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Favorite Christmas Albums | 12 Days of Christmas

For the third day of Christmas, I wanted to share my favorite Christmas albums that I listen to every year. This list is a compilation of classic albums mixed with various country and pop albums – I think this list might just satisfy everyone’s music tastes…maybe. Also, can we talk about how One Direction never made a Christmas album, what’s up with that?

Christmas music is a sure way to bring up the holiday mood, but it can start to get a bit repetitive if you just listen to them on the radio. I made this list to add a bit of variety to the songs because you can have the classic sound and also different artist’s take on the song which is always fun, too!

Here are some of my most favorite Christmas albums to listen to during the most wonderful time of the year:

What are some of your favorite Christmas albums to listen to?

Be sure to come back tomorrow for day 4!

Last year’s day 3

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