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How to Create a Cozy Space for Fall

My favorite time of the year is approaching quickly, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! There’s just so much to love about the Fall between apple picking, pumpkin patches, leaves changing colors, crisper air, and all the warm yet fashionable outfits. Fall begins this weekend, and how else to welcome the new season than by creating the perfect cozy space to go with it?

I don’t know about you guys, but my mood is affected greatly by the spaces that I’m in. My room is pretty much always clean, but on some days when I’m not feeling my greatest and things start to accumulate over a couple days, it just makes me feel even worse. But because I can’t make every space I’m in the way I want it to be, I try my best to make my bedroom the cleanest, coziest and relaxing space for me to retreat to and recharge.

I’m going to be sharing a few of my favorite ways to make my bedroom cozy during the Fall time:

String Lights

String lights are the key for optimum coziness. I used to have mine up around a painting on my wall, but I bought mine online and didn’t realize I bought the cooler tone lighting so instead of the warmer tone lighting that’s better for fall so I’ve since taken them down for now because it just wasn’t giving me what I wanted. But if you don’t have your overhead lights on a dimmer, this is an alternative for warm low lighting.

Fall Scents

I actually keep my fall candle out all year long because it’s my favorite, and this is the one I use. Winter and Fall scents are the best scents, in my humble opinion.

Favorite Blanket(s)

I got this fluffy blanket for Christmas last year and it’s the best blanket that I own. What’s better than making yourself a blanket burrito on a chilly evening? The answer is nothing. Blanket burritos are everything.

Dim Lighting

The inverse alternative to string lights is if your lights have a dimmer switch on them. The low lighting evokes such a calm and peaceful atmosphere. It’s also shown that dim lighting helps people make better decisions. So that means your relaxed and at peace with the choices you make in your life.

Fall Decor

There are so many cute decorations for the Fall time and if I bought them all, I would be broke. For someone on a budget, like myself, the Target dollar spot is just as great and cute as other places. I’ve found some mugs, signs, mini pumpkins, and ghosts in the dollar spot for at most $3. If you’re not checking that section out every time you walk into Target, you’re missing out on some great finds for a cheap price. And, of course, they add to the overall coziness of your space.

Favorite TV Show

My all-time favorite tv show is FRIENDS, but there’s something about it in the Fall that makes it even better. One of my favorite bedtime or early morning activities is turning on my string lights, having a warm drink, and turning on FRIENDS in a time with that serene quiet. You know the kind of quiet you get when most of the world is getting ready to go to sleep or the world is still sleeping. So, whatever your favorite show is turn it on and notice how much better your space feels.

Those are just a few of the main things I like to do in my bedroom when the air starts to get crisp and it starts to get darker earlier. There’s just something about the Fall that makes me feel relaxed and in a better mood. Most people feel their best in the summertime, but I find my peace in the Fall.

What do you do to make your space cozier?

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