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Will You Accept This Recap? | The Bachelorette Week 2

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Ever wanted to take a sledgehammer to everything that reminds you of your ex? Yeah, me too. But Becca got to just that but with one of her handsome suitor, Blake…and Lil Jon.

This First One-On-One Date Will Hit You Like A Sledgehammer

The first one-on-one date of the season was with Blake Horstmann, and they were decked out in construction jumpsuits and boots ready to destroy every single memory of Arie Luyendyk Jr. even the dreaded gray couch. They demolished the couch, multiple TV screens that had

their proposal on loop, his racecar, and many many bottles of champagne all with Lil Jon yelling things in the background.

I saw a lot of people saying who would want to go on a date where the theme was your ex? Now I totally get why people would be put off by that, but honestly, it seems totally therapeutic to do and it seems fun to smash things that remind you of someone that hurt you badly with your new person. But that’s just me.

Weird date or not aside, the second half of the date was filled with great conversation between the two. I feel their conversation was just so genuine and meaningful that it was the best one of the season so far. I think this date and their connection is incredible, and Blake is definitely a contender.

Blake also had the first on-screen spicy makeout of the season.

Rose Received: Yes

Someone Cries Over a Picture That Can Easily Be Replaced

The first group date of the season started off pretty good because we got to see Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo again and then we got to see a bunch of guys in suits race around doing the most ridiculous things like sitting in a tub of freezing water and trying to find a fake ring in a cake with only their mouths to ultimately get to Becca at the end of an aisle.

The ultimate winner, if you can even call him that, was Lincoln. But he played a little dirty to get to Becca at the end of the aisle. Lincoln didn’t stay in the water for his designated amount of time and when he was neck and neck with David (the chicken suit guy) crawling down the aisle he definitely nudged down David so he’d be sure to win. He won and got a picture with Becca like they were married – and he wouldn’t let the other guys forget it.

The arrogance of Lincoln was not left at the altar because after Becca handed him the picture they took earlier that day in a frame he went out by the rest of the guys and propped it up on the table and would not shut up about it. Connor was particularly bothered by it and ended up throwing it through an open area and it shattering on the ground out near a pool.

Lincoln cried. Talked about it for at least a day and a half. I hope he knows that the photo can easily be reprinted and put in another frame, but go off Lincoln, I guess.

Group Date Rose: Jean Blanc

Who I Would Have Given The Group Date Rose:  David

The Men Can Dodge Balls, But Not Former Contestants

The second group date of the night was the men playing dodgeball. The guys were greeted and drilled by rather aggressive children and it was hilarious. The date itself wasn’t too memorable other than I wasn’t too impressed with Leo. He seems too much for me from the little that is shown.

On the second portion of the date is when Colton decides to drop the “bombshell” to Becca that he has been involved with Tia, her friend from Arie’s season. Now, personally, I see both sides of this conversation. With Colton, I think it was a pretty standup thing for him to do, to be truthful and let her know about his past especially since it has to do with someone that she is close to. Because honestly he didn’t really have to do that and it could have come back to haunt him later.

But then there’s Becca’s view of it. I feel like I empathize with her more because if my boyfriend told me that he dated one of my best friends I would be that crazy about it and would be a bit wary of him. But then again that’s just me. Either way, Colton has made it to week three. Next week he comes face-to-face with Tia and it’s probably gonna be uncomfortable.

Group Date Rose: Wills

Who I Would Have Given The Group Date Rose: None. I wasn’t really impressed by anyone on this date.

Pensive Gentleman Just Wanna Have Fun

Oh, Jordan. Jordan. Jordan. Is he trying to be a male Corrine Olympios from Nick Viall’s season? Yes. But ironically, I love Corrine and I can’t stand Jordan.

The amount of times Jordan mentions that he’s a model in this episode: 4.

He really put himself out there. Like, literally. Just about every part of that man came out tonight because he wanted to one-up all the men and show them how a male model does it. Which, obviously, this didn’t sit well with a lot of guys especially David since he was the one that was interrupted by Jordan. David ended up trying to communicate with Jordan that he felt disrespected and that David felt that is was also disrespectful to Becca for being practically naked. The conversation felt very similar to Corrine and Taylor Mocha about emotional intelligence from NIck’s season.

Some of my favorite quotes from Jordan tonight:

  • “I’m not just some guy with hair”
  • “Are you more than a human!?”
  • “It’s called ingenuity”

So, that’s a wrap on this week’s episode; the drama has begun and the connections are starting to form and the dates were pretty good! Based on the previews for next week, I’m interested to see how everything plays out.

What did you think of this week’s episode? If you were Becca, would Colton’s past with Tia be a deal breaker for you?

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