’t take it that far because then it becomes less special so I’d settle for a week of Christmas instead.

So, here’s what my dream Christmas looks like:

Christmas Eve Eve

New York City during Christmastime? Yes, please. Maybe it’s been the overabundance of Christmas movies set in New York City that I’ve watched to make me romanticize New York City so much. When I took a creative writing class in college last year, I wrote a scene of a man proposing to his girlfriend in NYC during Christmas – I told you my head is always in the clouds. Despite if the romanticized version of the city in my head is real or not, it’s absolutely magical to me.

Here’s what a perfect Christmas Eve Eve day would look like in NYC for me:

  • Stay in the beautiful Plaza Hotel from Home Alone 2
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s to start the day. What better way to start the day than at The Blue Box Cafe? How iconic would it be to quite literally have Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Very – living the Audrey Hepburn dream.
  • Walk around and taking in all the Christmas sights.
    • Rockefeller Plaza for the extravagant Christmas tree and ice skating
    • Radio City
    • Macy’s (duh, I need my Buddy the Elf moment)
    • Time Square
    • See The Rose Reading Room in the NYC Public Library
    • Explore Jane’s Carousel for the Dumbo waterfront
    • Visit the Friends apartment building and Carrie Bradshaw’s Brownstone (not Christmassy, but when in NYC)
    • Enjoy some Christmas treats at The City Bakery
    • Cocktails at Ralph Lauren’s The Polo Bar
  • Ending the night with a carriage ride through snowy Central Park

If you’re actually planning a trip to NYC during the Christmas season I found this cute travel guide.

Christmas Eve

Once my New York City Adventure has ended, I’d be back in my home preparing for Christmas day. This day would be filled with present wrapping, cookie baking, house cleaning, and Christmas movies and music. The perfect low-key and relaxing day before the big day!

Christmas Day

When the big day finally arrives, my home will be filled with my whole family. Everyone eating and spending time together – with matching PJs of course. I think matching PJs make the perfect Christmas tradition. Everything will be simple, but cozy and filled with love.

Other than my Christmas Eve Eve, a simple and cozy Christmas surrounded by my whole family is what means the most to me. Christmas can be stressful and so commercialized, but it’s the perfect time to get together with the ones you love and spend quality time together.

What would your perfect Christmas look like?

There are only two more blog posts left before the 12 Days of Christmas is finished, so be sure to come back tomorrow for the eleventh day!

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