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Spend the Day with Me: Fall Adventure | 7 Days of Halloween

Day 4 of 7 Days of Halloween is one of my favorite fall adventures with my favorite person.

If there’s one thing people know about me it’s that I take A LOT of pictures. Despite if they’re “Instagram worthy” or not, I like that I can attempt to capture a memory and keep it forever. One day when I’m old and my memory isn’t as sharp as it now (even now it’s questionable) I can look back on them and be able to remember a snippet of the past. I like taking pictures of things or what I’m doing, but some of my favorite pictures are ones that I take of the people I’m with; it’s even better when they don’t really notice you doing it because you can get an even more genuine look on their face.

So, because I take so many pictures I wanted to share more of them with you. My boyfriend and I went to the cutest pumpkin farm a couple weeks ago and I was very excited. There were so many animals we fed and pet, mazes solved, pumpkins picked, and me getting so excited about all the things that I squeeze my boyfriend’s hand…I do that a lot and I don’t even notice half the time.

Let’s go on an adventure…

Look how cute the little hand stamps were!
The pink pigs were probably what I was most excited for – they’re my favorite!
Like, look at him just hanging out!

They had pig races which I was a little apprehensive about at first because I was really hoping it was ethical and not too strenuous on the pigs, but they seemed okay. The guy announcing the races had an abundance of pig puns which was great.
I was really happy to see this because Cinderella is my all-time favorite Disney princess.

I was also very excited to see this because I grew up watching the Charlie Brown holiday specials every year and I still watch them. I’m a combination of Charlie Brown and Lucy.

I probably wasn’t supposed to pet this little guy but I did and it was 10/10.
Cute animals and cute boy.

The goats were on a whole other level. They were insane.

I’m convinced he posed for me.

We thought this poor little guy was stuck but he wasn’t. He was just being goofy.
His height makes for taking better selfies of us – I tend to cut his head off by accident.
This was the second thing that I was most excited for, we could have fed this giraffe! Max bought some food to feed the animals and didn’t ration the food enough to go back and feed the giraffe. It was still super cool to see him this close up!
He didn’t see there wasn’t back support on the middle seat and almost fell through the back.

Like I mentioned before, the goats were insane and when Max would try to get more food they would all gather together at once and try to get the food and end up just licking his hand the whole time. I never got the food because I was too nervous haha,

Okay, this guy was the best/worst. When Max was feeding one of the other baby goats, he had his other hand that wasn’t feeding the goat holding the cup with food on top of the fence and the bigger goat, that’s being fed in this picture, just took the cup right out of his hand. He stole our food cup but it was also really funny but then I got worried that they would try to eat the cup.
Something about this pumpkin is cute and also a little spooky and I’m not sure why.
Handsome boy feeding a handsome llama.

Look at his little smile!!!

Three little girls sat here getting their picture taken by their mom before I did, and when they left the little girl who was probably around 4 years old knocked down both of these pumpkins…

I love him a heck ton. 

I hoped you liked spending the day with us on a Fall adventure, and if you’d like to see more posts like this let me know because this was fun to make – it was like putting together a virtual scrapbook! You can also follow Max and me on Instagram to see other adventures we go that I don’t typically post on my blog.

What’s your favorite Fall adventure?

Make sure to come back tomorrow for day 5!

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