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Becca and the final three went to Thailand last night and they had some of the most beautiful spots for their dates, but the heartbreak was inevitable. I’m still thinking about it.

Blake’s Date

Putting Jason aside for a second to focus on the man that is 100% husband material and I think it will be insane of Becca to not pick him. For their date, they went to sacred grounds and hiked through them where they couldn’t kiss or touch at all while on those grounds. And honestly, to me, that sounds like an absolute nightmare because Blake said he hasn’t seen her in almost two weeks. So, after two weeks they get to see each other, and they STILL don’t get to kiss or touch each other. I would want to get that date over with as quickly as possible haha.


When they got to the top of wherever they were hiking, they sat with a couple of monks and they spoke to Becca and Blake about love and the pillars of love. Afterward, they rang a bell together to “spread love to everyone”. Blake kept saying how he’s lucky to have found and been with Becca, but he was also getting more into his head this week. And honestly, relatable.

He was able to communicate how he was feeling to Becca and she was very understanding of it because she’s been in his position before. And that’s why I believe their relationship is the strongest because he was able to openly tell her how he’s feeling, and she didn’t freak out or get mad at him and was nothing but understanding. That’s the kind of thing you need in a secure relationship. Becca also asked if it freaks him out that he can be proposing soon, and he said no, and I fell more in love with him.

They went into the fantasy suite, and the next morning she kept saying that she didn’t want to leave. He also told her that he usually doesn’t get nervous, but she makes him a little nervous and I thought that was the cutest thing. They kissed goodbye and she left.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

Jason’s Date

On Jason and Becca’s date, they spent the day at the Sunday Market, and from the time the date started something felt off to me and that’s when I knew this couldn’t possibly end well for my boy, Jason.

The entire date was just a voiceover montage of Jason saying how much he loves her and sees a future with her and this is really when I knew we were about to get our hearts broken. Becca started saying something about her future and felt that she had to apply it to both of them and when she said their future she instantly wanted to take it back.

After she says that in her ITM, she excused herself from him, and seems like she has a little bit of a breakdown because she didn’t know why she was feeling this way. She said she was having a great day with him, but she can’t picture a future with him and everything was starting to feel weird. Then I started to feel for both of them because both of them were feeling really intense emotions and I could see both sides.

Becca breaks down

Despite her little episode, she took him to the dinner portion of the date where we got another ITM of Jason saying how he sees his best friend, his wife, his life-long partner, and a mother to their children and I wanted to tell him to run. Becca told him about her breakdown earlier about how she is falling in love with him but she’s not in love with him and just can’t picture a future together and she can’t explain it. She just doesn’t think that she can get there in the end.

My heart physically hurts for him at this point, like I feel like she broke up with me. After being broken up with on tv, Jason is still the sweetest person ever. He says he came rooting for her happiness and he’s leaving rooting for her happiness. And I cried, guys. Like that’s how all guys should leave a relationship, ugh, I’m living for the love and respect here.

At the very end, Becca said, “I did to him what Arie did to me”. And I agree that it was a sad breakup, but she did not do what he did to her. He lied to her and went behind her back. He was everything hurtful and awful in a relationship and led her on thinking everything was fine. What she did to Jason was a normal and tough breakup. If she did what to Jason what Arie did to her, she would have taken him to the fantasy suite and tell him he loves her. But she didn’t. She was still respectful of him and his heart.

I felt terrible for both of them.

Fantasy Suite: No

Garrett’s Date


This date? A snoozefest. They went on these raft things through the jungle because she wanted to spend some time alone with him away from the city. But they didn’t know it was a Thai holiday, so it was super crowded. The date didn’t go as planned, but I’m kind of glad because if it was just them and nothing else for us to watch it would have been even more boring.

He tells her about her fears of being engaged again and it not working out which is very reasonable but probably a little concerning for her to hear. Garrett also tells her that he’s never been happier than he is with her. Becca says that she’s already there with him, that they’re on the same page, and that she feels like she can rely on him no matter what.

I personally don’t see how she can feel that way about him when she has BLAKE. But I have to remind myself that we only see tiny snippets of their relationship for two hours a week.

Fantasy Suite: Accepted

The Return of Jason

When they showed a preview of Jason coming back I was like “NOOO” because I thought if he came back he was going to ruin the way he left. Because we all know when someone who was dumped on the show but comes back never looks great. I wasn’t ready for that to happen to him.

But he surprised me because he was very sweet about it. He said he wasn’t ready to let her go, wants closure/wants to know why she let him go. Those are all reasonable things to want to talk about after a breakup. He got his closure and he said he wanted to make sure the door that they closed was closed properly. Makes you love him even more, right? Well, wait for a second because as he left he gave her a scrapbook that he made for her! Like, Becca HOW DID YOU NOT MARRY HIM RIGHT THEN AND THERE. I would have died. Did I cry again when he did this? Absolutely. Ugh, poor Jason. I just want to know if he’s okay.

The doors to the fantasy suite have closed and soon someone will be down on one knee soon. And we will have a new Bachelor soon.

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