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Fall Tag 2018 | 7 Days of Halloween

Happy Day 2 of 7 Days of Halloween! I’m not one to do too many tags because I feel like I can’t talk much about things but I did a Christmas tag last year and I do find the holiday one’s fun. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to sit down and answer a few questions and get to know some people.

When searching for this tag, I came across it on this lovely girl’s blog!

So, here are my answers to the 2018 Fall tag:

  1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?
    September 1st! 80 degrees outside? Too bad, I’m wearing a sweater because it’s Fall. But I really start to feel it in my soul when the air starts to get crisp and the leaves start to change.
  2. What is your favorite Fall scent?
    I love Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Flannel, and Pumpkin Cupcake! I also just really like the general smell of apples and baking.
  3. What is your favorite Autumn color?
    Mustard yellow, burnt orange, taupes, and rust!
  4. What is your favorite Fall drink?
    Coffee (duh!) and hot chocolate. I tried tea for the first time this season and I couldn’t stand the taste, but I really wanted to like it!
  5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?
    I love watching Friends even more in the Fall and I really want to get into Gilmore Girls because so many people say it’s their favorite show to watch this time of year.
  6. What is your favorite Fall fashion trend?
    Floppy hats and oversized sweaters and cardigans.
  7. What is your favorite frugal Autumn activity?
    Pumpkin farms! Not the ones that cost twenty-dollars per person but the ones that are low cost or free are the best. Carving pumpkins is always a fun time, too because you get to make something fun and you and the people you’re doing it with can’t be on their phones which is always an added bonus.
  8. What does your favorite makeup look like come autumnal weather?
    If you come back tomorrow, there just might be a post all about this!

Feel free to copy these questions and answer them for yourself, I’d love to read them! What’s your favorite thing about the Fall?

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 3 and an answer to the last question!

Last year’s Day 2

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