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Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Finale Week 6

Week 6, Part 1

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Did you ever think when you were watching Becca’s season of the Bachelorette that Colton would be the next Bachelor and that we would be rooting for and loving Jordan at the end of this season? Yeah, me neither. Finale week is upon us and I hate everything that happened in Monday’s episode.

Jordan & Jenna’s Date

Jordan received one of the final date cards of the season and so off he and Jenna went on one last paradise adventure. They were taken to do an engagement photo shoot. She seemed nervous about the whole idea, but he seemed really excited. And the pictures came out really cute together.

They then took Jenna to a room where she was going to put on a wedding dress now for a few more photos and she was visibly more nervous. She looked so beautiful and he looked so dapper. Jordan said a few lines that pulled on my heartstrings and said, “I never thought I’d find my Jenna, but she’s just been a few states away the whole time” and “If you walked away there’d be no more romance”. We stan Jordan.

New Arrival: Robby Hayes


Robby Hayes from Jojo’s season of the Bachelorette is the last late arrival to paradise. I will spare you my rage rant about how much I cannot stand this man. So, he walks down the stairs and says, “I have a date card, I can take whoever I want”. First, ew. Second, everyone there hates you. He tries to take Jenna, but she declines, and he tries to convince her more – still didn’t work.

Jordan goes to talk to Robby, which was kind of like the Mattel brand Ken doll approaching the dollar store knock-off Ken doll, and just tells him that he doesn’t want Robby overstepping his boundary and to respect their relationship. Robby went to talk to Cassandra and she wasn’t having it and you could tell with was hilarious and a nice blow to Robby’s overly-large ego. He ends up taking Shushanna. And he tries to act like he didn’t cheat on Amanda Stanton from Ben Higgins’ season and Paradise season 3 and 4 when there is photographic evidence, but once a trashcan always a trashcan.

Robby & Shushanna’s Date

I literally hate Robby so much, that I refuse to write about this date. Sorry.

Thoughts About the Episode That Don’t Fit into Their Own Category

  • Cassandra and Jordan M. finally kiss, and she said that she sees the potential in them to be something great.
  • Joe mentions how Kendall has got him to a place where he isn’t scared when he normally is, and he said that he likes her soul.
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    • He then tells her that he could potentially be down on one knee in a couple days. He’s serious and she thinks he’s joking – or rather wants him to be joking – and she starts to backpedal when she just said she doesn’t want to leave him. She starts to freak out and just goes to bed. To me, it seems that she always wants to joke and be light-hearted which is great, Joe seems to be the same way, but the difference I’m noticing is that she doesn’t want to have serious conversations ever and needs to joke around. Sometimes you need and want to have serious conversations with the person you’re dating.
  • Astrid says she’s waiting for the bubble to pop in her ITM.

Rose Ceremony

Kevin gives constant reassurance to Astrid all the time and I think that’s really important and so sweet of him to do.

Diggy pulls Olivia to dance with the same guy that played the trumpet for them on their first date and I thought that was super cute and thoughtful of him. John then pulls Olivia to give her this sunflower field thing, I don’t know I don’t believe John is super sincere and I just really love Diggy.

Cut to Joe and Kendall and then it started to go downhill, and she blames him for not saying how he feels. Joe wasn’t having it and wouldn’t let her do that to him. It was very heartbreaking to watch, and they call it quits and they both leave.

Who Gave Roses: Cassandra & Jordan M. | Shushanna & Robby | Annaliese & Kamil | Astrid & Kevin | Krystal & Chris | Jenna & Jordan Olivia & John

Who Left: Diggy

You Don’t Gotta Go Home but You Can’t Stay Here

Chris Harrison comes in the next day to basically say if the remaining couples don’t see a long-term future with the person they’re with that


they need to say goodbyes, and those who are wanting to continue a serious relationship it was time to have those Fantasy Suite talks.

John and Olivia leave together. Jordan M. and Cassandra say goodbye to each other and part ways. Robby and Shushanna leave but it seemed very unclear if they left as a couple or not but knowing Robby he ghosted Shushanna right away.

Astrid was getting ready to go to her fantasy suite date with Kevin because obviously, they were going to go – or so we thought. She walks down to Kevin and he asks her to talk, he starts breaking down saying that he’s at 80% and can’t get to 100%. She told him that he’s doing exactly what she asked him not to do which is blindside her. This breakup was crazy and really sad. She walked away, and he called after her to not leave him like this which was also sad. They both left. I still have many questions about this like what about the 12-month plan!? Also, I applaud Astrid for handling this like an adult and asking him all the questions you should ask during a breakup and she didn’t have a major freak out – can’t relate – but she’s a badass and she deserves the best.

Fantasy Suite Dates: Chris & Krystal | Annaliese & Kamil | Jenna & Jordan


Week 6, Part 2

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I think this photo really represents how everyone is feeling with all the nonstop Bachelor drama this week. Grocery Store Joe? A Dancer. Amanda Stanton? Arrested. Bekah Martinez? Pregnant. Jenna Cooper? Actual monster. Model Jordan? A pure saint.

Reality Steve Spills the Tea

I’m interrupting this recap to talk about the allegations made against Jenna with her relationship with Jordan. Tuesday afternoon, Reality Steve posted that Jenna is cheating on Jordan and using Jordan to gain a following to increase her business outside of the show. She said horrible things like that she thinks she’s better than Jordan, and that she never loved let alone liked him at all.

She let him go as far as to set a wedding date and ask Chris Harrison to officiate it – which means we could have gotten a paradise wedding – but Jordan deserves way better now. Jordan made a post on Instagram, and despite how the show edited him as, he’s a very articulate, well thought out man that doesn’t want to bash Jenna even though it would be understandable if he did, but that’s not who he is.

I think a lot of people, myself included, jumped to conclusions about who Jordan was when he first stepped out of the limo on Becca’s season. Someone who was all about themselves and that’s the only thing we saw until Paradise and now about how he’s handling such devastation with grace. He even said, “I know my Jenna and I know that’s her” in regard to the text messages and if that’s not absolutely heart wrenching, I don’t know what is.

Just yikes, y’all…

But if you start to think about the whole relationship over the past few weeks, he seemed way more into her than she ever was. She kept her words to a minimum, never reassured him as he reassured her, and she was just very giggly and acting aloof. Even if you look at her statement on Instagram about this whole thing, it’s all about her. She never mentions Jordan and how he’s feeling, and all she’s concerned with is protecting her reputation and threatens to bring in legal action. Nothing about how she feels bad about the rumors. Nothing. She even looked off at the reunion show when that was filmed two weeks ago before any of this was leaked. Was she starting to feel guilty? Did she know her charade was coming to an end?

I find this all very heartbreaking and weird, and I hope that Jordan is doing okay and that he is surrounded by those who love and care about him because I can’t even imagine what he’s going through. This might all very well be a misunderstanding, but despite everything, I don’t think it is. I get Jenna wanting to go on the show to gain a better following and build her brand, but she took it too far and used Jordan to gain some of that and that’s incredibly wrong.

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Article 1 | Article 2 | Podcast with Jordan | People Article | Jordan’s Statement | Jenna’s Statement

The Proposals

The producers wasted no time in starting the proposals because it wasn’t even five minutes into the show before the engagements started. It was all so sudden, and I wasn’t ready…that could have been a quote from Kamil, but it wasn’t!

Annaliese & Kamil

They did not get engaged, but they said they love each other, and he wants this to last…okay. She seems very content with his decision and says that she can wait a few weeks or months to get engaged.

Jenna & Jordan

The news that broke earlier Tuesday made watching this proposal almost unbearable…I may or may not have been yelling at my tv for him not to do it. It made this even more unbearable when he said he’s the kind of guy that will only get engaged once and married once, at this point I was begging the tv for him not to do this.

When she was walking down to him she said that she’ll be crushed if he doesn’t propose. After his heartfelt and beautiful speech, she stands next to him in their ITM and says that she got exactly what she wanted. I don’t know if it’s because of what we know now or the way she said it, but it was chilling to hear her say it.

Krystal & Chris

I don’t have much to say about this one because despite my feelings about Chris they are the strongest couple in paradise and the speech was very sweet. He did fake her out and made her think for a second that he was breaking up with her. I would have been so angry if I was her. Like that’s honestly the most Chris way to propose, like normally you try to woo your lady and make her feel special. But Chris? No, he wanted to scare Krystal and then propose. But Glitter Goose is engaged and thriving.

After Paradise

Astrid & Kevin

Astrid comes to sit and talk to Chris Harrison about her breakup with Kevin. Harrison makes us rewatch the breakup as if watching it for the first time the night before wasn’t heartbreaking enough. She said she still doesn’t understand the breakup and that she thought watching it back would give her some sort of clarity, but it still didn’t. Harrison asks if they’re back together and she said that they’re in limbo and the trust has been broken.

Kevin comes out and said he was basically triggered by the fantasy suite date because of what happened on Winter Games with Ashley I. He said he wants to see where it goes with Astrid and that he still loves her. They were holding hands throughout the time they talked and got back together. They’re really cute together, but I really hope Astrid doesn’t get hurt again and that Kevin really does mean what he says and that he’ll work out the issues in his head with Astrid and not just leave her hanging again because he got scared.

Kendall & Joe

Kendall comes to the couch next and we once again have to watch a heartbreaking scene of Joe getting hurt AGAIN by Kendall. She seems sad sitting on the couch which made me think that they weren’t back together but then we are taken on this video journey where Kendall

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flies out to Chicago to go talk to Joe.

She goes to his unconfirmed apartment and tells him that she knew she should have gone after him the moment he left but she didn’t. She tells him that loves him, and he tells her that he’s not sure if he can get there again.

The video ends and they bring out Joe to come to talk to Kendall and they confirm that they worked it out and they are back together.

It’s rumored that he was a strong contender for the Bachelor and if Kendall breaks his heart for the fourth time and we got stuck with Colton as the Bachelor for nothing?? I will not be happy.

Annaliese & Kamil

Speaking of getting hurt! I mean everyone probably saw this breakup coming…just in a less douchey way. Before Kamil comes out Harrison is talking to Annaliese and she’s saying how things are going great and all these positive things which are usually an indicator on this show that if the person you’re with isn’t sitting next to you while you say all the happy things, an unhappy thing is sure to follow.

Kamil comes out and with the most monotone and unexpressive face. He tells Annaliese that they aren’t working and that he wants to


break up. He blindsides her on tv and she walks off the set and cries only to come back and call him out. While Annaliese is coming back out to expose him, you hear Tia in the background saying, “yes bitch yes” and this is why I love her.

Annaliese comes out to say that she tried to break up with Kamil two weeks ago, but he wouldn’t let her and said that he was going to fight for her only to do this to her. At one point, he tells her “I’m sorry you feel that way”. You should never NEVER tell someone that despite if you’re mad at the person or not. Don’t diminish someone’s feelings while also making it seem like their fault. Harrison cuts Kamil off in the middle of him speaking nonsense and asked why he didn’t do this off camera and there really wasn’t a good answer. The camera follows him off the set and he mumbled that he doesn’t know why he always comes off looking like a douche-canoe. I mean, telling a woman you’ll do a relationship 60/40 and then break up with another woman on tv isn’t the best look.

Jenna & Jordan

Not much was said here aside from Jordan announcing their wedding date and asking Harrison to be the officiator. They showed a clip from one of their Happy Couples Weekend where they made a vision board together. She said she wanted four kids and he wants ten. If you pretend like the drama didn’t happen it would have been very sweet, but she was still acting weirder than she did on the show.

Krystal & Chris

There’s really not much to say here at all because they are thriving and the last paradise couple standing. I honestly think they’ll make it. Harrison also gave them a crystal goose. I’m ready for that nickname to die now.

Everyone Else

John and Olivia split, and she’s fine with it but she is annoyed that he was Facetiming Chelsea. This needed more clarification because was he doing this when they were together? Are John and Chelsea together? So many unanswered questions.

Angela calls out Eric and tells him that he was downplaying their entire relationship. He still tries to blame her and continues talking about moving with the cheese, and then he apologizes. But it’s okay because she’s dating Clay now and all is right in the world.

Colton and Tia are fine, no animosity between them. Apparently, she might be dating someone from Big Brother now.

Jordan and David have confirmed they worked out their issues and that made me really happy.


And that’s a wrap on this season of Bachelor in Paradise! I still would have liked to see more romance and the developing relationships throughout the season. Chris might not be my favorite person in the franchise, but I am happy for him and Krystal. And I can’t wait to see how Kevin & Astrid and Joe & Kendall work out together.

Recaps will be back in January for Colton as the Bachelor! See you then!

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