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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 8


This was one of my favorite episodes where I actually really like all the guys. I had trouble focusing on this episode because they aired a preview of Bachelor in Paradise 10 minutes into the show and it looked GOOD. And no one talks enough about how beautiful Becca is.

Garrett’s Hometown

Here’s my thing with Garrett, I want to really like him and love them together because I feel like they have the strongest connection, but I do have an issue seeing past his scandal with the whole Instagram likes. But if I pretend that he didn’t actually like those things and he might not actually be an annoying dude, I really like him.

When Becca sees him, she said she gets a kick of endorphins and she said he would make a really hot dad. And that’s really endearing.

They plant some plants and make-out on a tractor and I got some major Chris Soules vibes from this date. But like the tractor was still moving as they were making out and that was kinda dangerous and yes these are things that go through my head when I’m watching the show.

His family stressed me the heck out like his mom had me sweating through the TV. But his sister sat down with him and started crying 0.2 seconds into the conversation like oh my gosh Ashley I. wouldn’t even do that. His family seemed really hung up on his ex-wife even more than he is and I found that to be super annoying. Basically, it sounded like Garrett immediately divorced his wife because one time his parents came to visit them, and she didn’t want to hang out with them. I don’t know about you guys, but I wanted the “evil” ex to appear on this episode and tell her side of the story because there has been endless trash talk about her and we’re only getting one side of the story. I’m kinda over this storyline. I also can’t imagine that Becca loves to keep hearing about this.

Also, can we talk about how much both of their exes look like each other? It’s really freaky.

Jason’s Hometown

Should this be Wills’ hometown? Yes. Am I still a little bitter about it a week later? Absolutely.

But all jokes aside, I do think Jason is a great guy. His hometown date was probably my favorite. He took her to a wing eating contest and then he took her to a private ice rink to skate and it was super cute. They made out on a Zamboni while someone else drove. Super cute.

In his voiceover, while they’re pulling up to his family home he was saying that he knows that he is behind the other guys because he hasn’t said to her that he loves her, but he wants to mean everything he said and say it at the right time. I totally respected this because he knows he could be at risk of going home but he won’t say anything for the sake of saving himself.


I really liked Jason’s family. They didn’t stress me out like Garrett’s family. He told his dad that he’s falling for Becca more than he has for anyone else before and that she’s always on his mind.

He then talks to his mom and the mom’s radar knows that this probably won’t end in Jason’s favor. But just like we all do, he doesn’t believe his mom and he feels he might have one of the better connections.

During Jason and Becca’s goodbyes, he tells her that he loves her and that he can say that with the most confidence and he feels he has the most peace in his life right now. That’s a beautiful sentiment, but you’re on one of the most stressful shows mentally how’re you at peace!? Wild, but good for him!

Blake’s Hometown

If you can’t tell I’m a big Blake guy. I love how much he loves Becca. Like it’s so adorable and I just want him to get back the love he puts out and I want to protect him because I can’t see this ending well for him. Personally, I want to see Blake (or Wills!) as the next Bachelor.


In Becca’s first ITM after she first sees him, she says that the feelings are reciprocated but she just hasn’t said anything. She is basically telling him she loves him without saying she actually loves him, ya feel?

For their date, he takes him to his high school. Which I thought was super weird considering what he told Becca about his life last week. But then he sits her down to talk about something that changed his life forever. He said that his high school had a shooting when he was still in school where they lost one student and how much it has affected his life. He doesn’t go into that much detail but you can read about the shooting here and it’s pretty messed up (I mean all shootings are, but you know what I mean). This is probably one of the most real things to happen on the show and I am very appreciative that they aired this.

Blake then surprises Becca with her favorite singer, Betty Who. It was the cutest thing ever because he was just having fun and just so happy that she was happy and having the time of her life. I loved it. If I was Becca, I would have married that man then and there.

When she met his parents, I appreciated how real they were – especially his dad. I just couldn’t take his mom seriously though and I wasn’t her biggest fan. I found the families to be very anti-climactic in this episode, but the family drama will never compare to Jojo’s brothers.

In conclusion, I love Blake. Blake deserves everything good in life.

Colton’s Hometown

Colton’s hometown date made my baby-fever worse. He took Becca shopping to get presents for the children in the hospital. Then they delivered them to the kids. Becca and Colton did a lot of different activities with the kids and it was so sweet to watch. Controversy aside, what Colton does for those kids with his foundation and everything is amazing, and he is changing children’s lives and that’s something to admire and respect.


When he brought her home, it was odd to me. Colton claims that he has never brought a girl home before. But pictures did surface during the show that he brought home his ex-girlfriend, Aly Raisman. So, that’s a little sketchy. But there’s a lot of different things to consider instead of jumping straight to him being untrustworthy.

Editing, for example, is always something that could be a factor. Like maybe he said that he hasn’t brought home a girl this soon to meet his family and to cause the perfect drama, they left out some of what he said. Or he could be a complete snake. We just don’t know. I know I’m guilty of watching the show, which is only a snippet of this whole journey, and thinking I know everything about them. We all do that, but I think everyone needs to calm down by sending all of the hate.

Moving on though, his hometown really didn’t impress me much after the hospital visit. I found that his dad was really obsessed with the whole Tia thing for it just being a weekend. Like?? Why’re you so hung up on that when neither Becca nor Colton finds it to be such a big deal at this point. And then he was asking her if she’s opened up about Arie. This is a fair question, but let’s be real, she’s talked it to death at this point and I’m sure he’s aware of it all. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

At the end of the night, he finally told her that he’s in love with her.

And Along Came Tia

After Colton’s hometown, Becca was flown back to LA where she sat down with some of her girls from last season: Caroline, Tia, Becka M., Sienne, and Kendall. Becca was giving a rundown of the dates and how she was feeling about each of the guys. Halfway through her talking about her date with Colton, Tia interrupted her and asked if they could go talk somewhere else.

Tia basically told Becca that she still has feelings for Colton and that it was hard for her to listen to Becca talk about their connection, meeting his family, and everything about them together. Tia said she was feeling sick about the thought of them together because of her unresolved feelings for him.

Now, I know everyone is trash-talking Tia and Colton all over the Internet today, but honestly, I’m on their side. I don’t think Colton is even close to being the one for Becca. So it doesn’t really matter anyway, she probably just really liked making out with him. Which I mean girl get it. But he wasn’t her person. And Tia was brave enough to take her shot at trying to be with him.

If you take away anything from this, even if you’re still against what she did, be kind. There really is no sense in sending her hate and all this other nonsense. She’s a person, too, and love and relationships can be really difficult to navigate sometimes.

Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony kicked off by Colton initiating a conversation with Chris Harrison about the fantasy suites. I don’t know about you guys,


but I found that to be so weird! Like why are you talking about that right now or in general? Like what does he think happens in the fantasy suite?? I don’t know, but you can tell Harrison thought it was also a little random and odd.

Becca’s final 3 are Garrett, Blake, and Jason. She sent Colton home mainly due to Tia. But I’m also sure there were some other factors that contributed to sending him home. Becca and Colton sat down together to talk right after he didn’t receive a rose. I find it difficult to watch them crying in the back of a limo because they are just coming off a break-up – one where he finally told her he was in love with her. But, in the end, he’s going to paradise anyway, so everything is okay!

Who Left: Colton

We’re getting down to the very end of this season already! We have the Men Tell All coming up and the long-awaited proposal.

Are you Team Tia/Colton? Who do you hope Becca says yes to?

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