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Christmas Past | 12 Days of Christmas

As it is the eleventh day and the night before Christmas, I wanted to look back at my past Christmas memories to really get into that holiday spirit.

I’ve always loved the holiday season, and I think that becomes quite clear in these pictures and some of them are absolutely cute and hilarious and awkward. So, enjoy a glimpse into my Christmas past…

 1997 1997  1998 1998

 1999 1999

 2001 2001

 2003 2003

 2005 2005

 2006 2006

Okay, some awkward ones now…

 2010 2010  2011 2011  2012 2012

And these are now on the Internet forever, yikes.

What was the funniest memory you have from your childhood holidays?

Tomorrow is the last day for 12 Days of Christmas, so have a wonderful Christmas Eve and make sure to come back tomorrow for the last Christmas post!

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