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The $15 Sundress You Need This Summer

Dress: Forever 21 || Shoes: Forever 21 || Jacket: Kut (Similar)

When Forever 21 first put up their spring and summer items I wasn’t that impressed with them this season until I saw this dress. Now, usually, when I shop online I put it in my cart. I keep it there for a while until I almost always abandon it. But when I saw this dress I promptly added it to my cart, along with another cute shirt, and checked out before I could change my mind. Guess what else? This sundress is only $15!

I haven’t bought many new clothes recently aside from this dress and I LOVE it. Everything from the style of the dress to the cutest sunflower pattern on it is just right up my alley. You know when you put on a new dress and do the spin thing? Well, this dress flares out like your three-year-old self’s princess dream. Yeah,┬áit’s that good.

I styled this dress with a jean jacket and these white canvas plimsolls for a more casual look (and when we shot these pictures it was the end of April, so it was still pretty chilly!). But it can be dressed up with some sandals and a floppy straw hat. Honestly. it’s a pretty versatile dress and can be worn practically in any way you’d want.

So, basically, you need to get this dress ASAP for the summer because it’s super cute and comfortable and I mean it has sunflowers on it! How can you not want it!?

What’re your thoughts on the floral trend? Is it not your thing or are you a little too obsessed with it like me?

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