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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 6

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David and Jordan are gone which means no drama now, right? Of course not! Chris and Lincoln are here to take their places like a knock-off cereal brand. Drama aside there were some great connections being made last night.

Last night, we were all whisked away to the beautiful and majestic…Virginia. Apparently, it’s for lovers. I don’t know, but the budget this season is evidently slim. It wasn’t even five minutes into the show when Chris and Lincoln starting arguing on a love seat with their thighs touching. Just dudes being dudes, doing what dudes do…petty arguing over nothing. The rest of the guys watching and their reactions were priceless because they’re just so over it. And honestly, same. You could have made a drinking game out of how many times Chris said “bro” and you’d have been drunk really fast. Chris was saying he either wants a one-on-one or a two-on-one. Was he not aware that that had already happened last week? This show doesn’t do them twice, Chris, come on!

Sweet as Sugar

The first one-on-one of the night was Jason. I didn’t have much of an opinion on him before this date. I thought he was just your average-looking frat guy and that was enough to turn me off from him and rule him out for Becca. But after this date, I’m also in love with Jason.

For the first part of their date, they went to a place with enormous donuts and lots of frosting and it was adorable watching them goof around. When they left, they were greeted by a gothic party? Is this a normal thing in Virginia or what was this? I was confused, and a little uncomfortable. But Jason was a good sport and rolled with the weirdness and made Becca laugh. That’s what this season needs more of, Becca laughing. That poor girl is being put through hell and back so many times for this show that she deserves to have a good time.

After the weird outdoor gothic party, they go to a bar where she surprises Jason by flying out three of his friends. Seeing him hug his friends while tearing up was the cutest and most precious thing ever. No fragile masculinity here (*cough* Chris *cough*).


Before the evening portion of the date, in her ITM, Becca says that she doesn’t want to leave him. Which is endearing. On their dinner date, they have one of the most real conversations this season so far. Jason opens up about how his grandmother had Alzheimer’s and her not recognizing his father and how difficult that was for him. Becca then opens up about how she lost her father at 19 and she and her family watched him take his last breath. I know I cry at everything, but this was so real and raw and it hit home a little bit for me so I got a little choked up.

By the end of the night, Becca says that she’s falling for Jason and could see herself spending forever with him. I mean it wasn’t the most eventful one-on-one date, but it has been one of my favorites so far this season.

Rose Received: Yes

Trump V. Clinton…Sorry, Lincoln V. Chris

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For this group date, the guys had to debate for Becca’s heart. The governor of Virginia was also there, but shouldn’t he be doing something else other than having an itty bitty part of a reality tv show. Oh, and George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were there, too.

The debate was lighthearted and cute saying how much they liked Becca and other cutesy questions until it was Lincoln’s turn. Lincoln turned the debate to focus on him and Chris rather than Becca. It seemed like the two kind of forgot Becca was even there…sound familiar? The two aired their dirty laundry in front of everyone and Becca was less than pleased. The rest of the guys were also understandably annoyed by this, too. She once again mentioned the fact that she feels like she’s in elementary school. That’s not something you want to keep hearing from the woman you’re trying to marry. This date ended up being eerily similar to the last presidential debate…yuck.


The rest of the debate portion of the date was rather uneventful other than annoying bickering. So, moving forward to the evening cocktail party where Chris continued to dive off the deep end. He would not be quiet. Like ever. What I noticed about Chris is that he really likes to play the victim card and claim that everyone is attacking him. Constantly.

I get that this show is dramatic, but he’s on another level. He upset Becca to the point where she couldn’t even talk to good ole Garrett because she needed a couple of minutes to herself. It really isn’t fair to the other guys to have Chris still around and causing Becca that much distress and taking time away from the others. Colton said the truest thing he has yet to say this season by telling Chris and Lincoln that they need to get on a plane and just leave.

But, Wills comes in once again and saves the day, and tells Becca that he’s falling in love with her!!

Group Date Rose: Colton

Kiss Somebody

I was going to make a joke with the subheading that I forgot Leo’s name, but I pride myself on knowing the guys’ names so I just couldn’t. This was another date that was rather uneventful and I was a little bored with it because I just wasn’t seeing any chemistry between them.

Becca and Leo started off flying in a plane not really talking or connecting. I’m not a big Leo guy, but he does seem really genuine and sincere which, I guess, is rare this season. They then shucked some oysters and this is when you realize that he’s more into her than she is into him. This is sad because like I said he does seem like a good guy.

I didn’t think he was going to get a rose on this date but he did and then they danced to Morgan Evan’s Kiss Somebody which was cute (Morgan Evan’s liked my Tweet about him during the show which was super cool). All in all, it was an okay date but I wasn’t that impressed. Like I don’t have many notes from this portion. Oh well.

Rose Ceremony

There was no cocktail party this episode, but there was some drama. Chris took it upon himself to go visit Becca after Leo came home from his date.


The whole visit was making Chris look very emotional and mentally manipulative. Telling Becca how she should and should not feel about certain things, and cuts her off multiple times. He also used a lot of “you” statements rather than “I” statements which put all the blame on the other person. Becca finally says that she sees a lot of red flags with him and can’t see having someone like him in her life. She tells him that she doesn’t think this is going to work and he asks what does she mean. Uh, buddy, it’s pretty obvious what she means.
And so they say their final goodbyes. She asks him if she can walk him out, he says no, she insists, he says no, but she does anyway because clearly, she’s trying to show him the decent way to treat a human being.

The rose ceremony then proceeds as normal.

Who Leaves: Lincoln and Connor

And so the trashiest of the trash cans have finally left the show. Let’s see if this means the episodes will get better and see more relationships forming rather than drama.

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