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Will You Accept This Recap? | Bachelor in Paradise Week 3

Week 3, Part 1


This week a guy who refers to himself as “Goose” gets re-exposed for the trash that he is, a guy gives a girl a giant stuffed dog and another guy throws that stuffed dog into the ocean, and Grocery Store Joe gets done dirty and I got way too heated about it.

Tia Cooks the Goose

The last episode we were just about to see Tia go off on Chris for playing her even though he said he wasn’t going to do that. So, they start talking and Chris says that he’s still there for her but he’s open to other people. Tia calls him out saying that would have been fine had he not said that he was all in with her and only her. He tries to defend himself and only makes it worse. Tia finally says that it’s just not going to work out with him and he basically says that she’s not breaking up with him because he’s breaking up with her…mature.

He’s a douche canoe and he’s acting like the “good guy” who probably gets mad at the women who friend zone him and feels like women owe him because he’s such a “nice guy”. I’m so over him being here, Krystal and Tia and literally anyone deserves better than Chris. Like who would want to date this man based on his actions and the way he just talks about women just on the show, imagine him outside this bubble.

New Arrival: Jacqueline

Jacqueline from Arie’s season comes down the stairs. I don’t really remember her except for the fact that she left on her own terms. She talks to a few of the guys, one of them being Colton and she asks him on a date. He made the smart move in politely declining because he’s just not sure what to do about him and Tia.

So, she takes Kenny.

Kenny & Jacqueline’s Date

I literally have nothing to say about this date because it was boring to me and I didn’t see a connection between them. They talked at dinner and kissed under the fireworks.

They come home and Kenny kisses Annaliese.

Thoughts About the Episode That Don’t Fit into Their Own Category

  • Bibiana is the real MVP of paradise.
  • John’s love triangle
    • I’m still loving him and Caroline more because they’re showing more of her personality and she’s hilarious and relatable.
  • Chris does not radiate BDE at all.
  • I like that Tia and Krystal can talk and be friends even after the Chris drama.
  • Tia and Colton
    • Colton decides to tell her FINALLY that they’re going to give it a try! I just really want them to find love together because you can just tell that there is an undeniable connection between them. Yeah, it may have taken them some time to get there but who cares?
  • Jordan’s outfit though…Wills would have worn it better…just saying.
  • Astrid & Kevin’s weird sausage kiss made me very uncomfortable.
  • Kenny kissed three different women in one night and no one is making a fuss about it like others have done before.

The Model, The Alien, and the Chicken

Last week, Jenna and Jordan really hit it off and you can just tell that they’re made for each other. Well, of course, David has to come and make it terrible for Jordan. Most of the time I do find that David stirring the pot is super irritating, but I haven’t been loving how Jordan has been talking about women, so I was kinda here for David being annoying this time.


So, cue David walking in with a giant stuffed dog for Jenna. He references how Jordan did the same thing for Annaliese before Jenna got to paradise. I want to believe that David at least likes Jenna a little bit and it’s all not just to spite Jordan because then that’s just really not fair to Jenna to be a pawn in his game. But anyways, Jordan walks over and just takes the dog and literally just heaves it into the ocean.

You would think he would just end his temper tantrum there, right? Nope! Jordan then starts to spiral out and ends up telling the women, specifically Chelsea and Jubilee to, “shut the f**k up” which is uncalled for.

I’m just so over this season having so many disrespectful men towards women and the way they speak about them is just really gross.

Eric, being the saint that he is, tells Jordan that he does need to apologize to everyone because of the way he lashed out was not okay. Jordan does apologize, and I do think he was sorry and I appreciated that he did get up in front of everyone to do that.

Rose Ceremony

Who Gave Roses: Jordan & Jenna | Kevin & Astrid | John & Jubilee | Colton & Tia | David & Chelsea | Chris & Krystal | Joe & Kendall | Eric & Angela | Kenny & Annalise

Who Left: Bibiana, Caroline, Nysha, and Jacqueline

Week 3, Part 2


They’re both laughing to hide their pain about the injustice that pure and lovable Grocery Store Joe had to entail this episode. As for me, I was just very angry the whole episode.

New Arrival: Leo

I didn’t really like Leo on Becca’s season. Something about him just rubbed me the wrong way and he gives me bad vibes, so I wasn’t exactly excited when he came down the stairs.

When he came down the stairs Joe and Kendall sat there for a minute before she asked him if he wants to go say hi to Leo. And poor Joe reluctantly agrees.

Leo ends up asking Kendall on the date and she says yes, much to America’s dismay.

I do appreciate that she goes to talk to Joe before she leaves for the date. Aside from Tia, for me, Joe is one of the most relatable people on this season because he told her he hopes she has a terrible time and that he’s awful (which he is) because he likes her so much. And let’s not forget the fact that he basically said that he was falling for her and she said she wasn’t expecting to fall for someone so fast right before Leo came in. They do a weird hug/kiss thing before she goes.

Leo & Kendall’s Date

The only redeeming thing about this date was the fact that Jorge, Ben Higgin, and Amanda Stanton made an appearance.


The date was Leo and Kendall posing for a romance novel that Jorge wrote. Then they showed this skit with Ben Higgins, Amanda Stanton, Lauren, and Arie where they acted out the novel…it was interesting.

Leo was an aggressive kisser on Becca’s season and kissed her at odd times on the head and he did the same thing. It also scares me how massive his hands are like they are about the same size as their heads…freaks me out too much. And the guy hung out in jeans on the beach in the summer so that’s enough to leave him, right?

Kendall and Leo come home, and she goes to talk to Joe. Joe is still being petty and I’m living for it because it’s not a mean petty. She tells Joe that she likes both of them and then she later says that Leo is more like her. She said that a lot throughout the episode and I was basically screaming at my TV because if she only knew what his gross past was she wouldn’t be saying that.

Joe is sad. Leo ends up kissing Chelsea that same night. Eric says he’ll be hurt if Joe ends up going home, same.

Colton & Tia’s Date

For whatever reason, Colton and Tia get another date card. As much as I am rooting for and like them, I just really wanted to see how Joe was doing.

Tia and Colton go on their date where they shop, dance, and play musical chairs which were really cute and then Adam and Raven show up. Raven pulls Tia aside and tells her that she doesn’t trust Colton. She tells Tia that they need to have a more serious conversation about his intentions because Raven doesn’t want to see her get played again as she has in the past. Everyone needs a Raven in their life.

So, Tia goes to have an emotional talk with Colton about his intentions. She tells him that she’s been in relationships where she hasn’t been treated right and she knows she’s worth more than that to go through something like that again. He tells her that’s not the case with him and then asks her to be his girlfriend. It was all very sweet and distracted me just enough to forget about Joe for 10 minutes.

New Arrival: Benoit

Benoit was the next guy to arrive on the beach. He’s from Bachelor Canada and from Bachelor Winter Games where he got engaged to Clare on the after show. Unfortunately, things did not work out between the two.

He starts talking to the girls and Kevin said that blonde is his type, and those are exactly the girls he talks to. He accidentally calls Krystal Kendall. Benoit ends up taking Jenna on the date who basically looks like Clare’s little sister.

And once again, Jordan begins to spiral. He claims that he’s not insecure about other guys being interested in the same person that he is but then he starts picking apart those said people and that sounds pretty insecure to me. But either way, I felt really bad watching Joe and Jordan sit together and be sad.

Benoit & Jenna’s Date

Nothing really happened on this date that stood out to me, but I thought they were actually really cute together. She had red lipstick on and when they kissed it got all over his face. It was kinda endearing how he didn’t care that it was there.

Benoit and Jenna come back home, and Jordan grabs her right away. He shows her that he wrote a huge “I’m sorry” in the sand and he knows that he’s been a jerk and he hopes that she considers giving him another chance because he does really like her. And then as soon as he leaves to go to bed, she looks very conflicted, and then the episode ends. Jordan has been all over the place for me. One episode I love him and another episode I think he’s the worst, but after this gesture and him saying how he feels about her without any BS was really sweet. I really don’t know what Jenna is going to do and I don’t think she knows either.

A lot happened in this episode that I found to be a rollercoaster of emotions. But then when they showed the preview for next week’s episodes I got even more fired up about Leo being an even bigger douche canoe when he tries to fight Joe. This show needs to have better background checks and I think these past few seasons are proving that.

Who do you think Jenna will end up being with? Do you think Kendall will come to her senses and realize that Joe is an angel and she should be with him?

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BIP Week 1 & 2 Recap

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