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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 7

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I mean, is anyone else just in love with how much Blake is in love with Becca? Between their chemistry and how they look at each other is the most precious thing ever. Other than Blake and Becca being super cute, I really don’t have much to say about this episode. I was going to combine this week’s recap with next week’s but it looks like a lot is going to happen in hometowns so I don’t want it to be really long.

A Random Man at Sea, Conch Diving, and Virginity

Instead of having a rose ceremony in the Bahamas this week, Becca decided to have 3 one-on-ones and 1 three-on-one date. The first one-on-one date of the night was with Colton. Colton is known as being one of the most attractive ones this season and is also the virgin of the season. Now, Ashley I. made the virginity storyline iconic and every time that it’s been recycled since it’s been boring. And no matter how good looking Colton is, he’s no exception.


The guys made a big deal about him being a virgin and that he has to tell Becca about it and that it’s a make-it-or-break-it situation. They also kept saying that they weren’t sure how Becca was going to take it. Now, I’m not trying to step up on my soapbox here but honestly what is the big deal about him being a virgin? And why would Becca find it to be such a deal breaker?

The virginity shaming in this episode was really frustrating to listen to. I honestly love how Colton handled it. Yes he is a really attractive dude and I’m sure he’s had the opportunity many times to lose it, but he didn’t because he said that he wasn’t waiting for marriage and that he was waiting for the right heart. And I felt that and it seemed like Becca really appreciated hearing him say that, too. I will now get off my unintentional soapbox.

Becca and Colton spent their date on a boat being super cute (but I still have a hard time seeing them together because of Tia). A random man came onto their boat and told them all about conch and how it’s an aphrodisiac. After the man told them all about it, they dove for some and they both tasted it. The whole day portion of the date was filled with a lot of sexual jokes and innuendos that I’m sure were producer fed considering he hasn’t told her his secret yet. But, nonetheless, it was still really funny. And that’s basically all they did.

Rose Received: Yes

Beach Getaway

The second one-on-one date was with Garrett. As much as Blake is my number one, I believe that Garrett is the best one for Becca. She took him to a private beach where all they did was make-out in the sand and make-out in the water. They are a really cute couple though and really compliment each other.

On their dinner date, Garrett talked a little bit more about his ex-wife and how he was changing himself for her and he talked more about how she was manipulative of him. What I have noticed is that he is constantly talking negatively of his ex. Now, this might just be me, but if my boyfriend was constantly talking horribly about someone from his past that would alarm me a little bit. I’m not trying to downplay any of Garrett’s emotional experiences but instead of talking negatively, he could just say events that happened and what he felt/learned rather than labeling and name calling.

Either way, they both seem so in love with each other and that’s what we tune in for every week. Garrett said that he sees a future with Becca and that she’s everything he wants in a wife.

Rose Received: Yes

Blake Still My Heart

Get it…like be still my heart? Did it not land-y? No? Okay, moving on!

Blake was getting super in his head earlier in the episode. He was freaking out since he hasn’t had much time with Becca in a while as much as the other guys that were still there. But he was the last guy to get a one-on-one of the week and the pure joy on his face was adorable.


Since they were in the Bahamas, there wasn’t much of a variety in the dates but this was my favorite. They were super cute dancing together like it was a weird mixture of hot and precious. Also, The Baha Men are apparently still a thing because they were the musical guest this episode and were on to promote their new single? You mean to tell me that their only song isn’t Who Let The Dogs Out?? Wild.

They were both literally glowing from the inside out. On the dinner portion of the date, she told him how she thinks that he’s good at opening up. He also tells her that his mother cheated on his father with his English/basketball coach and that he heard news about his own family from others before his parents told him. Blake felt like he had to tell her this to explain a little more as to why he got so in his head earlier in the week.

He tells her that he’s no longer falling in love with her and he is IN love with her. She then says in her ITM that she sees a forever with him.

Rose Received: Yes

And Then There Was One

I don’t know about you guys but I was really rooting for Wills. Big Wills guy, here.

Jason, Wills, and Leo were on the three-on-one and you know what? They didn’t do much either. They played volleyball and the ball matched Becca’s outfit. Leo was the first to steal her and ultimately was the first to leave on the date.

I never was team Leo but I wasn’t against him either. He was just kind of there to me. But his interactions with her on this date gave me the creeps a little bit. He smothered her in a lot of weird side-of-head kisses while holding her head with his MASSIVE hands. I couldn’t get over how disproportionate they were together. He would also just kiss her at really weird times. She was saying something about Arie and he just leaned in to kiss her temple. He basically pulled a Peter and said he wasn’t willing to propose at the end of this. But unlike Rachel, Becca didn’t fight to keep him here because, let’s face it, Leo is no Peter.

So, Becca and Jason and Wills all boated away from Leo leaving him on his own. Kind of sad. Kind of funny.

Her conversation with Jason was bland, but I’m probably just blinded because I wanted Wills to get the rose. Jason said that Becca was worth getting hurt for.


Wills was the final conversation of the night and was saying the cutest things like how Becca was making him believe in love again, that he’s falling more and more in love with her, and that he is her’s. And you know what she does to this angel?! She sends him home! I was once again personally offended by her choice.

Butttt he’s going to Paradise so all is at peace in my world once again.

Based on the previews for the hometown dates, who do you think she’s going to say goodbye to next week? What do you think Tia is going to tell Becca? Has she come to collect her man?

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