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Winter Beauty Essentials | 2018

The deep winter is finally here and, although I love winter, January always feels like the longest month. It’s cold, dark, and you’re never really sure what’s going on. Plus, you’re coming off the last two months of holiday hype and realizing you have no money and a whole bunch of things to do that you put off because of the holidays. Which really means it’s time to start getting your life back in order and on a routine – such as your skincare with your winter beauty essentials.

Not only are you cold and broke, but your skin is reacting differently to this bitter cold and that can be one of the most irritating things. If my hands, face, or legs feel dry at any point during the day, I need instant relief; feeling dry is just something I can’t deal with.

Unlike other seasons my beauty essentials aren’t bronzers and highlighters to make you look glowy and healthy (even though I LOVE to still do that in the winter) these products are more ways that I keep from wanting to jump out of my skin and I absolutely can’t do without in the winter.

My Winter Beauty Essentials

Tarte’s Rainforest by the Sea Setting Mist

Winter Beauty Essentials

Honestly, this is the best smelling setting spray that I have ever used – it’s incredible. But the smell isn’t even the best part! So, it primes and sets your makeup for a good 12-hours, but it ALSO hydrates and refreshes your skin while also smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. You can even spray this on your face without makeup on and it still gives you benefits like reducing redness and makes the appearance of your pores smaller. It’s basically the best invention ever and has a million functions in one.

Young Living’s Lavender Vitality

Winter Beauty Essentials

My aunt is the one who introduced essential oils to me in 2017. From research on my own and through going to a few essential oil classes that my aunt has hosted, there are several benefits of applying, ingesting, and diffusing oils. My favorite has been the lavender one. The smell is probably my favorite one, and you can apply 2-4 drops to wherever you want on yourself to relax with which makes it easier to fall asleep. It’s also great for burns; when I got a blistering sunburn on my nose during the summer my aunt put some on it and it was basically gone in 1-2 days. I’m basically in love with this. Plus, oil, in general, is just really hydrating for your skin which makes it that much better.

PINK’s Warm and Cozy Body Mist

This has nothing to do with being hydrating on your skin really, but it’s my favorite scent to use in the winter that I’ve been using since my senior year of high school. The mist does include condition aloe which is great, so I guess this can give your skin some love. The scent is toasted vanilla and peony. There’s not much to say about this other than it’s my go-to scent in the winter!

Formula 10.0.6’s Seriously Shine Free Moisturizer

Winter Beauty Essentials

I can withstand my hands being dry longer than I can my face feeling dry. In the summer I can sometimes forget part of my skincare routine and not really notice, but if I forget to do something in the winter I can tell, and it drives me crazy. This has been the face moisturizer that I’ve been using this winter, and at first, I couldn’t tell if I liked it because it left a weird feeling on my face after I put it on, which was obviously the mattifying effect that eventually goes away after a few minutes, but I wasn’t sure. And now I really like it because it uses aloe to soften the skin and bamboo extract to absorb the excess bad oils on your face. I don’t even notice the weird feeling that much anymore.

Nivea’s Cocoa Butter In-Shower Body Lotion

Winter Beauty Essentials

Getting in and out of the shower is such a pain in the winter. I found that I was going straight from the shower to putting clothes on as fast as I could. Which meant skipping moisturizing my body after a hot shower that dehydrates your skin just as much as the cold weather. When raiding my overcrowded bathroom cabinet, I found this treasure that I bought a couple of years ago. Then like everything else in that cabinet, put it in there and never really thought about it again. This is a GENIUS invention. You get to stay warm in the shower and put lotion on and then get out and put your clothes on. It smells incredible – gives you those beach vibes in the dead of winter. I’m telling you it’s absolutely genius and it’s my most favorite thing right now.

Those are the five things that I’m loving and can’t live without this winter.

What are your must-haves for this winter?

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