5 Frustrations of a Blogger
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5 Frustrations of a Blogger

I know I’m not alone in my frustration when others don’t understand what I do or what I’m trying to create for myself. I made a poll on my Twitter asking if anyone would be interested in a post like this and 20 people voted yes and so here I am. This was honestly very therapeutic to write. It was like airing out all my frustrations in my journal, but instead of my journal, it’s to the internet full of strangers. It’s like the same thing, right? Here are my 5 frustrations of a blogger.

The 5 Frustrations of a Blogger from Perspective of One Blogger

1. Blogging is More Than Posting To Instagram

Yes, social media is important. It plays a huge role in marketing yourself and your blog. But I’m noticing the Instagram blogger hashtags are being taken up by people who just want more likes on their pictures rather than trying to connect with other bloggers. Especially as a small blogger, it’s really annoying when I find someone using it and they actually don’t blog. It’s taking up space in a place used to connect with others that are doing similar things to you.

This then leads to my next point…

2. Blogging is Fun Work, But Hard Work

Blogging isn’t just posting a 300-word post. It isn’t posting an Instagram picture and calling it a day. It’s photographing, writing, rewriting, editing, scraping it all, doing it again, maintaining a website and social media, learning SEO, coding, constantly updating older posts, and so much more. And it’s the best thing in the world. But when someone belittles it to something that seems so trivial and unimportant it’s a really deflating feeling.

I remember sitting in one of my communication classes last semester and my professor was talking about blogging. She stopped her lecture to give her two-cents and said something along the lines of, “wouldn’t it be nice to just post a picture to Instagram and get paid and call it a day”. Everyone laughed and I sat there annoyed because that’s literally not how it works. Even large influencers who do get paid to post on Instagram, do work hard for it and put in so much work to get to where they are now to have this opportunity. It’s infuriating to hear things like that. It diminishes the work people put into their dreams.

3. Making Money is Possible, But Not Instant

Yes, blogging is a job. Yes, you can make money from it. No, it might not happen instantly. You have to put in the work and keep going consistently. I would love to reiterate the common phrase people use in the blogging world that it’s not about the numbers and you should be doing it because you love it, but if blogging is your job or you want to make it your job the numbers do matter.

My advice is to keep going despite what your numbers are and despite if you haven’t made any money yet. If you really love what you do and what you’re creating then the money will follow.

4. People In Your Real Life Just Don’t Get It

I’ve been seeing tweets from other bloggers circulating a lot lately about how they get more support from strangers and Internet friends more than their friends and family. And I don’t think I’ve ever related more to a tweet than that one. Isn’t it so weird that we’re so quick to uplift strangers or people we don’t know in real life, but when someone in your family or a close friend says that they’re going to start their own business we’re so quick to think/say that it’ll never work and they’ll fall flat? I just don’t understand that.

Especially the older generation doesn’t understand it. Being creative on the Internet and making a sustainable living from it is new to them. These jobs weren’t even a thing when they first entered the job market. So when you try to explain what it is it just circles back to all these other frustrations that I’ve talked about.

I love supporting amazing bloggers, YouTubers, and other creatives because I know how it feels to not receive the love and support from the people closest to you.

5. It Gets Lonely

I would say I’m as introverted as it gets and 100% an INFJ, but it would also be really nice if I had a couple of blogger girlfriends near me. I’m at home, by myself, five out of seven days a week. And I love it  – for the most part – when I’m getting things done. But other times when I start to slow down I notice just how much time I spend by myself. Even if alone time is something I highly value, too much of a good thing is just as bad.

For me, this also circles back to the fact that my family and most of my friends just don’t get it. So that just makes it that much more lonely. Working from home is my ultimate goal in life. But that doesn’t mean that I want to be isolated and alone 24/7. I hope that makes some sort of sense and you understand what I’m trying to say here.

5 Frustrations of a Blogger Conclusion

Even though these are some major frustrations for me, and I’m sure other bloggers, I still love what I do more than anything. I wouldn’t trade it for any other career path. The satisfaction and joy that I get out of blogging do outweigh the frustrations misconception of the whole community.

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